Julia Lazar Franco’s Cause Of Death: What Happened To Tom Franco’s Wife?

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    Julia Lazar Franco, Tom Franco’s late wife, got married to the actor just a month before she passed away. Although she died so soon, she did so with her husband by her side. Julia’s health was constantly deteriorating during the last stages of her life.

    When she was losing hope, Tom swooped in to create a beautiful memory for her, by getting married to her in the hospital that she was admitted to. But, what happened to Julia that took her life away?

    Key Takeaways

    • Julia suffered from liver problems from the time she was a teen.
    • She was in need of a liver transplant before her death.
    • She passed away on August 25, 2014.
    • Tom and Julia had their wedding at the hospital a month before her passing.
    • Julia also had a daughter from her previous relationship.

    Julia Lazar Franco Was Ill Since Teenage Years: Cause Of Death

    Lazar had been suffering from many different health complications ever since she was a teenager. She was diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis C, end-stage liver Cirrhosis, and liver cancer. She also had kidney problems on top of that.

    Her family had set up a donation page for her so that they could find a live liver donor since she was already at the last stage and a transplant from a deceased donor would take years.

    Julia Lazar Franco in her hospital bed 10 days before her death.
    Julia had major health complications from when she was a teenager.

    Unfortunately, on August 25, 2014, Julia succumbed to her sickness and died in her hospital bed at the age of 56.

    Her memorial was held at the Adeline Street Hanger 6 days after her passing, on August 31, 2014, with 300 people in attendance.

    Julia Lazar Franco And Ex-Husband Tom Wed At The Hospital

    Julia and Tom had their wedding at the hospital where Julia was admitted. Tom had proposed to Julia way before she was bedridden. However, the wedding didn’t take place until only a month before her death.

    The two tied the knot on July 28, 2014, in the solarium near the ICU of UCSF Hospital. The wedding was attended by both their families, their artistic friends, and their ashram.

    Julia Met Tom During Her Spiritual Journey

    Julia and Tom met for the first time in 2003 when Julia was on a soul-searching journey. The two crossed paths at an ashram family retreat community in Oakland, where Julia was helping in the kitchen and Tom Franco was running the ashram’s family events.

    They worked together on those family functions and Julia eventually joined Tom to help with his newly opened Firehouse Art Collective, a non-profit organization that helped artists earn money and find new connections.

    Ever since its inauguration in 2014, the collective constantly grew, and Julia was one of the first co-managers of the collective.

    That was also when Julia and Tom started dating.

    Julia Lazar Franco with Tom Franco.
    Tom and Julia met at an ashram community.

    Julia Lazar Franco Had A Daughter From Her Previous Relationship

    Julia was already a mother to her only child and daughter before she even met Tom, from a previous partner. She was in a relationship with musician-composer Richard Schoenherz. Although the details of their first encounter remain undisclosed, it is known that the two were connected through their artistic background.

    While they were dating, they moved to Bolinas, California, to pursue their interests in a wider scope. Soon after they relocated, Julia and Richard welcomed their daughter, Dawn.

    Tom Remarried 7 Years After Julia’s Passing

    Tom Franco, the second-eldest son of the late Douglas Franco & Betsy Franco, took seven years to finally remarry after the death of his late wife, Julia. He tied the knot with his second wife, Iris Torres, a film producer, on May 13, 2021.

    Short Bio

    Julia, best known for being the lead singer of the rock band, Exit, was born on November 7, 1957, in Vienna Austria. She grew up in a family full of artists. Her father, Imre Lazar, was a film director while her mother, Marika Nagy, was a painter and a skilled cook.

    Julia Lazar Franco smiling wearing goggles
    Lazar followed in her parents’ footsteps in the artistic community.

    Not surprisingly, Julia took after her parents and honed her artistic side by studying Painting and Life Drawing at Austria’s Academy of Fine Arts.

    In addition to that, she also inherited her mother’s love for cooking as she went to study culinary at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

    Her Net Worth

    Julia’s net worth was $1 million at the time of her death. On the other hand, her former husband, who is a famous name in the movie and the art industry, is worth $10 million as of 2024.

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    Quick Facts
    Full Name Julia Lazar Franco
    Birthday November 7, 1957
    Death August 25, 2014
    Death Cause Liver Failure
    Age 56 years
    Zodiac Scorpio
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity White
    Father Imre Lazar
    Mother Marika Nagy
    Net Worth $1 Million
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Blonde
    Sexuality Straight
    Partner Tom Franco
    Partner Tom Franco
    Children Dawn