Rozene Cohran: How Is The Life Of Charley Pride’s Wife Now?

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    Rozene Cohran is the wife of the late legendary star, Charley Pride. She spent most of her life unbothered from the media spotlight until her husband got caught having an alleged extramarital affair. Here, we dig into the truth of the controversy.

    Rozene Cohran: Wife of Late Singer Charley Pride is A Retired Cosmetologist

    Cohran is the one and only wife of the late legendary singer, Charley Pride. Though she is known only due to her husband, Rozene herself had an established professional life.

    Charley Pride and wife Rozene
    Rozene was born in 1936 and previously worked in the cosmetic industry.

    Cohran worked as a Cosmetologist all her life and practiced around Houston. As of present, she has already retired from her occupation.

    Rozene Was Born and Raised in Texas

    Cohran was born in Houston, Texas on February 6, 1936. The personal detail about her parents is unknown but we know that she had two siblings, Pauletta Cohran, and Hortense Cohran.

    Rozene comes from an African-American ethnicity and holds American citizenship.

    How Did Charley Meet His Wife Rozene Cohran? Marriage Details

    Rozene got to know the love of her life, Charley while playing basketball together in Memphis. At the age of 20, she decided to spend the rest of her life with the singer.

    They both got married in the year 1956 and as per the vows, ’till death tear us apart’, she stood alongside her husband for more than six decades until Charley’s death.

    They Faced Racism While Residing in Montana

    Following the musical success, the couple lived a very good life and moved from place to place together. Once while in Montana, the couple faced brutal racism from the locals.

    According to Rozene, she and her husband were refused service in a restaurant and were also rejected by a real state to sell homes. Despite this, the couple maintained a well-to-be connection with everyone and eventually later settled in Texas.

    The Pride Couple Has Three Immensely Talented Children

    Rozene along with her late husband gave birth to three children together. They welcomed their first son, Kraig Pride in 1967. Following him, their second son, Dion Pride, and the youngest Angela Pride, their only daughter, was born.

    Rozene with her husband, Pride, and three children, Kraig, Dion(left), and daughter Angele.
    Rozene with her husband, Pride, and three children, Kraig, Dion(left), and daughter Angele.

    Like their father, the two sons, Kraig and Pride are in the music industry and are established musicians today. Whereas, Angela, more like her mother has a low-key professional as well as personal life.

    A Woman Sued Rozene Cohren’s Husband To Pay Child Support

    In 1990, a woman named Joyce Ann Tines made a legal case against Charley claiming that he was the father of her child. She shared that she was a flight attendant when she met Charley and started casual relationships since their very first meeting.

    Joyce later gave birth to Pride’s son, Tyler who was then 11 years old.

    What Was The Real Truth? About Charley’s Extra Marital Affair

    The accusations made against the singer seemed pretty strong due to which DNA testing was performed. In 1992, the result came back as positive which cleared out that the woman was right.

    Charley Pride with his secret son, Tyler
    DNA tests prove that Tyler was the biological son of Charley Pride.

    Smith County District Court ordered Charley to pay child support back to Tines and also to make additional payments until Tyler turned 18. He paid $92,000 of child support and also provided $4,000 per month for five years until his son turned 18.

    Rozene Stood Along Her Spouse Charley Even After Knowing The Truth

    Despite all the proven accusations and allegations, Rozene stood by her spouse. They might have had a hard time dealing with all of those, but the bond turned out to grow stronger year by year.

    The duo spent more than 60 years together until Charley took his last breath.

    Cohran Lost Her Husband, Charley Pride After 64 years of Marriage

    Sadly, Cohran lost her other half after 64 years of togetherness in 2020. Charley passed away due to complications of COVID-19 on the 12th of December 2020.

    According to his family, he had been admitted to the hospital in late November, but things did not get better. Pride took his last breath at the age of 86.

    Rozene Was the Hier of Her Late Husband’s Wealth: What Is Her Net Worth?

    The very first black legendary country singer earned a really good amount of money through his profession. At the time of his death, Charley had a net worth of $40 million.

    Young photo of Rozene with her late husband
    Cohran got almost all of her late husband’s assets.

    According to his property will, all the assets and wealth would go to his wife, Rozene, and his three elder children. As Pride’s children have a well-to-do career of their own, they might earn pretty well.

    Charley’s Youngest Son, Tyler Was Outcasted from the Property Will

    After the death of the singer, his youngest son, Tyler Pride got nothing out of his properties. He claimed that Rozene might be the one who influenced Charley’s decision to exclude Tyler from the will.

    Tyler also opened up that his father paid him visits often and always treated him equally to his other children. He also shared how he was not informed about his father being sick and got to know about his father’s death through external sources.

    Reportedly his name was also not included in the obituary, and he was allowed at the funeral as well.

    Rozene Cohran Is Living in Texas With The Memories of Her Late Spouse

    The Texas-born and raised is spending her late 80s in Texas itself. After nearly 7 decades of togetherness with her husband, today Rozene might spend most of her days rewinding the memories of her husband.

    Today she has five grandchildren, Carlton Kraig Pride, Jr., Malachi Pride, Syler Pride, Ebby Pride, and Arrentino Vassar, and two great-grandchildren, Skylar Pride and Carlton Kraig Pride, III.

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