Meet Henry Bernthal Jon Bernthal’s Son Who Is All Grown-Up Now

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    Henry Bernthal was born into the spotlight as the eldest son of renowned Actor Jon Bernthal and his wife, Erin Angle. We will take a closer look at the life of the young Bernthal and his adventures as he carved his own path and made a name for himself in the world, all while carrying on the legacy of his celebrity father.

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    Key Takeaways

    • Henry has two younger siblings.
    • His father Jon Bernthal is an actor and his mother Erin Angle is a Trauma Nurse.
    • Henry’s parents got married on 25th September 2010 in Potomac, Maryland.
    • His younger sister went into a coma for 3 days.

    Henry Is The Family’s Eldest Son And Has Two Younger Siblings

    Henry was born in August 2011 in Ojai, California. Occasionally, Jon shares snapshots of his son on Instagram, but many aspects of Billy’s life, like his schooling, remain very private.

    In today’s age of oversharing, the Bernthals seem to cherish their family’s personal space, keeping much of their lives away from prying eyes.

    He Is Close With His Siblings

    Henry is the oldest sibling in the Bernthal Household. Jon often uploads photos of the three siblings on his Instagram. Henry and his brother Billy are seen participating in many sports activities like basketball football, boxing, taekwondo, and jiu-jitsu. The age gap between the two of them is only 2 years and this is why they do most of the things together.

    Henry Bernthal with his two siblings.
    Henry with his two younger siblings; Billy and Adeline.

    His youngest sibling, Adelina Bernthal was born in February 2015 and is 9 years old. Being the smaller one in the household she is loved and adored by everyone. Henry was only six years old when Adelina went into a coma for 3 days due to encephalitis, which is an inflammation of the brain tissue.

    Henry Bernthal’s Parents Are Madly In Love With Each Other

    Jon Bernthal and Erin Angle met each other in Washington D.C. in 2000. Jon’s friends threw a welcome party for him in a local bar and that’s where Henry’s parents fell in love with each other.

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    Jon once shared in an interview how he instantly fell in love with Erin upon first sight. He first approached her and they talked for the next 45 minutes and the rest is the history.

    Jon Bernthal is married to Erin Angle.
    Jon Bernthal married Erin Angle in 2010 after dating for 10 years.

    They soon started their relationship and dated for 10 years. Eventually, the couple exchanged their wedding vows at a private ceremony held on 25, September 2010 in Potomac, Maryland. Their current residence is in Ojai, California. They are animal lovers and have two English Mastiff breed dogs.

    Henry’s First Red Carpet Appearance Was With His Family In 2016

    Henry’s first red-carpet appearance was at the premiere of the movie “Finding Dory“. The American computer-animated comedy-drama adventure film was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The premiere was located at the El Captain Theatre in Hollywood, California.

    Henry Bernthal with his family in premiere of Finding Dory.
    Henry Bernthal with his family in the premiere of Finding Dory.

    This family-oriented film, designed to captivate the imaginations of the younger audience, offered the perfect occasion for the Bernthal family to come together.

    How Rich Is Henry Bernthal’s Family?

    As a minor, Henry doesn’t have his own money, but he enjoys a comfortable life thanks to his parents. His dad, Jon, has around $12 million in the bank, mainly from acting in movies and such. He makes a good amount of cash from the deals he signs.


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    On the other hand, Billy’s mom works as a trauma nurse and has saved up about $1 million. An average trauma nurse in America earns around $65,784. She has earned all that money through her work at the hospital.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Henry Bernthal
    Birth Place Ojai, California
    Birthday August 2011
    Age 12 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Jewish
    Father Jon Bernthal
    Mother Erin Angle
    Siblings Billy Bernthal and Adeline Bernthal
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Bronde