What Is Najwa Nimri Net Worth? Her Income Source, Career, Cars & More

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    Spanish native, Najwa Nimri Urrutikoetxea is best known as Alicia Sierra on the TV show, Money Heist. Although she’s had a long career as an actress, people globally began noticing her from the said series. Following this, many are curious to know more about her life – typically, the luxurious side of it.

    So, do you want to know what is Nimri’s net worth at present? What about her earnings and income sources? Well, if you do then read the article below to find the answers you need.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Najwa Nimri has a net worth of millions.
    • She was paid $350,000 for her role as Alicia Sierra on Money Heist.
    • Her main income sources are acting and singing.
    • She loves to go on extravagant vacations and wear high-end, branded clothes.

    Actress, Najwa Nimri’s Net Worth

    The Lovers of the Arctic Circle (1998) star has a total fortune of around $2 million. However, there are a couple of sources that claim she has a worth of $18 million as well. Now, since Najwa herself is secretive when it comes to her finances, it is hard to state the exact sum of money she owns.

    Najwa Nimri did a wonderful job in the show, Money Heist
    Nimri as Alicia Sierra alongside her co-star, Alvaro Morte.

    Regardless, we do believe she’s a millionaire. Nimri has been in the Spanish film industry for 28 years. That ought to be financially fruitful!

    In addition, we also know that she has a long way to go. Perhaps, Najwa will someday make an appearance in Hollywood as well? She definitely might! And, when that time comes, her net worth will be touching even greater heights.

    How Much Income Does She Earn Every Year?

    As already mentioned, the [1972-02-14]-year-old is not transparent with her earnings. Even more so, varied sources have varied answers regarding her wealth.

    Nonetheless, we won’t disappoint you. Based on our assumptions, we think the actress/singer earns around $350,000 – $450,000 a year.

    Was She The Highest-Paid Star On Money Heist?

    Unfortunately, no. In the 2017 Spanish crime drama, Najwa had an income of $350,000.

    Moreover, it was actually Alvaro Morte who was paid the highest. He played the role of Sergio Marquina, the professor, and was paid $2 million. Following him comes Ursula Corbero as Tokyo with a salary of $1 million on the show.

    Acting Isn’t Her Only Income Source: All About Her Career

    As her fans of her acting, you must be well aware of her career as an actress. She appeared for the first time on the big screens in the movie, Jump into the Void. In the 1995 melodramatic film, she had the lead role.

    Subsequently, in 1996, she explored a musical career. She and Carlos Jean formed the band, Najwajean back then. The two of them released three solo albums. No Blood, an early instance of a tip-hop album is highly recognized to this day.

    Spanish native, Najwa Nimri is also a singer on top of being an actress
    Najwa Nimri sang her heart out at one of her concerts

    Now, although she still sings, Najwa Nimri’s main source of income is her acting. Over the years, she’s done a marvelous job in movies like Passages (1996), Open Your Eyes (1997), Blinded (1997), Sex and Lucia (2001), and Fausto 5.0 (2001).

    Apart from that, her roles in the crime drama series, Locked Up and Money Heist are to die for!

    Najwa Nimri Must Own Luxurious Cars & Live In A Massive House

    Nimri isn’t your typical celebrity. She hardly ever flaunts her off-screen luxurious life on her social media. Due to this reason, it is hard to debunk the items she owns. To be more specific, the details of her cars and house are unknown.

    Nevertheless, given that she earns hundreds of thousands, or even millions each year, the actress must have a great lifestyle. It is just a guess but we do believe that she owns at least one or two luxurious cars.

    Additionally, we also believe that she has a huge house. At present, it has been reported that she lives in Madrid, the capital city of Spain. We’re sure she has a massive yet beautiful home in the heart of the city, surrounded by celebrities and other personalities.

    The Spanish Actress Is Known To Travel Places And Wear Designer Clothes

    There’s one thing Najwa Nimri loves to flaunt; her life as a traveler and the clothes she wears. She recently took an extravagant vacation to Venice with her son, Teo Nabil. Moreover, she’s been to places like Morocco, Paris, Milan, and many more!


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    Likewise, we see her clad in Georgio Armani most often. Besides, the actress loves other high-end brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Balenciaga. She’s also modeled with a couple of them.