What Happened To Leanne Goggins? Her Tragic Story In Detail

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    Leanne Goggins was a businesswoman at heart but to many, she was recognized as the ex-wife of the famous actor/producer Walton Goggins. Sadly, she passed away prematurely in November 2004 by suicide. Some believe that she was suffering from a mental health issue while others believe it was because of the pain of parting ways with her hubby.

    So, what happened to Leanne? What is the actual reason behind her death? Keep reading the article to find out why.

    Leanne Goggins Was Originally From Canada, Her Early Life And Family History

    Born Leanne Knight in 1967 in Fredericton York County, New Brunswick, Canada, she was the daughter of Peggy and the late Robert Brian Knight. Her parents were divorced and she was raised by her mother and stepfather Arnold Kaun.

    Leanne Goggins had a difficult childhood.
    Leanne was born in Canada but later moved to the States.

    She grew up in her hometown alongside her brother Jay. As it stands there is not much information available regarding her early life. However, according to several sources, Leanne had quite a difficult childhood.

    She suffered from several health issues resulting from jaundice which affected her immune system. However, despite all the hardships she faced, Leanne pushed through to complete her education and improve her health.

    Leanne Goggins Was An Animal Lover: She Started A Dog-Walking Business in LA

    She was a big-time animal lover. Hence, because of her love for pets, Mrs. Goggins decided to start a dog-walking business in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood, Hollywood Hills. Furthermore, Leanne was Canyon News’ first advertiser.

    She took good care of all of the dogs and was able to attract several clients including Liberty, the newsroom dog. Similarly, thanks to her good nature not just as a dog trainer but also as a person she was able to make several good friends.

    Leanne Goggins was a businesswoman
    Leanne was the owner of a dog-walking company.

    Thus remembering how Leanne was as a person, one of her closest friends said,

    Her unique striking beauty, both inside and out, caught the attention of anyone that knew her. Leanne made everyone feel special, whether it was a rescue dog that was out of control or a friend that never had time to sit down and have tea. She made everyone seem like their good qualities were all that mattered.

    Leanne Goggins Met Walton Goggins During The Filming Of The Movie Shanghai Noon

    Leanne and The Justified star crossed paths for the first time in the year 2000. At the time Walton was shooting the movie Shanghai Noon alongside Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. It was more or less love at first sight and the two started dating one another.

    Leanne Goggins with her former husband Walton.
    Leanne and Walton were married from 2001 to 2004.

    The then-lovebirds dated for about a year and wasted no time in walking down the aisle. They got married at a private wedding in 2001 in Canada. The pair later moved to Laurel Canyon where they lived with their dog Beulah, Leanne’s trusty sidekick.

    Their Marriage Was Short-Lived, It Only Lasted For 3 Years

    Both Leanne and Walton were having a blast in their marital life. However, it didn’t last long. As movie schedules became tight and the star had to travel constantly it slowly but surely took a toll on their marriage. Hence, three years later Leanne decided to end their relationship handing the actor the divorce paper in November 2004.

    The once inseparable couple had separated for good.

    Leanne Goggins Died At The Age Of 37 After Committing Suicide: Her Obituary

    Walton was just getting through a divorce when another tragedy struck. His ex-wife Leanne passed away on November 12, 2004, at 4 p.m. She jumped from the 17th floor of a high-rise office block and died from her injuries.

    Her funeral was held in Rocky View Garden of Peace Cemetery Calgary, Calgary Census Division, Alberta, Canada in attendance of her closest friends and family members. She is survived by her mother, Peggy, stepfather Arnold Kaun, and brother Jay.

    Reports Suggest She Was Suffering From Mental Health Issues

    It may come as a surprise to many but apparently, the dog-walking business owner was suffering from chronic depression which led her to take her own life. Several sources also claim that she was being treated at a nearby mental health clinic.

    Likewise, others believed that her decision came after being faced with a dead body in 2003 while she was walking her dog.

    Did Leanne And Walton Have Any Kids?

    No, they didn’t have any children even though they were married for three years.

    However, Walton does have a son named Augustus Goggins with his second wife Nadia Conners, born on January 2, 2011. He is 13 years old as of 2024 and the family of three is currently living in their beautiful home in Los Angeles California.

    Leanne’s Ex-Husband Has Moved On, He Is Married To A Filmmaker

    The actor as we said in the aforementioned paragraph has moved on with his life. He is currently married to Nadia Conners who is a writer and director by profession. She is best known for her work in The 11th Hour (2007), This Is All of Us (2013), and Tyrant (2014). The couple walked down the aisle in August 2011 and have been in a marital relationship ever since.

    Leanne Goggins ex-husband with his family.
    Leanne’s ex-husband with his wife and son.

    As for how they met, the duo was first introduced by a mutual friend while Walton was attending a business dinner. It was a blind date and Nadia was the one who first approached Walton. They exchanged conversations and at the end, Nadia asked her soon-to-be husband to take her home and even suggested that they exchange numbers. The pairs soon started dating and the rest is history.

    What Was Leanne’s Net Worth?

    Leanne had an estimated fortune of $100,000. She earned most of her wealth from her career as the owner of a dog-walking business in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood, Hollywood Hills.

    On the other hand, her ex-husband, Mr.Goggins is a multi-millionaire. He has an estimated fortune of $12 million in 2023.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Leanne Knight
    Popular Name Leanne Goggins
    Birth Place Fredericton York County, New Brunswick, Canada
    Birthday 1967
    Death November 12, 2004
    Death Cause Suicide
    Age 37 years
    Nationality Canadian-American
    Ethnicity White
    Father Robert Brian Knight
    Mother Peggy
    Siblings Jay Knight
    Profession Businesswoman
    Net Worth $1 million
    Height 5 feet 4 inches
    Eye Color Light Green
    Hair Color Blonde
    Sexuality Straight
    Relationship Status Divorced
    Partner Walton Goggins
    Partner Walton Goggins