Meet Rico Rodriguez Family: Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

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    Rico Rodriguez is an actor, widely known for his role as Manny in the ABC television series “Modern Family”. His performance was loved and praised by a large audience. Since people already know about his family on-screen, many have shown interest in the actor’s real-life family.

    We have brought you this article which consists of details and interesting facts about Manny’s real-life family.

    Key Takeaways

    • Rico’s parents are Diane and Roy Rodriguez.
    • The couple used to run their family business the Rodriguez Tire Service in Texas.
    • He has three siblings one sister and two brothers.
    • Rodriguez also has two sister-law and 10 nieces & nephews.
    • His sister Raini is an actress and singer.
    • He belongs to an American family and is of Mexican descent.

    Rico Rodriguez’s Family Background: His Parents Were Businessman

    Rico was born to Diane and Roy Rodriguez, on July 31, 1998, in Bryan, Texas.

    His parents own the Rodriguez Tire Service, which is his father’s family business. In fact, it was their main stream of income until their children, Raini and Rico got involved with Hollywood.

    Rico Rodriguez father owned a Tire service before his death
    Rico with his sister and parents.

    Furthermore, the couple supported their children in pursuing their dreams in the acting world. His mother Diane along with Rico and his sister moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, while his father remained in Texas with his brother. Rico and his sister pushed their careers forward as child actors with the help of agent Susan Osser and were homeschooled.

    Rico Lost His Father When He Was A Teenager

    As Rico Rodriguez pursued his career and was gaining success and recognition, fate hit him with an unexpected turn of events. In March 2017, he lost his father to an illness when he was just 18 years old. Rico went on and posted a picture of his father on Instagram as a tribute to his father.

    Additionally, The post was captioned with his heartfelt words expressing his love for his late father. The actor also described his father as a ‘superhero’ with an ability to get the best out of you day in and day out.

    Rico Rodriguez’s Siblings Are A Major Part of The Rodriguez Family

    Rodiguez has three siblings, one sister Raini Rodriguez and two brothers Ray Rodriguez and Roy Rodriguez Jr.. Rico is the youngest among his siblings. Besides his siblings, the actor also has two sisters-in-law and 10 nieces and nephews.

    Rico has one sister and two brothers
    Rico with all his siblings Raini, Ray, and Roy Jr.

    Furthermore, it looks like Rico has a good relationship with all these family members as he can be seen posting photos of himself and his siblings on social media.

    Rico Has Two Sister In Law And Ten Nieces & Nephews

    The star has two sisters-in-law, Carmen and Amy, who are wives of Ray and Roy Jr. Further, both of his brothers have five children with their respective partners.

    Rico Rodriguez Family Together
    Rico’s brothers with their children

    Roy Jr. has three daughters and two sons. His eldest daughter, Alesia, was born on June 12, 2002, and is currently 20 years old. The next in line are twin daughters, Zoe and Olivia, born on February 21, 2007. Roy’s two youngest sons are named Andrew Martin Rodriguez and Roy.

    Regarding Ray, he also has five children, two sons Aden and Ray Jr, and three daughters Bella, Glori, and Raegan.

    His Sister Raini Rodriguez Is Also An Actress

    Raini almost 5 years older than Rico is an actress and singer. She is known for her work in the Disney Channel original series Austin & Ally as Trish.

    Furthermore, the actress was scouted by Susan Osser, a California talent agent during the initial phase of her career. Moreover, he later went on and became Raimi’s manager. This is one of the reasons Rico along with her sister and mother move to LA while his father and brother stayed back in Texas.

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    Rico’s Brothers Took Care Of The Family Business

    His father and siblings continued to run the family business in Texas after the actor went to LA. Furthermore, it looks like his brothers, Ray and Roy Jr. inherited the business after his father’s untimely death. Below are a few facts regarding Rico’s brothers.

    Who Is Rico Rodriguez’s Nationality And Ethnicity?

    Rico is part of an American family, but his roots trace back to Mexico. Due to his dual heritage, which combines Mexican and American norms, he has a wide range of perspectives.