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    Lovenia Patricia Wilson was the first wife of the famous late American comedian and actor Flip Wilson. Lovenia, herself wasn’t involved in any profession publicly. She was in the limelight due to her husband’s professional success.

    Flip was mainly famous for hosting his own weekly series The Flip Wilson Show. Besides, he is also recognized for his portrayal of Harvey Ross in Skatetown U.S.A. Lovenia is no more with us, however, people still want to know a lot of things about her life.

    So, on HTownDaily, we are revealing all the unheard facts about her life today.

    Lovenia Patricia Wilson Early Life, Birthday, and Parents

    She was born Lovenia Patricia Dean to father Clarence E. Dean. Unfortunately, her mother’s name is not known as of yet. According to Wiki Tree, Lovenia’s father, Clarence was born to Bahamian parents Ernest Augustus Dean and Melvenia Dean (nee Nash).

    Lovenia Patricia Wilson was a former wife of late actor and comedian Flip Wilson
    The ex-wife of late actor and comedian Flip Wilson

    As for her birthday, it’s not well-known, however, some online sources have mentioned Lovenia Patricia Wilson was born in 1936.


    Lovenia had five siblings, Allan Dean, Jesse Jerome Dean, Alden Dean, Richard George Henderson Dean, and Beuth Alicia (Dean) Darville. Again, it is not clear if the information about Lovenia’s siblings is accurate.

    Lovenia Patricia Wilson Married Flip Wilson – Their Married Life

    Lovenia tied the knot with Flip Wilson in 1957 in the Bahamas. She was 21 years old when she got married.

    Lovenia and Flip Wilson were married for a short time before they parted ways in the late 1950s, however, they only finalized their divorce in the late 1960s. Unfortunately, we have no detail regarding when they finalized their divorce. Lovenia and the late American comedian didn’t have any children together from their decade-long marriage.

    Lovenia Patricia Wilson's late ex-husband Flip Wilson
    Lovenia Patricia Wilson’s late ex-husband Flip Wilson

    Regarding their first meeting, Lovenia met her future husband Wilson when he was a struggling entertainer. Wilson was appearing at a nightclub, “The Cat ‘n Fiddle” which at that time was popular for exposing entertainers like Johnny Nash, Roy Hamilton, and Chuck Jackson to Caribbean audiences.

    Back then, Lovenia was a dancer with a troupe led by her brother Richard Dean.

    Did Lovenia Remarry After her Divorce from Flip Wilson? Details about Her Children

    After her separation from actor/comedian Flip Wilson, Lovenia almost vanished from the limelight. In a way, we can tell she lived the rest of her life under the media’s radar. Regarding her second marriage, it’s not clear if she was married to any other man after she split up from Wilson in the early 1960s, however, it is known that she was in a long-term relationship afterward.

    In fact, Lovenia also welcomed three children with her partner. Her children are Wayne, Lavinia, and Mary Patricia. As of yet, the father of Lovenia’s three children is not known.

    Her Ex-Husband Wilson Got Married After their Divorce

    Lovenia Patricia Wilson’s now late ex-husband, Flip Wilson started dating Blonell Pitman right after their separation. The couple remained together for a long time during which they also welcomed their four children. Their four kids are Kevin Wilson, David Wilson, Tamara Wilson, and Stacy Wilson.

    Flip Wilson with his daughters Tamara and Stacy
    Flip (first from left) with his two daughters Stacy (first from right) and Tamara (second from right)

    Even though Flip and Blonell parented four children together, they never got married and they separated in the late 1970s. In 1979, Flip won a custody battle of his children, and afterward, he seldom performed in order to give time to his kids.

    After his break up with Blonell, Flip started dating Tuanchai “Cookie” MacKenzie. Soon, they got married in 1979 and also welcomed a daughter, Michelle Trice Wilson with her. Flip and Cookie divorced in 1984.

    Lovenia Patricia Wilson’s Ex-Husband Preceded Her In Death

    As per many online records, Lovenia passed away in 2000 aged 64. However, the cause of her death is not revealed to the public.

    Her ex-husband Flip Wilson preceded her in death, who died on November 25, 1998. Wilson was also aged 64 at the time of his death and he died of liver cancer. Flip’s assistant, Angie Hill announced his death.

    Died in Malibu, California, Flip was cremated at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetary and his ashes were scattered off Malibu Beach. 

    Just weeks before his death, Flip had undergone surgery on October 2 at St. John’s Hospital & Health Center in Santa Monica for a malignant tumor close to his liver.

    Lovenia’s Professional Endeavors

    Lovenia, who came to prominence after getting married to actor Flip Wilson remained out of the media for most of her life. She used to be a dancer for her brother’s troupe before she started dating Flip. On the other hand, after her separation from her ex-husband Flip, Lovenia started working as a supervisor of hostesses at the Paradise Club.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Lavinia Patricia Dean
    Popular Name Lovenia Patricia Wilson
    Birth Place Bahamas
    Birthday 1936
    Death 2000
    Age 64 years
    Father Clarence E. Dean
    Siblings Allan Dean, Jesse Jerome Dean, Alden Dean, Richard George Henderson Dean, and Beuth Alicia Darville
    Marital Status Divorced
    Spouse Flip Wilson (div. late 1950s)
    Children Wayne, Lavinia, and Mary Patricia