Marco Pigossi Wife: Is He Married? Interesting Facts About His Love Life

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    Marco Pigossi, the ‘Invisible City’ actor, sees queries about his relationship as a day-to-day deal. Many wondered if he was married & had a wife. But the Brazilian actor & producer came out as gay in 2021 with reports of him dating Italian writer, Marco Calvani.

    Everyone is now curious about the love life of Pigossi and Calvani and wants to learn about their relationship in detail. So, as you read this, you might get the answer.

    Key Takeaways

    • Marco Pigossi, an openly gay actor & producer, is not married or has a wife.
    • The ‘High Seas’ actor is in a relationship with Italian playwright, Marco Calvani.
    • He and his boyfriend both have the same first name and are working in the same field.
    • Pigossi went official about his relationship with Calvani via Instagram after wearing a heterosexual mask for 2 decades.
    • Marco once admitted to hiding his sexual identity for a very long time because he believed that what he felt was improper and sinful.
    • Pigossi was rumored to be dating German actress Sophie Charlott in 2013, but none confirmed their relationship.

    Does Marco Pigossi Have A Wife?

    No, Pigossi has never been married to a woman. Since he is openly gay, the question, “Who is Marco’s wife?” faces south, instead, the query would be if the Brazilian actor has a husband or boyfriend.

    Openly Gay Marco Pigossi Has A Boyfriend, Who Is He?

    Even though fans were taking subtle hints of him being gay, Marco kept his sexual orientation discreet over the years. Now, the proud gay actor openly embraces the “true himself” and is currently in a relationship with his boyfriend, Marco Calvani, an Italian writer.

    Interestingly, both of them have the same first name, “Marco” and share the same passion for the entertainment industry.

    Openly gay Marco Pigossi and his boyfriend Marco Calvani, an Italian playwright & filmmaker
    The Marcos couple: Pigossi and Calvani have been dating since late 2020

    Both of them seem to enjoy each other’s company; from attending events together to beach holidays. Calvani even attended the wedding of Pigossi’s sister and shared a picture of him dancing with the bride.

    More On His Lover, Marco Calvani

    Calvani, born on December 11, 1980, in Prato, Tuscany, Italy, is an award-winning playwright, director, and filmmaker. Based in New York, he currently joins his lover, Piggossi, in Los Angeles.

    A professional since 1996, he got commissions from the Phoenix Theatre in London, the Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin, Théâtre de la Ville in Paris, Grec Fundaci in Barcelona, and the La MaMa Theatre in New York.

    Marco Pigossi's boyfriend Marco Calvani
    Marco Calvani is the boyfriend of Marco Pigossi

    Some of his playwright works include Penelope in Groznyj (2009), I am Dracula (2013), Maspeth (2016), Beautiful Day Without You (2018), and Before We Fall Asleep (2019). Moreover, he worked as a theater director in Lovely Head (2011), Happy Hour (2014), and I don’t know what I can save you from (2016).

    Pigossi & Calvani Went Instagram Official About Their Relationship

    In November 2021, Pigossi stroked two targets with an arrow. As Marco confirmed that he is gay, he also introduced his significant other, Marco Calvani. On his Instagram, the Gen V actor posted a picture of the two walking by the beach holding hands, and wrote, “A surprise to Zero.”

    After posting a hand-in-hand picture with Calvani, Marco Pigossi confirmed being gay & his relationship with him
    Pigossi walking hand-in-hand with his boyfriend Calvani

    His boyfriend, Calvani, didn’t take long to repost the picture and appreciated his lover’s courage & adoration with the caption, “Thankful for this… thanksgiving2021”.

    Earlier Hints Of Their Dating

    It was not the first time, that the couple was hinting at their relationship. Back in October 2020, the Italian-born writer tagged Pigossi during a walk in Massachusetts, though there were no pictures of them together. A month later, in November, Calvani posted a picture of Pigossi during San Francisco Pride, with the caption, “Love wins”.

    As reported, the duo was seen together behind the scenes of a recording in New York in April 2021.

    How Did Marco Pigossi and Marco Calvani Meet?

    Although both of them remain tight-lipped about their dating story, sources allege that they met somewhere around late 2020.  It was supposedly in December 2020, that their romance began to bloom during the making of Calvani’s feature film, Best Place, of which, Pigossi is an executive producer.

    Pigossi Thought It Was A Sin To Be Gay

    After keeping up with the persona of a straight man for 2 decades, Pigossi finally came out of the close in 2021. But like many members of the LGBTQ community, it was not easy for the Brazilian actor. Following a year of coming out as gay, Marco talked about his struggle in July 2022, in an interview with O Globo Newspaper.

    The stereotypical thoughts of the community made him think that being gay is a sin. So, he would pray to god to “fix him.”

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