Judith Loring

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    Judith Loring is not a famous name in the industry. Yet she is recognized through her daughter, Lisa Loring, who did wonders in acting at a very young age. She is mostly recognized at the “Wednesday Adams” from the 1964, show, The Addams Family.

    So, let’s learn more about the mother of actress Lisa Loring. Along with this, we will also look into the details regarding Judith’s life.

    Judith Loring Is A Polynesian

    Lisa Loring’s mother, Judith Loring was born as Judith Ann to her parents in 1940. Her parents were originally from Polynesia and lived a low-key life. Reportedly Judith was their only child.

    The family later moved to the States. Judith completed her schooling and college from there.

    Judith Is A Former United States Navy Officer

    After completing her education, Loring officially decided to start her career as a navy officer. She joined the United States Navy Force and served most of her life there.

    There are few details about her professional and personal life but we can assume she had a respectful occupation.

    She Married A Navy Officer Too

    Following her passion for serving the nation, Judith found the love of her life there too. She married a fellow Navy officer, James P. DeCinces. As we mentioned, she lived a private life, so we do not really know when they actually met.

    Judith and James fell in love and married soon. They settled down in Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands which was a United Nations Trust Territory at the time.

    Judith and Her Husband Separated Soon After Lisa’s Birth

    Loring gave birth to a child with her husband DeCinces on 16th February 1958. Lisa Ann DeCines was the first and the only child that the couple had together.

    Judith gave birth to Lisa in 1958 with her husband James
    Loring gave birth to her only child, Lisa in 1958 with her husband James P. DeCinces.

    Soon after the birth of Lisa, her parents separated. There is no clue about the reason for their separation but we can assume that it might have been because of their personal conflict.

    Loring Raised Her Daughter As A Single Mother

    After Judith officially divorced her husband, the custody of her daughter, Lisa was handed to her. She moved to Hawaii and raised her daughter there.

    Later, Judith moved to Los Angeles where she settled down with her child, where Lisa eventually started her career.

    Judith’s Daughter, Lisa Started Modeling at the Age of 3

    In contrast to Loring who spent most of her life secretively, her daughter was exposed to the media industry from a very young age. Lisa started modeling at the age of three as a child model.

    Later in 1964, she starred in her first show, an episode of Dr. Kildare. Gradually, Lisa became the most recognized child actress through her appearance in the 1964 sitcom, The Addams Family. Her character of Wednesday Addams is popular until today.

    The child actress also worked in several other sitcoms and shows until the late 1980s.

    Judith Loring Passed Away In 1974

    Lisa, who was already established as a well-known child actor, had to face a huge loss when she was 16. Her mother, Judith passed away in 1974.

    She was just 34 years old at the time of her death. Judith had to lose her life to chronic alcoholism.

    Judith’s Daughter Lisa Had Four Unsucessful Marriages

    She got married four times but unfortunately, none of her relationships proved to be successful.

    Lisa’s first marriage was in 1973 with her childhood lover Farrell Foumberg. They together gave birth to Venessa but separated only a year after their marriage. Soon after that, Lisa was with Doug Steveson for 2 years, and following the divorce, she was in a marital relationship with Jerry Butler from 1987 to 1992.

    Lisa Loring with her second husband.
    Judith’s daughter, Lisa with her second husband actor Doug Steveson.

    The fourth and last marriage, Lisa had was with Graham Rich which also ended in 2014. After this failed relationship, Lisa decided not to tie the knot to anyone else and live a single life.

    Lisa Was A Mother

    Lisa gave birth to two daughters, Venessa Loring, and Marianne Loring, and gave them a resourceful life as their mother did to her.

    Loring’s Only Child, Lisa Also Passed Away Recently in 2023

    Judith’s daughter, Lisa passed away at the age of 64 in Burbank, California. She passed away at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center on January 28, 2023. The possible cause of death was said to be smoking and hypertension.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Judith Ann
    Popular Name Judith Loring
    Birth Place Polynesia
    Birthday 1940
    Death 1974
    Age 34 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Polynesian
    Profession Former U.S Navy Officer
    Height 5 feet 7 inches
    Marital Status Divorced
    Spouse James P. DeCinces
    Children Lisa Loring (Daughter)