Susanne Gregard, Dodi Al Fayed Ex-Wife: Now, Husband, Children

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    Susanne Gregard is recognized as the ex-wife of former Egyptian film producer Dodi Al-Fayed. She was married to Fayed for 8 months. Besides her identity as a celebrity spouse, she herself has a remarkable career. If that’s the case what does she do? How much is her net worth?

    So, let’s find out about the personal life of  Dodi’s former spouse: Suzanne Gregard.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Susanne, the ex-wife of Dodi Al Fayed, was born in 1960 in Long Beach, USA.
    • She has a brother named Ken.
    • Dodi’s first and only married partner was Gregard. They tied the knot in the year 1986.
    • Today, she is married to a French-born heart Sergon and has two children.
    • She is a billionaire with a net worth of approx $5 billion as of 2023.

    Dodi Al-Fayed’s and his ex-wife, Susanne Gregard Had a Short-Lived Romance

    Dodi met Suzannee in 1986 when she was 26 years old. Unfortunately, he was going through a tragic time when he came across his future wife. Fayd had just lost his mother a couple of months ago. But life had other plans for him as he met Gregard in his grieving and vulnerable phase and found true love in her.

    Billionare Dodi with his ex-wife.
    Gerade and Fayed when they were in a romantic relationship in the early 90s.

    Despite being madly in love, the billionaire’s son Dodi hadn’t forgotten his traditional roots and he took Suzanne’s dad’s permission to marry his only daughter.

    They married in Vail, Colorado

    After Susanne’s parent’s approval, the lovers married on December 31, 1986, albeit in a rush. The ceremony was attended by their close friends and family.

    Speaking of the over-the-top wedding, Dodi said,

    “It was a spur-of-the- moment thing. I was intoxicated of the idea of being in love.”

    Sussane and her ex-spouse all in black.
    Suzanne and Fayed in the late 19s when they were together.

    They ended the day with a joyful snowball fight as a celebration. Even though, Suzane’s father approved of their marriage, none of her family members were present on the occasion.

    The Couple Divorced After Eight Months

    After marriage, at first, Dodi was so much in love with his spouse that he used to kneel and kiss her feet often. But this lasted only two months as he didn’t find the stability he wanted from his partner.

    Eventually, Suzanne filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Even though the love birds pretended to split affably, a friend of Dodi’s said that there was a bitter fight between the lovers.

    Gregard Took Home Hefty Alimony: She Refused to Give Back his Mom’s Jewelry

    After the duo’s separation, Susanne won a huge settlement of around $2 to $5 million. In addition to that she also got expensive jewelry, properties, and a brand-new Rolls-Royce that was worth a whopping $140,000.

    Although it was a shock for Dodi having divorced his first wife, his friends knew the marriage will turn out this way. After their separation, one of his friends said,

    “She was a gold digger. She was described as a society girl, but that’s simply not true. She was just another model from Long Beach.”

    What broke Dodi’s heart the most was that he’d given Suzanne a lot of his late mother’s jewelry and she refused to hand it back. In the end, he was forced to buy it back from her.

    Susanne’s Ex-Husband Died in a Car Crash

    It was 31st August 1997 when Fayed and his girlfriend Diana, Princess of Wales were involved in a brutal accident that took both of their lives.

    after spending nine days on holiday in the French and Italian Rivieras aboard his family’s yacht, the Jonikal the pair had stopped in Paris en route to London where the dreaded mishap took place.

    What is Susanne Gregard Doing Now?

    Apart from enjoying an extravagant married life with her millionaire husband and children, today, she works as a media artist & photographer following her passion for floral beauty and the natural world.

    She loves capturing the color, form, and beauty of flowers in all their evolution, from freshly picked to when they are dying.

    Susanne works as an artist.
    One of Susanne’s art, Red & Pink Peony 2, from The Aqua Flora series.

    It all started in the year 2022 when she purchased an underwater housing for her camera and experimented with flowers submerged in water. She was immediately captivated and now has a series named, Aqua Flora.

