Was Scott Minerd Married? Scott Minerd Husband & Relationship Detail

February 28, 2023   | February 28, 2023  | 

    Was Scott Minerd married to anyone? If yes, who was Scott Minerd’s wife? As per sources, Minerd, the global chief investment officer of an investment and advisory firm Guggenheim Partners was gay. Thus, had Scott ever been in a marital relationship with a husband before his death in 2022? 

    Online tabloids say that the prolific commentator who suffered a heart attack during his regular workout was survived by his partner. So, who is Scott Minerd’s husband? Here is everything you need to know about him. 

    Was Scott Minerd Married to a Wife? His Sexuality 

    No, Scott had never married a wife until his death at the age of 61. As said above, Minerd, the key member of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on financial markets was gay.  

    However, there are no details about when did the chef investment officer come out as gay.  

    Who Was Scott Minerd Husband? They Married in 2017 

    Minerd, born on March 23, 1959, in Connellsville, Pa was married to his husband named Eloy Mendez. The gay partners exchanged their vows in the year 2017. The two led a happy married life for over five years and the two were together until Scott’s death on 21st December 2022. 


    Both Minerd and his then-hubby Eloy had always remained quite confidential about their marriage. And they even didn’t reveal anything about how did their relationship take off. 

    Together, they were also involved in a couple of projects too. Speaking of which, Scott and Mendez did work together on The Low End Theory, Joy Joy Nails (2017). Its cast members included Sarah Chang, Esther Moon, Shirley Kwon, and more. 

    Furthermore, Minerd and his husband Eloy duo briefly worked as a producer on a short documentary, “We Are Here.” It chronicles the lives of four undocumented immigrants under 30. The documentary was first aired at the Sundance Film Festival. 

    Scott Minerd Husband Eloy Mendez Is an Actor and Producer 

    Yes, Minerd’s husband Eloy is a prolific actor and producer. Over the years, Eloy has already worked in every part of the entertainment industry be it a big screen, television, theater, or commercial productions.  

    Mendez who had been married to his partner Scott until his demise first landed his acting role in the acclaimed movie Bread and Roses (2000). In the same year, Eloy appeared in many other on-screen projects like Girlfriends and Courage

    In the following years, the actor worked in dozens of movies and TV shows like The Protector, The Price of Happiness, The Last Ship, and more. 

    In addition to his acting career, Scott Minerd’s husband Eloy is also a passionate philanthropist. He actively works for several charitable causes and helps to mitigate issues related to homelessness, education, and poverty. 

    Some of the non-profit organizations Scott’s spouse Eloy supports are Union Rescue Mission, RFK Foundation, and Izunome Association. 

    Minerd’s Public Appearances With His Huppy Mendez

    Along with their collaboration on TV, Scott and his spouse Mendez appeared together publically a few times. In May 2021, the former duo was spotted together at the Global Citizen VAX LIVE in Inglewood, California. 

    Scott and His hubby Eloy

    In December of the same year, they also made their appearance at the 2021 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award Gala in New York City. 

    Scott and His partner Eloy

    After his partner’s death, Mendez lives in California. As a matter of fact, both of Scott’s parents are also dead