Olivia Rodrigo Family Background & Parents

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    Olivia Rodrigo is a young artist with a flourishing music career. She has been making waves in the music industry with some major hits like ‘Drivers License,’ ‘Deja Vu,’ and ‘Good 4 U.’ Besides her burgeoning career as a singer and an actress, many of her fans are still eager to know about Olivia Rodrigo’s family background as well as her parents.

    Sources say the artist is the only daughter of her parents. Let’s explore more about Rodrigo’s ancestry details including her great-grandparents and more.

    Olivia Rodrigo’s Family Background and Parents

    As said above, Rodrigo’s family roots are something that millions of her fans wonder to dig out. Well, Rodrigo is the daughter of two ordinary father and mother. Her father’s name is Chris Rodrigo, while her mother is Jennifer.

    Olivia Rodrigo as a child with her parents
    Olivia with her parents. 

    Further, Olivia is from a mixed family.

    Olivia Has Strong Filipino Roots

    The artist who is from a family with strong Filipino roots is also proud to represent her heritage. In fact, her great-grandfather was the one who migrated from the Philippines to the United States on a boat as a teenager. She reacted to his grandpa’s voyage to the U.S.,

    “Can you imagine moving to a whole new country by yourself?”

    Further, Olivia’s great-grandfather owned a garden and was really into food.

    Rodrigo’s Family Enjoys Filipino Foods

    Her late -great-grandfather had great cooking and gardening cooking skills. He was really a good cook who mostly made Pinoy lumpia, a type of fried egg roll with ground meat inside.

    The Rodrigo family still makes such raspy and follows several Filipino traditions her grandfather handed over.

    Olivia Rodrigo’s Parents Belong to Different Ethnic Backgrounds

    Yes, both of her parents have different ethnicity. Her mother is of German and Irish ancestry while her father is Filipino. So, Olivia is Filipino-American and is a blend of Latino, Philipino, and German.

    Olivia with her mom and dad.


    Rodrigo with her mom and dad.

    Rodrigo, 20, is also so proud to be a part of the Filipino community. She likewise represents Pinoys.

    What Do Olivia Rodrigo’s Parents Do?

    Olivia’s parents belong to different fields career-wise. Her father is a practicing family therapist while her mother is a teacher. Her dad Chris (fully Christopher Rodrigo) specialized in Marriage & Family affairs, based in Riverside, California.

    Her Mother Once Saw The Ghost

    Olivia while on the YouTube show Hot Ones with Sean Evans shared a horrific horror story her mother experienced while growing up in Wisconsin. She said that her paternal grandparents bought the house for really cheap.


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    But, one day, when her mother woke up to go to the bathroom, Jennifer saw a man standing at the top of the stairs. She didn’t share the story until 25 years later. But, when her grandmother knew about the incident, her reaction was, “Oh, you know the reason we got the house for so cheap was because somebody died in the basement.”

    Does Olivia Have Siblings?

    No, the singer doesn’t have any siblings. She is the only child of her mom and dad. Most of her ancestors live in California. Although Olivia doesn’t have any siblings, the ‘Drivers License’ singer is quite close with her cousins. She often shares her extended lineage on her social media handles too.

    Back in November 2021, a Twitter user under the name ‘Olivia Rodrigo Daily’ shared a photo of Olivia celebrating Thanksgiving with her cousins.

    Rodrigo and Her Great-Grandmother Are Pen Pals

    Like her mother, Olivia is also close to her grandmother. She is a pen pal with her great-grandmother. She regularly writes letters to her grandma who lives in Wisconsin with her other family members.

    Olivia explains her daily activities in her letters to her grandmother.

    Olivia’s Father and Mother Live in California

    As of now, Olivia Rodrigo’s family resides in Temecula, California. Unlike her mother, her father is open about his life. He is also active on Instagram and has posted a couple of photos of his daughter.


    Is Rodrigo close with her family?

    Yes, the actress is quite close to all of her family members.

    Are Olivia Rodrigo’s parents still together?

    Her mom and dad are still married. They aren’t divorced yet.