Is King Bach Married Ever? His Rumored Wife, Girlfriend, & Dating History

December 11, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Andrew Byron Bachelor, popularly known as King Bach, has been an acting, music, and television personality for a very long time now. Well, because of his career, he has also amassed huge fame that has eventually led to curiosity about his love life, including his possible marriage, future wife, & girlfriends so far. Precisely, People are curious if the artist is married and settled down in his life.

    Here, we will get into the existing queries about King’s love life. Stay with us.

    King Bach Has Not Married Even Once Until Today

    King has never been married. In fact, the 35-year-old artist also has not been officially engaged with anyone. He seems to be busy exploring his professional life and improving his personality rather than being in any relationship.

    Comedian-Actor King Bach is unmarried and also has not been engaged.
    Comedian-actor Bach has not married.

    Anyway, we would love to see him get hitched in the future.

    Bach’s Romantic Relationship With Ex-Girlfriend Liane Valenzuela Was Popular

    King was in a very well-known relationship with the popular social media influencer and model, Liane Valenzuela. She has around 5 million followers on Instagram and is popular worldwide for the content she posts.

    Bach and Valenzuela had a very open relationship and shared pictures with each other on their Instagram account and other social handles. They started dating around 2014. Fans admired the relationships and bonds they had.

    Why Did They Separate?

    The actual reason behind the duo’s separation was never made public. Both of them seem to have immense love and support for each other, Liane even posted a picture acknowledging the singer’s support and wrote;

    Even tho he’s sick he still came out to support me at my show @kingbach #Power106

    King Bach and his then-girlfriend Liane Venezuelan.
    The photo, Bach’s ex-girlfriend Liane Venezuelan posted on Twitter with him. Source: Twitter

    As of today, Valenzuela is happily married to Don Benjamin and also has a daughter who was born in January of 2023.

    King’s Rumored Relationship With His Best Friend, Amanda Cerny

    After Liane, Bach has not been in any serious or long-term relationship with anyone. However, he has been linked with a few females in the industry.

    King Bach with his alleged girlfriend and best friend, Amanda Cerny.
    Actor Bach and Amanda Cerny were rumored to be dating each other.

    One of them is, Amanda Cerny. Once in late 2015, fans noticed the two excessively collaborating on comedy skits which led the speculation about their togetherness. However, both of them denied it and said that they were best friends.

    The Rumored Girlfriends Also Include Lele Pons and Jessica Allain

    Following Amanda, The Babysitter actor was rumored to have a romantic connection with Venezuelan-American YouTuber, Lele Pons. In 2016, the two started being seen together too often. This led the audience to guess, them to be hooking up. But similar to the previous case, this too was a lie and the rumor eventually ended.

    Soon after that, King shared a picture with actress Jessica Allain with a very sweet caption which was not present on his feed at the time.

    King Bach with actress Jessica Allian
    The picture Bach uploaded on his Instagram with a rumored partner, Jessica Allain.

    The post with a playful picture and such a sweet caption indicated that the two were dating but this too turned out to be false. It turned out that the duo had been working together on an unannounced movie.

    Is King Bach Dating Anyone Today?

    No, as of November of 2023, King does not seem to be dating or even seeing anyone. He also has not had any flings after Jessica. However, he still makes funny videos with several beautiful women including, Daniella Salvi and Ashley Nocera.

    Even if the comedian is hanging out with anyone, he has chosen to keep it private at the time. King is living a single life in Los Angeles, California, doing pretty well in his profession.