    Dodi Fayed Ex-Wife is Currently Married to A Cardiothoracic Surgeon

    After separating from the billionaire, she married one of Hollywood’s top heart surgeons Philippe Quilici on May 2nd, 1992. They are happily married for over thirty years.

    Speaking of Philippe, he is a French-born American national. He studied at the Universite De La Mediterranee (Aix-Marseille Ii). Currently, he is working at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, Burbank.

    Besides, Suzanne and her hubby are parents of two handsome boys, Maximillian and Henry.

    Suzane with her husband.
    Susanne with her now husband Philippe in the year 2023.

    Today, the Quilici lives at their humble French style-mansion in the hills above Los Angeles.

    Susanne Gregard’s Children

    Maximillian P Quilici (Max)

    Max was born on 25th Sep 1993. Born and brought up in Los Angeles, CA, Maximillian went to the Harvard- Westlake School.

    Like his mother, he is artistic in nature, and to follow his dreams he studied Music at the University Of Southern California.

    Max is a musician.
    Max at his music performance in the US.

    Nowadays, he is a musician and performs varieties of shows visiting different countries. In 2019, he went to Europe with his band for the @alecbenjamin tour.

    Henry J Quilici

    He was born on August 27th, 1996. Henry is the youngest member of the family. Born and brought up in Los Angeles, he studied Film and Television Production at the University Of Southern California.

    Second child of Dodi Al Fayed's ex wife.
    Henry is currently working as a Filmmaker.

    Filmmaker by profession he was named one of the nation’s most promising young artists by the National Young Arts Foundation and honored with a Cine Golden Eagle Award for excellence in visual storytelling. So far, he has produced movies like Echos of You, The End, and Gray Matter.

    Gregard’s Modeling Career

    She was a well-known model in the 1980s and did many shows. During that time, she was also featured as a guest on Star Search (1983), a US TV show.

    One year later, she played a role in Key Exchange (1985), an American rom-com. Aside from all this, she has also modeled for several big brands including the beverage company, Martini & Ross.

    Meanwhile, a lot of people are curious if she played in The Crown. Well, her character was not introduced in the show.

    Susanne Gregard’s Parents

    She was born on 30th March 1960 to Palle and Elise Gregard. Susanne spent her primary childhood in Long Beach, California. She grew up alongside one brother, Ken.

    Speaking about her parents, her late father used to work at a European airline. Moreover, he traveled across the globe as a road crew for music bands. Meanwhile, her mother was a homemaker.

    Her father was from Denmark

    Palle Gregard, Susanne’s father, was born in 1925 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He worked as a road crew (roadies) and was also a boy scout. Being exposed to nature from a young age he used to spend time with his buddies in nature and always had a camera around his neck to document his experiences.

    After staying in his native country throughout his early adult life, he immigrated to Los Angeles, USA where he met his life partner Elise.

    Palle Gregard in a scout uniform
    Palle was a scout back then.

    Mr.Gregard used to work for Scandinavian Airlines. Palle is still remembered by people he encountered during his trip to several countries including Portugal and Denmark. He passed away in the year 1993.

    Dodi Al Fayed’s Former Wife Susanne Gregard is a Millionaire Thanks to Him

    She reportedly has a fortune of $5 million as of 2023 which she gained thanks to the alimony she received from Dodi. Apart from that, she also earned a handful of money from her career as a model and an artist.

    The house she is living in today is estimated to be $743,362 on average. On the other hand, her late billionaire ex-husband, Fayed’s wealth was estimated at US$1.9 billion.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Susanne Gregard
    Popular Name Susanne Gregard Quilici
    Birth Place Long beach, US
    Birthday March 1960
    Age 64 years
    Zodiac Aries
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Danish
    Father Palle Gregard
    Mother Elise Gregard
    Siblings Ken Gregard
    Profession Model and Photographer
    Net Worth $5 million (approx)
    Eye Color Blue
    Hair Color Blonde
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Philippe Quilici
    Children 2 Sons (Max and Henry Quilici)