Shane Oakley-Meet Michelle Oakley’s Husband

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    Shane Oakley is the husband of a renowned veterinarian Dr. Michelle Oakley. His wife is best known for her appearance on the Nat Geo Wild hit series Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet. The series follows the brave storyline of Michelle where the doctor gives medical aid to the helpless wild animals.

    Like his wife, Shane has also been featured in the hit show Dr. Oakley multiple times as Michelle’s husband. But lately, Oakley who works as a firefighter has been living mostly behind the camera. So, people are quite curious to know if Shane has separated from his famous spouse Michelle.

    Let’s find out the truth in the following article.

    Key Takeaways

    • Shane is a firefighter by profession.
    • He has been married to his wife Michelle since 1992.
    • The loving duo has three grown daughters together.
    • At present, Shane and his family reside in Yukon.

    Shane Oakley Is Originally From Yukon; His Early Life

    As mentioned, Shane is a Yukon native. He spent all of his childhood days in his hometown along with his family. Matter of fact, Oakley had never been outside of his hometown Yukon until the firefighter met his wife Michelle.

    While talking about her love story with Shane, Dr. Oakley once said in an interview,

    He’d actually never left the Yukon before. And he’d never been in an escalator before, never been in a building over three stories high. My friends called him ‘Crocodile Dundee’ because that movie was out around then. It was a different experience for him.

    Besides, talking about his nationality, Shane is a Canadian citizen and belongs to a White ethnic background.

    shane with his wife and kids
    Shane and his spouse with their kids.

    What Does Michelle Oakley’s Husband Shane Oakley Do For A Living?

    As for his career, Shane works as a wildland firefighter. Also, there have been a lot of other assumptions in the online portals regarding Oakley’s profession. While some sources have called him an artist and sculptor, some have shown him as a player as well.

    But, let us tell you that, despite all the rumors, Michelle Oakley’s spouse is a firefighter. Apart from that, Oakley has also been the Deputy Conservation Officer.

    Shane Has Appeared Multiple Times In Discovery Hit Series Yukon Vet

    Shane was cast as a family member multiple times in the American popular series Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet. According to IMDb, the celebrity partner appeared in a total of 18 episodes of the show from 2014 to 2017.

    Shane Oakley Is The Husband Of Michelle Oakley

    The Yukon native, Shane tied the knot with his wife Dr. Michelle Oakley on December 9, 1992, in the wedding ceremony attended by their family and friends. Coming up to 2024, it’s been three decades of their marriage and yet the beautiful couple is leading their nuptial gracefully.

    shane and his better half Michelle celebrating thier marriage anniversary
    Young Shane with his now wife Michelle. Source: Facebook

    Time and again, Michelle keeps posting her moments together with her beloved hubby on her Instagram. On their 26th wedding anniversary, Dr. Oakley shared her picture together with her spouse and wrote,

    Today is our 26th anniversary! and everyday I feel more lucky to have this amazing, really kind, thoughtful funny, creative, handy, gentle man in my life.

    With time, the love between the beautiful duo has just grown and they still share an adorable relationship together.

    How Did Shane Meet His Now-Wife, Michelle? Details On Their Relationship

    Shane and his better half Michelle first came across each other when Michelle, an Indiana native was on a summer vacation at Yukon. It was love at first sight for both of them, however, it took the next one year for them to start their relationship officially. While having an exclusive talk with the Charlotte Observer, Dr. Oakley said,

    “I was in my third year of university and working on my thesis. As an undergrad you usually go somewhere, so I went to the Yukon for two summers in a row. I met my husband, harbored a huge crush over the winter and hoped they’d go back, and they did,”

    She continued,

    “I came back the next year and we started dating.

    For some time, they remained as a girlfriend and boyfriend. And after Michelle completed her graduation, they walked down the aisle.

    Oakley Shares Three Children With His Spouse 

    Together with his wife, Shane welcomed three beautiful daughters Sierra Oakley, Maya Oakley, and Willow Oakley.

    oakley with his kids
    The Oakley is the father of three daughters.

    Sierra is his first child born on July 17, 1997, and is currently 26 years old. Like her mom, Sierra is also into veterinary. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Med from St. Francis University, Shane’s eldest daughter decided to follow in the footsteps of her mother.

    Further, his middle daughter Maya arrived in this world on December 2, 1998. Among their three kids, Sierra and Maya frequently appear on their mother’s show Yukon Vet as vet assistants.

    Where Does Shane Oakley Live Now? 

    As far as the media is informed, Shane currently resides with his family at Haines Junction, Yukon. Apart from that, no current updates about his personal matter have been divulged in the media.

    What Is Shane Oakley’s Net Worth?

    As a firefighter and conservative officer, Shane must have earned a decent amount of money. However, it seems like his net worth is yet to be evaluated. On the other side, his famous wife reportedly has a fortune of $80,000 as of 2024.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Shane Oakley
    Birth Place Yukon, Canada
    Nationality Canadian
    Ethnicity White-Canadian
    Profession Firefighter
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Grey
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Michelle Oakley
    Children Sierra, Maya, and Willow Oakley