Meet Emilio Rivera Wife Yadi Valerio: Full Bio

June 29, 2023   | June 29, 2023  | 

    Emilio Rivera’s wife Yadi Valerio shares a common passion for acting like her husband. And Yadi’s professional journey has been marked by increasing popularity and acclaim, generating curiosity among her fans and viewers in general.

    In this article, you will find out more about Yadi Valerio’s personal and professional life.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Emilio Rivera’s wife, Yadi is an actress and director.
    • She grew up in a strict household, which was very different from Emilio’s upbringing.
    • Valerio and Rivera got married in 2009 and have been together ever since.
    • The couple do not have biological children but Emilio does have three children from a previous marriage.
    • Yadi and Emilio first came across each other while filming a movie together.
    • Valerio has starred in numerous movies and she also sells clothes online.

    Who Is Emilio Rivera’s Wife, Yadi Valerio?

    Yadi Valerio is a multifaceted individual who excels both as an actress and director.

    She embarked on her acting career in 2006, making her initial debut in the film industry with a role in the horror film “Hood of Horror“. Since then, Yadi has amassed an impressive collection of work, actively participating in various films.

    Emilio's wife is Yadi Valerio
    Yadi is an actress and director.

    In addition to her acting pursuits, Valerio has also ventured into the realm of directing. One of her notable directorial endeavors includes the movie “Broken”, where she took on the role of a director, showcasing her skills behind the camera.

    When Did Yadi Valerio Get Married?

    Yadi and Emilio exchanged vows on July 1, 2009, after about four years of dating. Over the course of more than a decade, the husband-and-wife has remained deeply connected and inseparable, demonstrating a strong bond and unwavering commitment to one another.

    Emilio and Yadi are married to each other since 2009
    Emilio and Yadi have been married for over a decade.

    Furthermore, regarding their kids, the couple does not have biological children together. However, Emilio’s son, Rocko, from his previous marriage lives with them.

    Emilio Has Children From Previous Marriage

    Prior to his marriage to Valerio, Emilio was married to an undisclosed woman and had three children with her. He has a daughter named Yanel, and two sons named Emilio Jr. and Rocko.

    A photo of Yadi Valerio (middle) with her husband, Emilio (left) and his son Rocco (right)
    Emilio(L), Yadi(C), Rocko(R)

    Nonetheless, while specific details about Rivera’s previous marriage and his children’s lives are undisclosed, it is known that his kids hold a special place in Emilio’s life.

    Yadi Valerio Met Her Husband Emilio on Set

    In a podcast with Power 16 Los Angeles, Emilio shared the story of how he and his wife first crossed paths. According to Emilio, they met while working together on a movie set where he had a scene that involved non-consensual sexual acts with Valerio.

    Yadi and Emilio met while filming
    Yadi and Emilio are a married couple.

    Furthermore, Rivera revealed that once they began dating, Valerio made a significant commitment by prioritizing the well-being of Emilio’s son from his previous marriage.

    Valerio dedicated her time and energy to taking care of the child, putting her own career on hold. Although she took on occasional jobs, her primary focus was supporting her then-boyfriend and being there for his son.

    Her Husband, Emilio Was Part Of A Gangster Family

    Emilio hails from a family deeply rooted in the world of organized crime. And despite being romantically involved with his now wife for a significant period, he managed to keep his familial background concealed from her for approximately a year.

    However, Yadi’s revelation came unexpectedly after Rivera invited her to one of his family gatherings. As she said, she was surprised to find herself in the midst of men with tattoos who looked like they had recently been in jail.

    Yadi Grew Up With Five Siblings

    Yadi was born and raised in New York, United States. She grew up alongside four sisters and a brother, which played a significant role in shaping her cultural and societal experiences. Valerio’s upbringing was marked by the influence of a strict family. Her father was Caucasian while her mother was of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent.

    Yadi Valerio's father
    Yadi had a strict father.

    During an interview, Yadi shared that she was an exemplary student while growing up, consistently earning straight-A grades. She also mentioned that she was someone who adhered to rules and regulations and that she was a good girl which presented a contrast to the background of her husband, Emilio.

    Valerio Rose Fame After Her 2013 Movie

    Yadi experienced a significant surge in popularity following the release of her movie “The Devil’s in the Details” in 2013. Her portrayal of Alicia garnered widespread acclaim and praise from fans and followers of her work.

    "The Devil's in the Details" made Valerio famous
    Poster of the movie “The Devil’s in the Details”.

    Furthermore, “The Devil’s in the Details” also boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including renowned actors such as Ray Liotta, Emilio Rivera, Joel Mattews, and many others.

    List Of Her Movies And Shows

    Yadi has starred in numerous movies and shows dating from 2013. Her work includes:

    • Hood of Horror (2013)
    • According to Jim (2003)
    • American Flyer (2010)
    • Perfect Sunday (2010)
    • Broken (2010)
    • Food Stamps (2010)
    • Platinum Illusions (2011)
    • The Devil’s in the Details (2013)
    • Water & Power (2013)
    • Sins of the Father (2014)
    • Street Level (2015)
    • El Chicano (2018)
    • Welcome to our World (2021)
    • The Family  Business (2020-2022)

    Yadi Sells Clothes Online

    In addition to her pursuits in the entertainment industry, Valerio also engages in e-commerce through the platform Poshmark by the handle @yadivalerio. Poshmark provides a marketplace for individuals to buy and sell various items, including clothing, accessories, shoes, and household items, both new and used.

    Notably, Yadi takes a philanthropic approach to her earnings from selling clothes. She channels the profits earned through her online sales to feed homeless animals.

    What Is Yadi Valerio’s Net Worth?

    Valerio has amassed an estimated net worth of around $500,000, primarily through her successful career as an actor and her online clothing venture on platforms like Poshmark.

    Yadi is actor Emilio Rivera's wife
    Yadi’s net worth is around $500K.

    On the other hand, her husband, Emilio, has accumulated an estimated net worth of approximately $5 million. Emilio, known for his notable roles in film and television, has had a long career in the entertainment industry and has achieved considerable financial success over the years.

    She Is Active On Social Media

    Yadi maintains an active presence on Instagram through the handle @yadi_rivera, engaging with her dedicated following of nearly 50k followers.

    On her Instagram account, she shares various content that provides insights into her life, career, and family, and even offers glimpses of her dogs.

    Moreover, by sharing these aspects of her life, Yadi Valerio creates a more personal connection with her followers and provides them with a well-rounded view of her world beyond the spotlight.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Yadi Valerio
    Birth Place New York
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Siblings 5
    Profession Actress, Director, Businesswoman
    Net Worth $500k
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Emilio Rivera
    Children No