Who Is Keyanna Joseph? Is She Married To 21 Savage? The Truth

September 4, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Keyanna Joseph gained immense popularity after her connection to rapper 21 Savage. There have been numerous claims that she is 21 Savage’s wife and that they have been married for a while. Moreover, the couple also reportedly share two children.

    So, what is the truth, are they actually married? Here, we will address all of your queries regarding the artist and his alleged wife.

    Let’s begin!

    Key Takeaways!

    • Keyanna Joseph is the recently rumored wife of rapper 21 Savage.
    • Keyanna has been supposedly with 21 Savage for nearly 10 years.
    • They share two children together.
    • Despite his being married, 21 was rumored to be dating rapper Latto.
    • Latto has tatted the legal name of the rapper, behind her ear.

    Keyanna Joseph Is A Businesswoman

    21 Savage’s wife Keyanna is an entrepreneur and has been in the beauty and cosmetics industry for a while. Joseph owns a cosmetics company, Beauty By Nukee.

    Keyanna Joseph, 21 Savage's wife wearing a beautiful make-up
    Keyanna Joseph is the wife of rapper 21 Savage. Source: Facebook

    She seems to be a well-established and settled lady.

    Keyanna Joseph’s And Savage’s Relationship Came In Media In 2023

    Though the couple had been together for years, their relationship made it in the media very recently in 2023. On May 15, 2023, Joseph posted a story on her Instagram account. The story contained a boomerang, captioning, “Date Night”. Although there was not any clear appearance of the artist in the story, fans dug the truth out.

    The video contained a phone in the background and the case of the phone was the Bank Account the artist carries. The popular Instagram account, It’sOnSite was the first one to publicize the information comparing the video with a mirror selfie of the rapper.

    See the comparison for yourself!

    Keyanna's Instagram story that reveal her connection with 21 Savage
    The comparison Its on-site posted on their account. Source: Instagram

    As a result, the news spread all over the internet but there is neither confirmation nor denial from both of them.

    When Did 21 Savage and Keyanna Joseph Marry?

    The lovebirds who kept their relationship undisclosed, surely have not made any of the other details public too. But Joseph made it public that she is a mother of two, which are from the rapper, and that the kids are over eight years old now. This confirms that the two have now been together for nearly 10 years. It is still not clear if or when they married.

    The reason for it not being public is yet anonymous but it could be the duo’s personal choice. Joseph actually appears to be a private person whereas it is different for the rapper. Being such outward to the media the very last time he talked about his relationship and children was in 2020 in the Big Facts podcast, the Rapper said,

    “I’m happily in love. I got a family. I’m good,”

    Keyanna Joseph’s Alleged Partner Savage was Rumored to be Dating Latto

    Despite of 21 Savage turning to be happily wedded, his name was constantly coming up with several girls. Among all the recent names was the popular rapper, Latto. It has been near to three years since the two rappers were being seen together.

    The very first speculation started when they posted a picture clicked in the same location in 2020. Savage and his rumored girlfriend Latto were strongly believed to be dating since then. Despite the constant pressure from the media, neither of them ever confirmed it.

    There are Several Evidence of this Relationship

    In spite of the artists not publicly acknowledging their relationship, there are many proofs that they were together. The evidence come all along from Instagram itself. The eagle-eyed fan has been noticing every little movement of the rumored couple.

    From the comments of both of them in each other’s posts to their attending each of their parties, fan’s doubts grew stronger. The audience even checked upon a shadow in Latto’s vacation picture which was of a guy, and it seemingly appeared to be the rapper.


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    A post shared by BIG LATTO🎰 (@latto777)

    The Mr. Right Now, singer even shared a post the above of Latto in his Instagram story once with words of appreciation which he deleted right away. Savage wrote:

    “No makeup, damn you fine. It’s only one way I can come about you twin,” he wrote with heart eyes and the crying laugh face emoji.”

    Latto Has A Tattoo of 21 Savage’s Government Name

    The hoax turned out to be 100% true as a hidden tattoo of the female rapper was revealed. Latto has a “Shéyaa” tattoo behind her right ear. Shéyaa is the 21’s official first name. His full name is Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph.

    Latto's " Sheyaa" tattoo. She tatted 21 Savage's name
    A picture of the “Sheeya” tattoo behind Latto’s ear which is the official name of 21 Savage. Source: Tiktok

    Despite all the accusations they have not confirmed the claims. Latto tweeted about how all people have been driving her privacy up wall and to stop it. But people still posted hateful comments in the tweet as well.

    Keyanna Joseph’s Seems to be Unbothered by Any of 21 Savage’s Rumors

    Even though her husband is being confronted with so much of allegations, Keyanna seems to be living an unbothered life. There are no public rumors about any sort of problem between the couple.

    Maybe the husband-wife has either sorted things out on a personal level or the rapper has convinced his wife that the allegations are fake. The duo shares two sons together, whereas 21 has yet another child, a daughter with one of his ex-partners.

    Few people even spread the news that Savage only married Joseph to gain citizenship of the U.S. as he is still British. He was even arrested once in 2019 for overstaying his visa which expired in 2006.

    21 Savage’s Wife Keyanna’s Net Worth

    As a businessperson, Joseph’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million as of 2023. Her cosmetic business reportedly makes an annual turnover of at least $50,000 – $100,000 per year. On the other hand, her husband has a wealth of more than $12 million as of 2023.

    Where Does Keyanna Joseph Live?

    As per the reports, Keyanna along with her hubby and kids is living a wealthy life in Atlanta, Georgia. 21 Savage placed his house for sale at $799,000. The house consists of 2,171 square feet of space, two bedrooms, and modern luxury appliances.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Keyanna Joseph
    Birthday 1989
    Age 35 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity African-American
    Profession Businesswoman
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse 21 Savage
    Children 2 (sons)