Mahalia Jackson Siblings, Meet Her Brothers and Sisters Who Were Raised in a Poverty

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    Mahalia Jackson was a renowned gospel singer who is still deemed one of the greatest musical figures in music history. But her journey to success was quite tough. Born and raised in a poverty in New Orleans, both of her parents had odd jobs. While her father was a stevedore and weekend barber, her mother used to do menial work. Also, know who were Mahalia Jackson’s siblings? All of her siblings are no more in this living world. 

    Let’s take a look at Mahalia’s brothers and sisters. 

    Mahalia Jackson Siblings 

    Mahalia Jackson reportedly had four siblings, Wilmon Jackson, Pearl Jackson, John A Jackson, Jr., and Yvonne Jackson. 

    Among her four siblings, Yvonne was her sister and three others were her brother. Her brother Wilmon was reportedly older than all. In fact, all of Mahalia Jackson’s brothers and sisters are dead now.

    mahalia jackson siblings
    Mahalia Jackson, the late gospel singer

    They were born to Charity Clark and Johnny Jackson. Their father who never married their mother used to work as a stevedore and weekend barber. As we said earlier that Mahalia and her siblings came from a poor family where her grandparents were born into slavery. 

    Mahalia and Her Siblings Were Raised By Her Aunt Duke After Their Mother’s Death 

    When Jackson was five, her mother Charity Clark died. However, the cause of her death is still unknown. Following Charity’s demise, her sister Mahala “Duke” Paul, Mahalia’s namesake raised Jackson and her siblings. 

    Duke took all of them to another house on Esther Street and brought them all up in a strict and dreadful environment. As per sources, Mahalia and her siblings used to work from sunup to sundown. Mostly, the gospel singer spent her day scrubbing floors and making moss-filled mattresses and cane chairs. 

    And school was rare for all of them. They sporadically went to school. 

    All of Mahalia Jackson’s Siblings Are Dead 

    All of her siblings are dead now. Her only sister Yvonne was born on 16th Jan 1925 and died in 1978, in New Orleans, Orleans Parish. She died at the age of 53.

    However, the details of the birth and death of Mahalia’s other siblings are yet to be revealed.  

    Besides, Jackson who married twice, first Isaac Hockenhull and then Sigmond Galloway was born on 26th October 1911, in New Orleans. 

    Sadly, the renowned artist died on 27th Jan 1972, in Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park, Ill. She died of a heart seizure at the age of 60. She had been ill for a long time before her death. 

    She was later buried at Providence Memorial Park and Mausoleum Metairie, Jefferson Parish. 

    What Did Mahalia Jackson’s Siblings Do For a Living? 

    As mentioned earlier that Mahalia and her siblings were brought up in a poverty, where food was scarce. Later on, Mahalia developed a strong passion for music while her other brothers and sister were involved in some particular jobs. 

    But, exactly what Jackson’s brothers and sister used to do for a living never came into the media. As per sources, her sister Yvonne who was camera shy was into a business. 


    Quick Facts
    Full Name Mahalia Jackson
    Birth Place New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
    Birthday October 26, 1911
    Death January 27, 1972
    Death Cause heart seizure
    Age 60 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Afro-African
    Father Johnny Jackson
    Mother Charity Clark
    Siblings four, three brothers and a sister
    Profession singer