Parker Schnabel’s Wife: Is He Married? Girlfriend And Dating History

August 23, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Fans of ‘Gold Rush’ Parker Schnabel are already aware of his gold-mining skills and cool persona but it’s his current relationship, they are eyeing for. After his break-up with then-girlfriend Ashley Youle, viewers are curious if Parker is married to a wife or dating.

    So, what’s up with his love life? Let’s uncover the details of his relationship history and dating rumors.

    Key Takeaways

    • Parker Schnabel is yet to marry or have a wife.
    • He was rumored to be dating his co-star Tyler Mahoney in 2020.
    • Schnabel & and his now ex-girlfriend Ashley Youle were in a relationship for 2 years before breaking up in 2018.
    • Parker’s former girlfriend appeared in the Gold Rush for two seasons.

    Who Is Parker Schnabel’s Wife?

    Schnabel does not have a wife as of 2023, in fact, the Gold Rush star is not married yet. It seems Parker is busy with his career excavating gold in mines, rather than finding the one for him. Furthermore, there are no reports of him being committed to any relationship either.

    Ever since, the American reality star broke up with his then-girlfriend Ashley, who fans shipped as his potential wife, he has remained away from dating games.

    Does Parker Schnabel Have Plans To Get Married?

    The Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail star and producer is yet to speak if he plans to tie the knot anytime soon. Rather, Parker plans to expand his gold business. In the Season 6 of Parker’s Trail in 2023, he and his team travel to South America to dig out $100 million worth of gold.

    Who Is Schnabel Dating Now? Any New Girlfriend?

    Parker doesn’t seem to be in a publicly confirmed relationship. On his Instagram, the Alaska-born shares pictures of his work & his crew members, while none of them hint if he has a new girlfriend or any romantic linkups.

    While he has achieved fame through appearances on reality shows like “Gold Rush,” Parker’s romantic life remains relatively private. Sources alleged that Schnabel is single at the moment.

    Relationship With His Ex-Girlfriend Ashley Youle

    The American gold miner was in a famous & publicly known relationship with his then-girlfriend, Ashley Youle. She is a veterinary nurse from Australia who appeared in the show Gold Rush in Season 7 and Season 8. Their chemistry was the talk of both the mining world and the show’s audience.

    However, after their split following two years of relationship, Youle made her exit from the show in 2018 (ahead of Season 9).

    How Did Parker And Ashley Meet?

    Their story began when Parker and Ashley met in Australia in 2016 when the former had gone for a vacation during the Gold Rush break. The spark between the two was undeniable and Parker decided to invite her to join him for a summer of mining in the terrains of Alaska.

    Parker Schnabel's now ex-girlfriend Ashley Youle joined him in the Gold Rush
    Schnabel with his then-girlfriend Ashley and other crew members

    Fans were proclaiming Ashley as Parker Schnabel’s wife-to-be, as their seemed solid, both on and off-screen. In an interview with Maxim in 2017, Parker didn’t hold back his affection for Ashley, saying, “I don’t think she gets quite enough credit for how well the summer went. She is great to be around, she is great for me, and she is just a really cool chick.”

    Why Did They Break Up?

    Schnabel, who often remained mum about his dating profile in the show, spoke about his break-up during an episode “Win Big or Die Trying” of Season 8. He blamed himself as the main reason for their split as he prioritized his work over their relationship, and said,

    As successful as our season was, there was, for me personally, one pretty big failure. Ashley and I broke up. I just never made the relationship a priority, I didn’t make her a priority. And honestly, she deserves a lot better than that.”

    Now, Youle has moved on with her new boyfriend Mitch Baker, and posts pictures with him on her Instagram.

    Dating Rumors With Tyler Mahoney

    In 2020, during the fourth season of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, he collaborated with Tyler Mahoney, a fellow gold miner & model from Australia. She was best known for appearing in Aussie Gold Hunter and Gold  Rush: The Dirt.

    Dating rumors of Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney rose in 2020 after the collaborated in Gold Rush: Parker's Trail
    Parker and his alleged girlfriend Tyler Mahoney

    It raised rumors of their relationship since their work chemistry seemed so convincing and on top of that, Parker was single at that time. However, despite those claims, it turns out that no romance blossomed during their time together and they were just friends.

    Tyler Mahoney Cleared The Air

    During a Q&A session on August 7, 2020, when a fan asked if she and Parker were still close (a potential query about their romantic relationship), Tyler set the record straight & noted that she and the Alaskan gold miner only have a strong professional connection between them.

    Tyler Has Another Boyfriend, Who Is He?

    Mahoney is in a relationship with her boyfriend Jake Bennett. They have been dating since 2021.