What Is Lee Jung-Jae’s Net Worth? All About His Income Source

October 5, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Lee Jung-Jae is a renowned name in the film industry of South Korea. But nowadays, he’s best known all around the globe. Especially since he’s set to step into Hollywood as the Jedi Master on Acolyte, his popularity has taken a colossal hit. So, let’s know how much Lee Jung-Jae’s worth.

    Take a look at his fortune and income portfolio.

    Key Takeaways

    • Lee Jung-Jae is a multi-millionaire.
    • His family fell into bankruptcy when he was young and thus, he had to work in a cafe to support them financially.
    • His income sources so far – former modeling, acting, filmmaking, business (real estate, entertainment company, and more)
    • He was the highest-paid actor on Squid Game.
    • He once lived in a house worth $3.5 million.

    Jung-Jae’s Net Worth: His Financial Rollercoaster; From Bankruptcy To A Multi-Million Fortune

    In 2024, Lee has a massive net worth of $12 million. Interestingly enough, in his own Country, Korea, his net worth is almost over 16 billion.

    This is all thanks to his 3 decades-long career in the film industry. Otherwise, reports have confirmed that he initially came from a bankrupt family.

    Jung-Jae grew up in a bankrupt family
    Lee with great class

    Although, in the earlier days, his family used to be wealthy, they later fell into huge debt. Taking a look at his background, we only see doctors and brewery owners. However, when his grandfather tried to run for Congress, darkness spread over them. Moreover, due to his failure, Lee had to work as a waiter to support his family at a young age.

    To add further, he worked in a cafe around the Gangan-gu area. In S. Korea, the place was popular among celebrities; currently, it is well known for PSY’s Gangnam Style song.

    Jae Makes Money From His Budding Entrepreneurship

    He owns a real estate development company too! As an MA aspirant who studied interior design, Lee was always interested in the business. Initially, he worked to launch a chain of upscale Italian restaurants in Seoul.

    At present, he co-owns a real estate company with Seorim C&D since 2008. The founders have together made over $55 million in the business so far.

    He also partly owns an entertainment label – Artist Company.

    Lee Earned Over $2 Million From The 2021 Netflix Show, Squid Game 

    Jung-Jae broke all the records when he appeared as the lead on the show, Squid Game. The Netflix series was highly admired by everyone around the world – most of us cannot even wait for its second season!

    Squid Game lead actor, Lee
    The 2021 show, Squid Game received immense love from fans worldwide

    As a matter of fact, he was the highest-paid actor on Squid Game. According to the official reports, he was paid $300,000 per episode. This is roughly calculated to be over $2 million for appearing on the whole show.

    The S. Korean Actor Made A Profit of $2.5m By Selling His House In Gangnam

    His keen interest in real estate led him to buy a luxurious apartment for $3.5 million in 2013. Also to be near his lover, Lim Se-ryeong, he bought the said property in Gangam. It was also featured in The List 2015; his house was situated above the 15th floor, looking over the Hangang River.

    In 2020, however, he put up his property for sale. Very soon, he sold the apartment for $6 million, making a profit of $2.5 million.