Rumors Of Hazen Audel’s Wife: When Is He Getting Married? Any Girlfriend?

June 20, 2023   | June 20, 2023  | 

    While Hazen Audel has gained wide popularity and success for his work in ‘Primal Survivor,’ the actor remains entirely silent when it comes to his love life. Concerns about Nat Geo’s real-life Tarzan, Hazen’s wife & marital status have been at an all-time high. 

    Here, in this article, we are intending to explore his love affairs as well as his past relationships. Have a close look to know in detail.

    Hazen Audel’s Wife & Marital Status

    Though there has been a lot of speculation about Hazen’s wife and his secret marriage, the fact is he has never been married. In fact, he does not seem to have any plans to tie the knot as of 2023.

    Going through his Instagram, it looks like he is currently more indulged in his career. He often travels to several remote locations and documents the rigorous life of the indigenous people. He even shared a glimpse of his travel diaries on his social media handles. But, who knows, side by side, he may be searching for the wife as well.

    Hazen’s Girlfriends And Past Affairs

    In the past, he had been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend whose name is not revealed yet.

    Hazen Audel, a famous TV presenter
    Hazen in the frame. Source: His Instagram

    Some years back, while having an exclusive talk with Daily Mail, he said,

    I’ve been giving this love stuff a pretty good shot – my last relationship lasted for six years,’

    He also stated that he loved the idea of being crazy in love and as per our observation, he was absolutely crazily in love with his now ex-girlfriend. However, the relationship didn’t work out, perhaps it didn’t go well as their desire so it ended after six years. Regarding this, Audel said,

    I barely came out of that alive and I was lucky my cat didn’t get boiled! At least I know where never to venture again.’

    Despite going through a painful heartbreak, Audel announced that he is ready for someone new in his life and explain the quality he likes in women.

    What Does Hazen Audel Want In His Future Wife?

    While talking about his preferences for women he would marry, he first admitted that he likes British women who are smart and feminine. In this respect, he said,

     I need a woman that is certainly strong enough to rough it camping and loves getting dirty,” But a girl who is feminine and smells really nice – yeah! I like that!’

    During the conversation, he didn’t hesitate to open up on the number of times his heart was stolen by British women. He also talked about the reason he likes British women, he said,

    ‘One of the main things that impresses me about British women is that they embrace being smart. ‘They celebrate being intellectual and are not afraid of having educated original thoughts and conversation but they also have a refined femininity which I like.

    Further stating, he also makes clear that he is absolutely not interested in playing games. He basically looking for a woman with values and determination and one who sees good in herself and others.