Mika Nygard, Peter Nygard’ son: Nationality, Net Worth, Wife, Siblings, Parents

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    Mika Nygard is a star kid who is famous as the son of Peter Nygard. His father is a Finnish-Canadian Fashion executive who founded the company, Nygard International, a women’s apparel company.

    Currently, the fashion mogul is behind bars for numerous counts of sexual abuse and sex trafficking charges. Besides, Mika has eight siblings, but from different mothers. By the same token, who is his mother?

    Here today we will find out many interesting facts about Mika Nygard. We will tell you about his current profession, marriage life, mother, and many other details!

    Mika Nygard Wiki; His Parents, Age, and Early Life

    He was born in 1988 in Canada as the son of Peter Nygard. Now many of you are definitely curious to know who is the mother of Mika. Well, she is a former flight attendant, Kaarina Pakka. His mother is from Oakville, a town in Ontario, Canada.

    Mika has Canadian nationality, however, from his dad Peter’s side, he is also eligible for Finnish nationality. Further, he belongs to Finnish and English ancestry.

    Mika's mother in the picture
    Mika’s mother Kaarina.

    The star kid spent the major portion of his early life in Oakville, Canada. Throughout his adolescence, he rarely met his father Peter which somehow created a border between them.

    Mika Pakka is a well-educated Individual

    After finishing high school at a local school in Oakville, Ontario, he enrolled at Carleton University. At the college, he graduated with a BA in Film/Cinema/Video Studies in 2010.

    Next year in 2011, he went to the United Kingdom to do a Master’s in Film/Cinema/Video Studies. He joined the University of Edinburgh where he graduated in 2012.

    Were Mika’s parents married? Their Relationship

    The lovebirds were reportedly in a relationship during the mid-80s. Their affair was short-term, kinda like the way the majority of Peter’s relationship has been. There’s not much info as to how Mika’s folks met each other, however, considering that Kaarina was a flight attendant, they must have bumped into one another during a flight.

    From their short romantic story, Mika was born. However, at the time of his birth, his parents had already broken up and his custody went straight to his mother.

    Mika’s father paid record child support in his favor

    Back in 2002, a Toronto court judge ordered Peter to pay $15,091 a month in child support to his baby mother Kaarina until their case went into trial in 2003.

    From the $15,000 a month that Pakka was receiving, she purchased a lavish $700,000 on Oakville’s waterfront. The total child support totaled $181,092 a year, which was the highest of the time.

    Peter and Kaarina came to an eventual agreement in 2004 after they agreed to a confidential agreement outside the court.

    Peter Nygard is behind Bars for Sex Trafficking and many other charges

    As of 2023, Mika’s long-lost dad is serving at the Toronto South Detention Center. He has been accused by numerous women of sexual abuse. Moreover, plenty of witnesses have also come forward claiming Peter’s involvement in sex trafficking.

    Mika's dad Peter is arrested for sexual assault
    Mika’s dad Peter.

    Over sex trafficking charges even the FBI raided Peter’s office in New York back in February 2020. Amidst all the scandal he even had to step down from his company and he even claimed of divested his funds, however, it was later discovered that he still owned all 100% of the stake at Nygard International.

    Around the same time, two of Mika’s half-siblings also claimed that their dad forced a female prostitute, who he told them was his girlfriend, to have sex with them.

    There are more than 50 people who have so far come forward with sexual abuse claims against Mika’s father. Peter has been charged with sexual assault and forcible confinement in both Toronto and Montreal. His Toronto trial is all set for September 11, 2023.

    Mika has several half-siblings

    Peter Nygard all together has eight kids from his different relationships. From his relationship with Patricia Bickle, Peter has three kids, Bianca Nygard, Kai Zen Bickle, and Alia Nygard Denault.

    Mika's two half-siblings
    Mika’s half-brother Kai and half-sister Bianca.

    Mika’s other siblings are Trey, Scarlet, Jessar, and Xar Nygard. Mika is close with many of his brothers and sisters despite them being his half-siblings.

    He is especially close with Bianca and Ken, who often comment on his Facebook posts.

    What is Mika Nygard doing nowadays?

    Unlike many of Peter’s kids who worked for his organization, he has carved himself a different path. As of now, he is working as a Senior Accounting Manager at Amazon in London, the United Kingdom. He has been working at the trillion-dollar company since December 2022.

    Before this, he worked at Oracle as an Account Manager from August 2020 to December 2022. He started his professional career at Cogeco Media as a Camera operator. Afterward, he went to Multiple Media Entertainment and worked as a Sales and Acquisition Executive. His other work includes as a Product and Data Management Operator at Coral and as a Digital Sales Manager at Sky.

    Is Mika Nygard married? Who is his wife?

    Yes, he is enjoying a beautiful marital relationship. He exchanged vows with his girlfriend of many years Amanda Mawn on 28th May 2021. For the wedding, Mika wore an Ocean blue suit while his girlfriend-turned-wife looked gorgeous in a white gown.

    Mika with his spouse
    Mika and his wife Amanda.

    The lovebirds don’t share any kids with each other. As for how they first came across each other, well, both of them studied in the same college, The University of Edinburgh so we can assume this is where they first met each other.

    His girlfriend, who is also an American, lives with her husband in London, UK. She currently works as a Parliamentary Researcher at the House of Commons.

    How much is Mika Nygard’s net worth?

    As someone who works as an account manager at Amazon, he earns at least $100,000 a year. Given that he has been active in the industry for some time, he has most definitely amassed huge wealth.

    Moreover, talking about his early life, he enjoyed a decent childhood considering the fact that his father paid a hefty amount of money to his mother as child support.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Mika Nygard
    Birth Place Canada
    Birthday 1988
    Age 36 years
    Nationality Canadian
    Ethnicity Finnish and English
    Father Peter Nygard
    Mother Kaarina Pakka
    Siblings 8 (Bianca, Kai Zen, Alia, Trey, Scarlet, Jessar, Xar Nygard)
    Profession Accountant
    Net Worth $1 million
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Amanda Mawn