Ruben Studdard’s Children; Did He Get Married Again? His New Wife And Girlfriend

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    You might wonder what’s going on in Ruben Studdard’s life after his divorce. Is it true Ruben married again? If yes, who is his new wife? Furthermore, most importantly, how many children does the singer-cum-actor have? In this article, we will discuss nothing but Studdard’s rollercoaster of a personal life!

    Therefore, read the article below to know everything from his kids and 2nd wifey to his divorce fiasco.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Ruben Studdard has two children; a daughter, Khobi Studdard, and a son, Oliver Studdard. Both of them have different mothers.
    • He married for the second time to his wife, Kristin Moore-Studdard. They got married on 5th June 2018.
    • His new wife is an influencer and a real estate agent.
    • He was previously married to a flight attendant named, Surata Zuri McCants. They had a 3-year-long married from 2008 to 2011.
    • Studdard’s divorce from Zuri McCants was finalized in April 2012. After the separation, his ex-spouse was left with nearly nothing.

    How Many Children Does Ruben Studdard Have?

    The R&B singer has 2 children so far. To be more specific, Studdard has an elder daughter and a younger son. His adopted baby girl, Khobi Studdard was born on 8th August 2001. She was introduced to the public during his marriage with Zuri McCants in 2009. Likewise, Ruben also has a 2-year-old son with his second wife, Oliver Studdard.

    More Details On His Daughter Khobi

    Talking about Khobi, she is 21 years old as of 2023 and living her best life close to her mother. So, what about her dad, Ruben? Truth be told, Khobi is not her father’s biological child. As a matter of fact, he took her in as his daughter after he got married to her mother, Surata McCants. Regardless of the controversy, Khobi was officially introduced as Ruben Studdard’s daughter when she appeared alongside him and his ex-wife at the season 8 finale of American Idol.

    The program was held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on May 20, 2009, in Los Angeles, California.

    Ruben, with his daughter Khobi and his ex-wife.
    Ruben’s daughter Khobi and his ex-spouse McCants at the American Idol Season 8 Finale.

    Unlike her father, who hardly ever posts about his stepdaughter, her mother is quite fond of Khobi. As a matter of fact, she never misses any important events, whether it be birthdays or graduations, to flaunt her gorgeous little girl. Furthermore, from her mom’s FB, we found out that Khobi goes by the name, Khobi Maholmes these days. With that being said, on her last birthday, Surata wrote,

    “Happy 21st Birthday to my Amazingly Beautiful, Smart, Kind, K-pop listening, Animé watching, and Cosplay wearing one and only daughter 😍 You make me so proud to be your Mom. I hope this is a birthday you’ll never forget. Y’all go peep my story for more Khobi content. It’s her day today and Go Bless her Cashapp for her 21st!!! $Tresinl”

    Even more so, her air hostess mother also organized a huge birthday bash for her little girl on her 18th birthday. As per her Facebook post, she invited all of her closest friends and family for brunch to celebrate the greatest day! Sadly, we could not find her singer stepdad in any of the pictures. So, did he really lose all his ties with his former family? Unfortunately, this does seem to be true.

    Moreover, young Khobi graduated from Wheeler High School in 2019. Following this, she is pursuing her undergrad at Georgina State University.

    Studdard’s Son, Oliver Studdard

    In addition to this, Studdard is also a loving father to his son, Oliver Studdard. He and his current partner Kristin Studdard welcomed their sweet little boy on 10th June 2020. As of 2023, he is 3 years old already! Now, unlike his sister, Oliver has an out-in-the-open lifestyle because of his parents.

    Ruben Studdard's younger son
    3-year-old baby boy, Oliver Studdard looking good in his birthday photo shoot

    Both of them often post pictures of their toddler on Instagram and flaunt the beautiful life they have together. Back in June 2022, Oliver’s mom Kristin posted a picture of her son on the occasion of her 2nd birthday and wrote,

    HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY to my sweet, handsome, smart, and loving baby boy!! This sweet guy reminds me of my dad everyday

    Furthermore, it is reported that Oliver is named after Ruben’s late brother, Kevin Oliver Studdard. He had an untimely demise on 29th May 2018.

