What Happened to Darryl Twain, Shania Twain’s Brother? His Mother Died Early

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    Darryl Twain is the half-brother of Country singer Shania Twain who has already sold over 100 million records, making her one of the best-selling female artists in country music history. Besides being a celebrity sibling, Darryl made a series of headlines in the past all because of his legal troubles. He along with his brother Mark was once arrested for attempting to break into a Hunstville car dealership and also for drug trafficking. 

    In fact, Darryl whose mother died early was adopted by Shania’s mother Sharon and her stepdad Jerry. Sadly, both Jerry and Sharon were also killed in a car accident in 1987 and then Shania took charge of her half brothers. But Darryl once said that his Country singer sister was never a doting sister. 

    So, let’s explore how is Darryl’s relationship with his sista Shania at present and his exclusive interview on his sister’s immense participation in a no-sex cult. Also, know what does the celebrity brother do for a living? Where is Darryl Twain now? Here are the details!  

    Darryl Twain Was Adopted By Shania Twain’s Mother and Stepfather After His Mother’s Death 

    As mentioned above, Darryl Christopher Twain was adopted by Shania Twain’s mother Sharon, and her stepdad Jerry Twain, an Ojibwa forester and mining prospector after his biological mother died. In fact, his late mother was Jerry’s own sister. 

    However, the details about who his biological father is are yet to be revealed. Born in the year 1974, in Canada, Twain has a Canadian nationality and belongs to mixed ethnical background.

    His Adoptive Parents Died in a Car Accident 

    Unfortunately, years after his own mother’s passing, another tragedy struck the family when Darryl lost his adoptive parents in a horrific car accident. The dreadful accident took place on 1st November 1987 in the north of Wawa, Ontario. He was only 13 years old at the time. 

    Soon after the tragedy, his sister Shania came back to Timmins took charge of her younger siblings and they all moved to Huntsville, Ontario. There, the artist used to perform at the nearby Deerhurst Resort. 

    Darryl Twain Has a Total of Four Half-Siblings  

    Twain has three half-sisters including Shania from his adoptive mother Sharon’s first marriage to Clarence Edwards. His two other half-sisters are Jill and Carrie Ann. According to his singer-sister Shania, her biological father Edwards was always an absent dad since her parent’s divorce. 

    darryl twain
    Darryl’s sister Shania and Carrie.

    He also has a half-brother named Mark from Sharon’s second marriage to Jerry. Speaking of her half-siblings excluding Shania, Carrie is also into music but hasn’t been in the light like her popular sister. On the other hand, his sister Jill and brother Mark faced some legal charges in the past like him. 

    His half-sister Jill was once arrested after setting fire to her ex-boyfriend’s property. 

    Legal Troubles: Darryl Twain Was Arrested For Drug Possession 

    In August 2004, Darryl Twain was charged with possession of a drug, and possessing the proceeds of a crime with two other men in Edmonton, Alberta. 

    Christopher Twain, 48, faced drug-trafficking charges after police found $7,000 worth of rock cocaine hidden in a car, a matching vehicle that was involved in a July shooting. A police spokesman Andy Weiler said of the hidden cocaine in the car, 

    “It’s called rock cocaine and they’re spit-ball-sized. There were over 170 of these spitballs throughout the car. It’s significant. Officers are happy whenever they can get illicit drugs off the street. And $7,000 is a pretty good haul.”

    The news of his arrest further made headlines because of his connection with the singer Shania. When the news outlets tried to contact Twain’s Toronto-based publicist, Tyson Parker, the rep turned down any knowledge of the arrest, instead said,

    “It’s news to me.”

    He was later granted release on $1,000 bail. 

    Twain and His Brother Were Arrested For Breaking Into a Car Dealership

    Prior to getting involved in drug trafficking in 2004, Darryl already had a criminal history. He along with his half-brother Mark was caught by police officers after they attempted to break into a Huntsville car dealership in May 1996. At the time of their arrest, both of them were in their twenties. 

    Not only that but his brother Mark was also charged with assaulting a police officer. Later, Mark was sentenced to six months in jail. In Feb 1997, Darryl also joined his brother inside the bar. 

    Darryl Twain’s Sister Shania Joined a Bizarre No-sex cult in 2000

    In 2000, legend Country singer who has already sold millions of records joined a bizarre no-sex cult. For which, Darryl in a blockbuster exclusive interview with National Enquirer said,

    “I am very concerned for my sister. That’s why I am speaking out now. I want her back.”

    He blamed her former husband, John Lange who was the one who introduced her to the wacko cult, called Sant Mat. It preaches complete vegetarianism, abstinence from alcohol and drugs, hours of daily meditation and, pure platonic relationship, even in marriage.

    The far-fetched cult was mainly headed by Guru Thakar Singh and it has compounds in Germany and Switzerland. 

    Darryl said that the family members, “are afraid Shania has become like a robot as she follows their extreme beliefs.” 

    Darryl’s Relationship With His Half-Sister Shania 

    Talking about the relationship between Darryl and his half-sister Shania, it wasn’t that delightful for years. He told in an abovementioned interview with Enquirer his older half-sister Shania was never a doting sister. He further said when the singer became a part of the extreme cult, Shania became heartbreakingly cold and distant. 

    Although there are reports the singer took over as a surrogate mother and father after their parents were killed in a car accident, Darryl claimed that’s is a lie.  

    He also revealed Shania, “shipped me off to military school and I ran away, got into trouble joy-riding in cars, and ended up in a group home for troubled teenagers.” 

    According to him, Darryl was there for two years but his sister never contacted or visited him.

    What is Darryl Twain Doing Now? 

    He is an expert at designing fireworks. He once also worked on fireworks for his sister Shania’s concert but was later fired.

    Besides, Darryl is an electrician. Like him, his brother Mark is also an electrician, based in Bellingham, Wash. However, any other details about his professional life aren’t available. 

    Darryl is the Father of a Foster Child With His Girlfriend; His Current Whereabouts

    Although the celebrity brother hasn’t been in the media lately, Darryl is the father of a foster child with his girlfriend. However, there is no more detail on his partner and child.

    Previously, Twain lived in a run-down, walk-up apartment in an area of Winnipeg, called the “War Zone” with his gf and kid. The area was full of gang fights and crime.  

    Nevertheless, other information regarding his personal life and his current whereabouts including where Darryl is now is still missing. 

    His Net Worth

    Darryl Twain has a fortune of $200,000. On the other hand, his sister Marcia has an estimated net worth of $400 million. She has earned a large portion of her wealth from her successful singing career.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Darryl Christopher Twain
    Popular Name Darryl Twain
    Birth Place Canada
    Birthday 1974
    Age 50 years
    Nationality Canadian
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Father Jerry Twain
    Mother Sharon
    Siblings Two Sisters Shania and Jill and brother Mark
    Profession electrician
    Net Worth $200,000
    Marital Status Dating
    Children One Foster Child