What Is Justin Jones’ Ethnicity? Family Background, Parents

August 4, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Coming from a black community, Justin Jones’ ethnicity and familial background has been quite prominent in the media. Especially, since his major involvement is against the beliefs of the Republican Party, people are significantly waiting to know whether Jones also has a political backdrop.  

    Here are all the interesting facts you need to know about his ethnic-plus-parents details.

    Key Takeaways

    • Justin Jones is the state representative of the Tennessee House of Representatives.
    • He was born to mixed parents, where his mother was Filipino and his father was Afro-American.
    • While the details about his father have remained hush-hush, his mother was a nurse.
    • His grandparents whom Justin cites as his heroes are actually Filipino immigrants.
    • Jones has a mixed ethnical background.

    What is Justin Jones’ Ethnicity?

    Justin was born to a Filipino mother and African American father, making him mixed when it comes to his ethnicity. He is of Ibanag and Aeta ancestry from his maternal grandparents’ side.

    Besides, born on August 25, 1995, his surname, “Jones” traces back to Welsh and English origin.

    Who Are Justin Jones’ Parents? His Family Background

    Justin is the son of Christine. His mother Christine who was a nurse student raised him and his sister single-handedly. Unlike his mom, details about who is Jones’ father are still out of the media. But, given that Christine raised her two kids as a single mom, Justin Jones’ parents didn’t have a long-term relationship.

    In addition, Justin’s grandparents from his father’s side were working-class people from the South Side of Chicago. On the other hand, his grandparents from his mother’s side were Filipino immigrants who moved to California.

    Justin-Jones while protesting.
    Jones rallies for Black Lives Matter

    The young activist grew up in a family where his two grandmothers ingrained the importance of helping the community and environment, into his mind.

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    His “Honorary” Grandfather Was a Freedom Rider

    Besides his blood relatives, Justin has also made important parental figures outside of the actual family. In August 2021, the activist uploaded an emotional Instagram post as a tribute to the memories of his “honorary grandfather,” Dr. Ernest Rip Patton who had passed away.

    Justin Jones clicks a picture with his “honorary grandfather” Dr. Ernest Rip Patton.

    Justin looked up to him as someone who influenced several parts of his life, adopting greater moral values through him. Dr. Ernest was one of the original Freedom Fighters of 1946, who joined several other civil rights activists in riding interstate buses in the segregated Southern United States. The activists stood up against the non-enforcement of the Supreme Court decisions, “Morgan v. Virginia” and Boynton v. Virginia, which outlawed segregated public buses.

    Since the Southern states blatantly ignored the laws and the federal government took no action to enforce them. This led the Freedom Riders to challenge the situation by riding buses in the South in mixed racial groups in an attempt to challenge the laws that forced segregation in seating.