Is Najwa Nimri’s father Karam Nimri a Muslim? Facts About Him

November 13, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Spanish actress, Najwa Nimri is the daughter of her father, Karam Nimri. For many years since she’s been active, Nimri has not talked much about her family, let alone her dad. However, that ends today. We know her beloved fans are curious to know more about Najwa’s roots; where does her dad come from? And, what about the other members of her family?

    There are some exciting facts awaiting you in the article below. Read till the end to know everything about the Blinded actress’s father, Karam Nimri, and his family.

    Key Takeaways

    • Karam Nimri is from Jordan. As a student, he traveled from his homeland to Pamplona in Spain for his higher studies.
    • He met Najwa Nimri’s mother in Pamplona and the husband-wife raised two children together.
    • He also has 3 other children – Andre Nimri, Sara Nimri, and Nadia Nimri.
    • His family in Jordan is the “only one” following Christianity.
    • He does not comment much on his daughter’s career as an actress/singer.

    Karam Nimri Traveled To Spain As A Scholar

    Karam Nimri Urrutikoetxea is originally from Jordan in West Asia. When he was just a student, he traveled all the way to Pamplona, Spain. His daughter revealed the reason behind it during an interview.

    When the interviewer asked if her father had come to Spain because of Exodus, Najwa Nimri denied it. According to her answer, Karam has never been into politics. As a matter of fact, he moved to Spain because he was a “scholarship recipient”.

    Moreover, she said,

    “In my family, they are all doctors, very cultured and very hardworking.”

    With that in mind, we assume she was talking about her migrant father. Based on her answer, we believe Mr. Nimri was a successful man when he was younger.

    Karam Nimri Is Speculated To Have Been Married To Najwa Nimri’s Mother For A Short Period

    Karam met the mother of his children in Pamplona. Although her name is unknown, we speculate that she was his first wife and Najwa’s mother. She belongs to the Navarrese community. Furthermore, it is assumed that he married her sometime around the late 60s or early 70s.

    Najwa Nimri, Spanish actress is a Christian
    Mr. NImri’s esteemed daughter, Najwa, singer during one of her shows

    The former husband-wife duo settled down in Santutxu; before then, they were traveling around Spain and lived in Bilbao as well. Including their famous daughter, they raised two children. The actress from Lovers of the Arctic Circle has a brother, Karim Nimri who currently lives in China and is the founder of the company, Nexus China.

    Mr. Nimri and his then-wife spent the next few years together before allegedly separating. Then again, because of the lack of information, it is hard for us to confirm this fact.

    Reports Suggest He Remarried Later On; All About The Actress’s Second Family

    Following the separation, it has been assumed that Karam Nimri remarried. With his presumed second wife, he became a father to three children – a boy and two girls. Sadly, the name of his other partner is also unknown.

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    Najwa Nimri’s half-siblings are Andre Nimri, Sara Nimri, and Nadia Nimri. One of her half-sisters lives in Germany and is married to a German. As per one of her interviews, her brother-in-law is obsessed with her job on the series, Vis a Vis (Locked Up).

    By the sounds of it, Karam’s kids from his two marriages seem very close-knit.

    The Nimri Family Was The “Only Christian” In Jordan

    Back in Jordan, Karam’s family’s roots belong to “ancient” Christianity. So, contrary to the popular belief that Nimri is a Muslim, she is actually a Christian. Interestingly enough, her family is among the small group of people following the said religion in Jordan.

    Furthermore, based on statistics, only 2.1% of Jordanians are Christians in the current day and age. With this, she also described her father’s life back in the homeland as “dangerous”. As a Middle Eastern country with a high Islamic population, Nimri’s homeland is opposed to Christianity.

    Najwa Nimri’s Father Or Anyone Else In The Family Have No Comments On Her Career

    Najwa Nimri has been active as an actress in the Spanish film industry since 1995. Not only this, but she is also an esteemed singer with her very own band.

    Najwa Nimri's father, Karam Nimri is a scholar; he came to Spain on scholarship
    Najwa in her role in Vis a Vis or Locked Up

    Back in 2016, when her show, Locked Up was quite popular, Nimri was called in for an interview with El Mundo magazine. During the question-answer round, the interviewer asked a few questions about her family as well. Moreover, when asked what her family has to tell her (about her work), she said,

    “Honestly, they don’t comment on it … my mother has never told me anything.”

    She further added how her dad felt about her role as Zulema Zahir. She said,

    “He doesn’t like the way I came out. He tells me I look ugly. Basically, that’s what he tells me.”

    Since her family is Christian, and the religion is at odds with acting, or performing in general, they might have been resistant towards complimenting Najwa on her acting. On top of this, as already mentioned, her family is a group of scholars.

    Where Is Karam Nimri Today?

    In 2023, the actual whereabouts of Karam Nimri are unknown. Due to the fact that he isn’t on any of the social media sites and his daughter doesn’t ever talk about him, it is hard to pinpoint where he actually is. Perhaps, the old man still lives in Spain, maybe near Santutxu.

    On the other hand, his famous daughter lives her life on her own terms in Madrid. The 52-year-old is a mother to her son, Teo Nimri. Moreover, she shares a massive fortune of $2-$5 million with him.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Karam Nimri Urrutikoetxea
    Popular Name Karam Nimri
    Birth Place Jordan
    Nationality Jordanian
    Ethnicity Christian
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Children Najwa Nimri, Karim Nimri, Andre Nimri, Sara Nimri, and Nadia Nimri