What is Gary Phillip Spector Doing Now? His Life After Ronnie and Phil Spector’s Death

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    Gary Phillip Spector is the adopted twin son of one of the most popular late couples Phil Spector and his ex-wife Ronnie Spector. Both of his late parents were great names in the music industry, while his father Phil was a renowned record producer, his late mother Ronnie considered the queen of rock and roll. 

    In fact, Phil adopted Gary and his twin brother Louis Phillip Spector without his then-wife Ronnie’s knowledge and surprised her with twins at Christmas. However, Ronnie wasn’t happy with Phil’s unpleasant surprise which was why the rock and roll artist also left him to begin a new life. 

    So, was Gary and his twin brother Louis’ adoption the main reason for his parents’ nasty divorce? Where is Gary now? Here is everything you need to know about Ronnie Spector’s son Gp Spector including his siblings, his parent’s death, and more. 

    Who is Ronnie Spector’s Son Gary Phillip Spector? His Career Details 

    Gary Phillip Spector is now a professional driver at C.E. England, a family-owned, customer and employee-focused organization. He also works as a lot technician at Bob Penkhus. 

    Besides, Spector has written on his Facebook profile that the star kid is “Looking for better employment and better pay.” So, it looks like Gary is now seeking a good job. 

    His Date of Birth and Parents 

    Gary was born on 12th May 1966, in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California. He is 65 years old now. He is the adoptive son of the late musician couple Phil Spector and Ronnie Spector. Nevertheless, the details about who is his biological parents are yet to be revealed. 

    He has an American nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. 

    Gary Is a Colorado Technical University Graduate 

    Talking about his education, Phil Spector’s son Gary first went to Fairfax High School, in his hometown of Los Angeles, California. 

    For his higher education, the celebrity kid attended Colorado Technical University to study CIS/CS. 

    Gary Phillip Spector and His Twin Brother Was Adopted By Phil Spector Solely 

    As said above, Gary Spector and his twin brother Louis Phillip Spector were adopted by the late record producer Phil Spector solely while still married to Ronnie. In fact, Spector never sought his then-wife Ronnie’s opinion about the adoption. He only surprised her for Christmas with twin sons. At that time, Gary and his twin brother were five and a half years old.

    Gary Phillip Spector siblings
    Gary with Louis, and Donte. 

    The late front girl of the girl group The Ronettes told People about Phil’s unpleasant surprise at Christmas,

    “Everything was a surprise, and no woman wants live children as a surprise.” 

    After knowing about that, Ronnie’s mother Beatrice came along and told her to move out of Phil’s apartment. She once told Vice,

    “The more kids I got, the further I was in that mansion and I never got out until I ran out and escaped. I got out of there with my mom. That’s how I had to do it because I would have been dead there and I knew it. I knew, if I didn’t leave, I would die. That’s weird to say, but it’s the truth.”

    She subsequently moved back to her hometown in New York and began her career.  

    Gary Phillip Spector’s Father and Mother Died Consecutively Within A Span of One Year 

    Both of Gary’s parents are no more in this world. His adoptive father Phil died on 16th Jan 2021 in an outside San Joaquin General Hospital in French Camp, California. He died of COVID-19 with which the artist was diagnosed in December 2020. 

    Besides, did you know the late record producer was imprisoned at the time of his death? He was found guilty of the 2003 murder of the actress Lana Clarkson and was then sentenced to 19 years to life in prison. 

    Unfortunately, only a year after Phil’s death, another tragedy struck the Spector family when Gary’s mother Ronnie died in Jan 2022. Her cause of death was cancer. The late artist who was 78 at that time died in her home in Danbury.

    Gary’s Relationship With His Father Phil Spector  

    As per sources, Gary and his twin brother didn’t have a good relationship with their father Phil. Loius once opened up that his late father was abusive as a child.    

    Supporting the statement, Gary’s first-adoptive brother Donte also said their record producer father used to lock his twin brother in their rooms. 

    His Life After His Parents’ Death

    Gary is now living a simple life in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As said above, Spector who belongs to a strong musical family is doing a driving job at C.E. England. 

    Gary Phillip Spector’s Siblings From His Parents’ Multiple Relationships

    Gp Spector has five siblings including a twin brother Louis. Before adopting them, his parents already had an adopted son Donte Phillip. 

    His other siblings include Phillip Spector Jr. and Nicole. Both of them were twins from his father’s relationship with Janis Zavala. Sadly, Phillip Jr. died of leukemia in 1991. 

    Spector also has two siblings Jason Charles and Austin Drew from his mother Ronnie’s second marriage to Jonathan Greenfield. 

    What is Gary Phillip Spector’s Net Worth? 

    He has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2023. He has racked the major portion of his wealth from his own work. 

    Further, Spector reportedly inherited a certain amount of his late dad Phil’s wealth. Reports say Phil had a net worth of $50 million at the time of his passing. 

    Who is Gary Phillip Spector’s Wife? Details on His Marriage

    Ronnie Spector’s son Gary is now happily married to his wife Julia Spector. The couple got married on March 12, 2018, in a family-oriented wedding ceremony. 

    Gary wife
    Gary Phillip and his wife Julia

    Spector and his wife Julia are leading a wonderful conjugal life ever since. Although things aren’t clear about their initial love story, Gary proposed to his then-girlfriend Julia on 5th November 2017. And the two married about five months after their engagement. 

    They are also parents of a daughter named Amy, born in March. As of now, the family of three resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

    Besides, Gary Spector’s wife Julia is a former administrative office assistant and sales coordinator. 

    Quick Facts 

      • Gary is the adoptive son of Phil and Ronnie Spector.
      • He has five siblings. 
      • Gary is a driver. 
      • His net worth is $2 million. 
      • Gary is married to his wife Julia since 2018. 
      • He is also a pet lover who has Chihuahuas dogs.  

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Gary Phillip Spector
    Popular Name Gp Spector
    Birthday May 12, 1966
    Age 58 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Father Phil Spector
    Mother Ronnie Spector
    Siblings five
    Profession driver
    Net Worth $2 million
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Spector Julia
    Children Daughter Amy