Meet Lyle Menendez’s Wife: Anna Eriksson And Rebecca Sneed

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    One of the notorious Menendez brothers, Lyle Menendez, has experienced love twice, all while serving his sentence of life imprisonment. Shocking, right? Is Lyle still married to his wife to this date? The answer is, “Yes!”. Interestingly enough, the notorious criminal’s swept his life partner off her feet despite being behind bars. So, who’s this lady who’s married to Menendez? Know in detail about his past and present wives Anna Eriksson and Rebecca Sneed in the article below. 

    Key Takeaways

    • Lyle Menendez was married twice, first to Anna Eriksson and secondly to Rebecca Sneed.
    • He is married to his wife Rebecca for 19 years. The couple tied the knot in 2003 in the visiting room of Lyle’s prison.
    • His current spouse Sneed is now a lawyer.
    • Before Rebecca, Menendez was married to Anna Eriksson. She used to be his pen pal. They got married in 1996 but divorced in 2001.
    • Menendez’s first better half Anna is a former model.
    • Eriksson divorced her husband after finding out that he was in love with his other pen pal, Rebecca.
    • He found both of his wives while he was in prison. 

    Lyle Menendez’s Wife Rebecca Sneed and Their Married Life

    The parent killer Menendez, who once enjoyed a $14.5 million fortune from his parent’s estate, is now married to his wife, Rebecca. The love birds vowed to love each other forever on 20th November 2003. Furthermore, their wedding ceremony took place at the Mule Creek State Prison where Lyle has been serving his life sentence. It was a little yet beautiful ceremony to commemorate the undying love Menendez and Sneed have for each other.

    Lyle's present wife, Rebecca
    Lyle and his 2nd spouse Rebecca – the inseparable couple

    To this date, they have been married for 19 years. When asked about his married life, Menendez confessed that his marriage is “healthy” and “build around finding creative ways to communicate” – which is very true! Despite the distance and the uncomfortable situations, the pair have fought through and stood by each other’s side for almost 2 decades.

    Rebecca Sneed Was Her Husband Lyle’s Pen Pal Before Marriage

    Before marriage, Menendez and his better half Sneed were nothing but two friends who’d send each other letters. Sneed initiated sending letters to her hubby in the first place, around the year 1993.

    In addition to this, Rebecca also called her hubby each and every day preceding the day of their marriage. Soon enough, they fell in love with each other and continue to fall to this date.

    The Husband-Wife Duo Have Spent Their Entire Married Years Apart Due To Lyle’s Conviction

    Believe it or not, Lyle has been behind bars for all the 19 years he’s been married to his better half, Rebecca. As a matter of fact, their marriage is based on nothing but the limited visiting hours at the prison where Menendez is facing his sentence. So, what’s the secret behind their “healthy” marriage?

    Although Menendez and Rebecca cannot act in conjugal acts, they have “intimate” conversations, enough to keep their marriage afloat. Moreover, when asked to elaborate on this, Lyle said,

    “Our interaction tends to be very free of distractions and we probably have more intimate conversations than most married spouses do. We try and talk on the phone every day, sometimes several times a day. I have a very steady, involved marriage that helps sustain me and brings peace and joy.”

    Additionally, the Menendez brother also expressed how “creative conversation” has become key to his happy conjugal life. In his official statement, he said,

    “I’ve found I can have a healthy marriage that is complicated and built around conversations and finding creative ways to communicate, sharing, without all the props that are normally there in marriage in terms of going out to dinner and having as much intimate time together and so on.”

    With this, both Lyle and his life partner Sneed have also understood the importance of “connection” over “physical comfort”. According to both of them, nothing more or nothing less is needed to have a healthy and successful marital life.

    Who Is Lyle Menendez’s Current Wife Rebecca Sneed? Short Bio

    • Rebecca was born in the year 1969.
    • She is originally from Sacramento, California.
    • Sneed while meeting her future husband used to work as a magazine editor for a local publisher in Sacramento.
    • After marrying the older Menendez brother, Rebecca became a defense attorney.
    • She graduated in 2008 from Lincoln University Law School, San Jose.
    • She’s currently working as an attorney with Lewis Brisbois in Sacramento.
    • Rebecca now lives in Sacramento, somewhat closer to her husband who’s serving his sentence at the RJ Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego.

    Lyle Menendez’s First Wife Was Anna Eriksson

    Before marrying Sneed, the convicted murderer was married to Anna Eriksson. They decided to marry in 1996 – the same day Menendez received a life sentence. Furthermore, according to the reports, the former couple could not wait to meet face-to-face to get married so they married over the phone in 1997.

    Menendez first wife, Anna
    Menendez’s first spouse Anna was a model.

    Like Menendez’s current wife Rebecca, Eriksson was also his pen pal initially.

    Menendez and Anna First Met Through The Mail

    Talking about their first meeting, Lyle met his future spouse via mail. They started writing letters to each other long after Menendez was arrested in 1990 for killing his parents. As per the reports, Anna actually started writing to her future partner after she felt that he was not receiving as much attention as his brother, Erik did.

    They gradually fell in love and soon got hitched. However, their matrimonial relationship didn’t go as per their plan and they split a year after their nuptials.

    What Was The Reason For Eriksson To Divorce Lyle?

    Unfortunately, Lyle and Anna’s marriage lasted less than a year. Apparently, it was Eriksson who asked for a divorce from her hubby. And the reason behind their short-lived marriage was Lyle’s cheating behavior. He reportedly cheated on his first spouse with his second wifey Sneed.

    The divorce was not finalized until 2001.

    Anna Eriksson’s Bio and Whereabouts

    • Anna Eriksson is from Chicago.
    • At just 9 years old, her parents got a divorce, leading her and her mother to move and settle down in Colorado.
    • She began modeling at 14 years old through Lord & Taylor‘s advertisement. In addition to this, Eriksson has roamed around London, Sweden, and Paris because of her modeling gigs.
    • In 1987, Eriksson returned to Colorado and started working as a receptionist at a salon named Shear Productions.
    • In 1994, she moved to Los Angeles to be closer to her lover, Lyle who was in jail. There, she began working as a contract administrator in a record company.
    • Perhaps, Anna still lives in Los Angeles.

    Lyle Menendez Found Both Of His Wives While He Was Behind Bars

    It is very surprising how the convicted killer of his parents, Menendez found love despite being behind bars. Without the sense of physical touch or physical presence, both Anna and Rebecca fell hopelessly in love with Menendez – all thanks to their letters!

    The killers of their own parents, Lyle and Erik
    Currently, both Lyle and his little brother, Erik are serving life imprisonment

    Thankfully, it worked wonders and even such a disheartened criminal was softened by the act of love.


    Do the Menendez brothers have conjugal visits?

    Lyle and his brother Erik weren’t allowed conjugal visits but were limited to having regular visits and 15-minute phone calls.

    Is Lyle Menendez still married?

    Yes, Lyle is still married to his 2nd partner Rebecca since the early 2000s.