Rosario Dawson Ethnicity; Is She Hispanic? Family Background

July 7, 2023   | July 7, 2023  | 

    American actress and director, Rosario Dawson has always been open about her ethnicity and race. A couple of times, the award-winning actress has accepted her as multiracial, however, there have been constant queries regarding her ethnic background. More than that, people often questions if Dawson is Hispanic.

    So, is Rosario of Hispanic descent? Which ancestry does the actress belong to? Let’s dig into her family background.

    Key Takeaways

    • Rosario is Hispanic from her mother’s side. Her mom Isabel Celeste was born to parents of Puerto Rican, Taino, Cuban and African descent.
    • She belongs to half Puerto Rican/Afro-Cuban & half Irish/Native Indian ethnic background.
    • Dawson has an Irish ancestry from her stepfather’s side. The family background of her biological father is yet to discover.

    Rosario Dawson Ethnicity; Is She Hispanic?

    Rent actress, Rosario is Hispanic from her mother’s side. Her mom Isabel Celeste who is a writer and singer by profession is of Puerto Rican and African-Cuban descent with Taino roots.

    On the other hand, her father is of Irish and Native Indian ethnic background. So, having her parents from different ethnic backgrounds, Dawson definitely belongs to a mixed race. Regarding her ethnicity, she tweeted back in July 2013,

    I’m not biracial. I’m half Puerto Rican/Afro Cuban & half Irish/Native Indian. #multiracial #human #earthling @campgearblogger

    Considering her tweet, it can be concluded that Dawson is half-Hispanic.

    Rosario’s Family Background 

    Moving on to her family background, Rosario’s mother Isabel Celeste is a writer and singer.  Her maternal grandmother was Isabella Quiñones, the daughter of Antonio Quiñones and Celestina Alvira y Torres. She was born in Fajardo, Puerto Rican. Likewise, her maternal grandfather was Steve Stokilo.

    Rosario Dawson with her mom
    Rosario with her mom Isabel

    Similarly, her biological father was Patrick Harris but she was raised by her step-dad Greg Dawson since she was a year old baby.

    Her Ancestry

    Roisario’s ancestry includes Puerto Rican American, Taino American, Cuban American, and African American.

    Short Details On Rosario’s Birth And Parents

    Rosario’s mom Isabel got pregnant with her when she was just 16. At the time, Isabel was selected to play volleyball in the 1980 Olympic team. During her pregnancy, Isabel was greatly supported by her then-future husband Greg. And, later after she gave birth to Rosario, the two also got married.

    In fact, Dawson, the adoptive mother of Isabella Dawson has Irish ancestry from her stepdad Greg’s side. As of now, Greg and Isabel have already divorced. And for her divorced parents, Rosario bought a family compound in New York so could she spend her time with both her mom and dad.

    What Is Rosario Dawson’s Nationality?

    Rosario is American by nationality. She was born on May 9, 1979, in New York City. Though her birthplace is the United States, she has mentioned Ghana as her motherland.

    On March 27, she posted her picture together with Vice President Kamala Harris and wrote,

    Well, look who came to visit me in Ghana! It was an honor to join Vice President Kamala Harris tonight ND be reunited with @officialspikelee..

    What a treat to reconnect with you both…on the motherland!

    Considering this, Dawson probably holds Ghanian nationality as well.