Who is Johnny Simmons’ Girlfriend? Did He Date Emma Watson?

November 6, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Johnny Simmons has been living a lowkey life for what seems like forever. Even if he does live a life where the media has no idea about his whereabouts or what he is doing, his fans are always curious. After being seen as the cast of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off once again his fans are wondering more about his personal life.

    If you are curious about his love life as well then don’t worry we have you covered. In this article, we are gonna talk about Johnny Simon’s personal life.

    Key Takeaways

    • Johnny Simon has a few dating rumors under his sleeve.
    • Simon was once allegedly in a relationship with Harry Potter star Emma Watson.
    • Johnny Simmons’ alleged connection with the gorgeous Leonie Kranzle is another well-known relationship of his. Simmons and Emma Watson began dating before Simmons met Watson.
    • Johnny Simmons, an American actor, has a $1 million net worth.

    Johnny Simmons Does not Have a Girlfriend in 2023

    Johnny is and has been single for a very long time. Even if he is not dating anyone, he does have a couple of rumors up his sleeve. Johnny lives a private life and is not even active on major social media platforms like Instagram or X (formerly Twitter). He has chosen to focus on his career and put more of his attention towards acting instead of relationships.

    Was Emma Watson Johnny Simmons’s Girlfriend? 

    Emma Watson and Johnny Simmons, who co-starred in the movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower, were once rumored to be dating each other.

    Emma and Johnny Simons kissing
    Emma Watson and Johnny Simmons sharing a kiss in public in Los Angeles.

    Watson, then 21, and Simmons, then 24, appeared to be getting along well when they went out to eat on a Tuesday in Santa Monica, California. After finishing the last film in the Harry Potter trilogy, Watson began filming Wallflower in Pittsburgh. Since then, she spent time in Los Angeles.

    Despite being seen hiking together, the actress has previously refuted speculations that she and Simmons are dating one another. The two were frequently seen at the restaurant together, exchanging quality time over a cup of coffee.

    The DailyMail claims that the couple shared a special moment in New York in September 2011. Simmons came to England and enrolled at Oxford University after Watson invited him to visit the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, the two allegedly broke up after Johnny was unable to go to England with Emma.

    Johnny Simmons Reportedly Hooked Up with Leonie Kranzle

    Johnny was in a rumored relationship with the stunning Leonie Kranzle. Prior to Simmons meeting Emma, the two had dated.

    Leonie Kranzle and Johnny Simmons were co-stars
    Leonie Kranzle and Johnny Simmons have no pictures together

    The two initially encountered one other at the initial audition for the 2009 horror film Jennifer’s Body, starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried.  Kranzle was 18 years old when he first met Simmons, who was 23 at the time. After their initial exchange during the audition, their chemistry clicked. They were believed to be romantically together for a brief period of time in 2009.

    Johnny Simmons and Megan Fox Had Both On and Off Screen Chemistry

    Truth be told, Johnny and Megan never looked like just an ‘on-screen matchup’. The two actors were co-stars in the horror movie “Jeniffer’s Body”.

    The chemistry between the two was evident when the pair were seen kissing after arriving at the premiere of their movie at the Ryerson Theatre in 2009. However, the two were never confirmed to be in a relationship.

    Johnny Simmons and Megan Fox kissing
    Megan Fox initiated the kiss between Johnny and her while at the premiere

    Johnny Simmons Is Already a Millionaire

    As of [write_year_ Johnny has a $1 million net worth. Born in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1986, he grew up in Dallas, Texas, and graduated from high school there in 2005. A year later, he won a one-episode role on “Numb3rs” and made his acting debut in the 2006 movie, “My Ambition” as Jules Walters.

    Following his acting debut, Simmons played Dylan Baxter, one of Steve Carell‘s character’s sons, in the comedy sequel Evan Almighty in 2007. In 2009, he played in a couple of hit movies including Hotel For Dogs with Emma Roberts and Jake T. Austin and Jennifer’s Body.

    Subsequently, he played Neil Nordegraf in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) and Kevin Loud in Cinema Verite (2011). Simmons will reprise his role as Young Neil in the upcoming Netflix’s Scott Pilgrim anime series.