Michelle Trice, Flip Wilson’ Daughter; Where is she and what is she doing?

January 26, 2023   | January 26, 2023  | 

    Michelle Trice is an American star kid who is famous as Flip Wilson’s daughter. She apparently is not the biological daughter of the late comedian. So what’s the full story?

    Besides, since her father’s death, she has been living a secretive life. There is a lot of curiosity surrounding Michelle’s life including her current whereabouts and what is she doing nowadays.

    Moreover, how many siblings does she have? Who are her mother and biological father? Are they still alive? Let’s find out everything here today!

    Who are Michelle Trice’s parents?

    Born in California, the United States. There are a couple of reports concerning the identity of her mother and father. While some reports claim Flip’s common-law wife, Blondell Pittman is her mother, others have reported that she is the child between Flip Wilson and his third wife, Tuanchai ‘Cookie’ Mackenzie.

    Well, allow us to clear this rumor. By going through Flip’s third wife Cookie’s social media profile, we came to know that Michelle is not her daughter. The former celebrity spouse has only one daughter and her name is Duan Mackenzie, whom she shares with her second husband, Roderick.

    From this alone, we can say with certainty that Flip adopted Blondell’s daughter Michelle while he was in a relationship with her. After the divorce between Flip and Pittman, he got custody of Michelle alongside their four kids.

    Flip Wilson and Blondell Pittman’ Relationship

    Her mother, Blondell started a relationship with her adoptive father in the late 50s. It looks like Flip and Blondell started dating when he separated from his Bahamian wife, Lovenia Patricia Wilson.

    Michelle's step-mom Lovenia
    Flip’s first wife, Lovenia.

    Their relationship was one of the most enduring ones of that time. As for their marriage, well, the lovebirds didn’t marry. Yes, you heard that right, they never exchanged vows, however, they were in a common law marriage bond.

    For those of you who don’t know, common law marriage is, “A common law marriage is a legally recognized marriage between two people who have not purchased a marriage license or had their marriage solemnized by a ceremony”

    They were in a marital relationship for around 17-year, before divorcing in May 1976.

    Michelle Trice’s Siblings

    From her parent, Flip and Pittman’s relationship, she has four half-siblings, Kevin Wilson, David Wilson, born in 1960, Tamara Wilson, born in 1968, and Stacy Wilson.

    Michelle Trice' siblings and father
    Michelle’s brother Kevin and sister Stacy with their dad, Flip.

    Including Michelle, all five of Flip Wilson’s children are incredibly secretive. They have only made appearances in the media a handful of times. Although Trice is not the biological sibling of her brother and sister, they share a beautiful bond with each other.

    Out of all five of Wilson’s siblings, Mitchell is the only one who has not made a single appearance in the public.

    Her half-brother David is Paralyzed from the shoulder down

    David was a golf prodigy. An avid golfer, initially he used to visit Riviera Country Club where he fall in the love with the sport. Afterward, he started golfing here and there, but later changed his course and began learning country club management.

    Unfortunately, something tragic happened on 1993 St. Patrick’s day. The star kid was riding his Yamaha motorcycle that his Flip had gifted him when he lost control and crashed on the access road behind Palm Desert Marriott.

    His unconscious body was found by the authorities sometime later. He was taken to the hospital and after the initial assessment, he was announced paralyzed from the shoulder down. Several years after the incident, David had become fed up with the way he was living so he decided to change it. As he was always interested in playing golf, he soon devised a new way of playing the game, mental golf. He thinks of all the scenarios he can make in his head related to the game and play.

    Is Michelle Trice married? Who is her husband?

    As she is extremely hard to find on the internet, there hasn’t been a single clue in regard to her marital status. Maybe she is married to her husband and has a couple of children of her own, or maybe she is still single, nobody knows.

    Likewise, there isn’t a single piece of news available about the marital or relationship status of her brothers and sisters as well.

    What is Michelle Trice doing?

    There are many reports on the internet that Michelle is a jewelry designer. However, it looks like this news comes from a jewelry designer by the same name as Michelle Trice so it might not be true after all.

    Realistically speaking, the last time we heard about Trice was when her comedian father passed away in 1998. Since then, she, along with her half-siblings, has decided to live a life behind closed doors.

    Her Father died in 1998; What was the cause?

    The legendary comedian died at the age of 64. He died at such an early age due to liver cancer, from which he was suffering for a long time.

    He took his last breath at his Malibu, California, residence. At the time of his death, his daughter Michelle was by his side.