    Did Ruben Studdard Marry Again After His Divorce?

    We’re thrilled to reveal that yes, Ruben has married again after his divorce. As a matter of fact, his son Oliver is a product of his second marriage. So, who might the lucky woman be, you ask? Kristin Moore-Studdard is the name of his new wife.

    The husband-wife duo tied the knot on 4th June 2018. In 2023, they are stronger than ever despite having a long marriage of 5 years.

    Ruben Studdard's second wife, Kristin Moore
    The happy couple, Ruben and Kristin are married for five years.

    Sadly, more intimate details of their wedding day and married life aren’t out to the public. After how things went south with his first spouse, Studdard has maintained a low profile with his second marriage.

    Studdard and His New Better Half Have Been Together Since 2018

    Scrolling through Mrs. Studdard’s Instagram profile led us to find some fascinating details about their marriage. For instance, Ruben posted her first-ever picture with her hubby on 3rd January 2018, clicked at the Red Pine Gondola.

    So, it is quite a clear Ruben and his new partner have been together since the late 2010s. In fact, Kristen posted a picture flaunting her engagement ring on 1st September 2019.

    All About Kristin Moore, Ruben Studdard’s New Wife

    According to her official Instagram page, Moore is a manufactured housing specialist and real estate agent based in Mobile, Alabama. Although we do not know much about her career, we’re certain that she must be the #1 in her game.

    Additionally, because of her hubby, people have recognized Kristin as an influencer as well. She is equally active on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok where she posts about her lifestyle and her work. Interestingly enough, she has over 16k followers on Insta alone.

    At present, Ruben and his new partner Kristen with their son live in Birmingham, Alabama.

    The American Idol Winner Was Open About His Marriage With His 1st Wife

    Unlike his present marriage, Ruben who has a net worth of $5 million was very open about his last one. Previously, Ruben was married to Surata Zuri McCants, a flight attendant. As sources confirm, they walked down the aisle together on 28th June 2008. The former Mr. and Mrs. Studdard had a private ceremony in Mountain Brook, Alabama.

    Moreover, before their marriage, Ruben and Surata dated for almost 2 years.

    They Met in 2006

    In fact, Studdard and his first better half McCants encountered each other for the first time in October 2006. Apparently, both of them were smitten by each other at first glance when Studdard was called to sign CDs at a Walmart in Atlanta.

    Furthermore, he courted her to the toy section of the store and asked for her number; and the rest is history!

    Why Did His Marriage With Zuri McCants End?

    The official documents of the divorce state “irreconcilable differences” as the main reason for the ex-couple’s separation. Over and above this, it is believed that Ruben and Surata had the most rough 2 years while being married to each other.

    Ruben's first wife, Zuri McCants
    The former Mr. and Mrs. Studdard on their wedding day.

    Thankfully, after 3 years, they called it quits and went on separate paths. On 16th November 2011, it was publically revealed that Studdard was seeking a divorce from his first wife. In the official statement by the artist’s attorney, Bryon Perkins, he said,

    “Ruben Studdard and Zuri McCants Studdard have separated, and they are in the process of seeking a dissolution of their marriage. They each request the public respects their privacy during this trying time in their lives.”

    Later on, after a series of ups and downs, their divorce was finalized in April 2012.

    Zuri Was Left With Nearly Nothing After The Separation

    In addition to having a rough married life, Studdard and Zuri McCant also had a bitter divorce. Apparently, his first wife was left with almost nothing after calling it quits officially. So, how did that happen?

    Well, according to Surata, she was forcefully made to sign a prenuptial agreement before the marriage. However, the judge did not believe her claims. Interestingly, the court ruled that Ruben was not required to pay a dime to his divorced ex-wife.

    Over and above this, since the pair did not have any children of their own, it was also made clear that the singer did not have to provide any form of child support to her as well. In turn, he took away his home, jewelry, pension, royalties, and all the cash. Even more so, Zuri was also asked to return her engagement ring to her ex-hubby.

    Nevertheless, she was able to retain a fortune here and there. According to an article by TMZ, she was able to keep her wedding dress, some photo albums, a 2006 BMW, a $10,000 property settlement, and $2,000 to cover the fees of her attorney.