Jimmy Johnson and Rhonda Rookmaaker Were Re-United After…

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    Rhonda Rookmaker is famous among American football fans as the beloved wife of Jimmy Johnson. Her hubby, Johnson, used to be a renowned coach in the latter days. Keeping him aside, let’s focus on his wife today, shall we? It is well known that the couple have been married for over two decades.

    With that in mind, it is about time we get to know Rhonda a little bit more! What was her life like before she met her spouse? How did her love story with the coach begin? And, what is the husband-wife duo up to these days? Read the entire article given below to learn all the exciting facts.

    Rookmaaker’s Life Before She Met Jimmy Johnson

    Not many details are available about her life before becoming a celebrity spouse. In a way, it is like, her entire life before Jimmy came into it is kept safe somewhere, away in a locked box.

    This, in turn, has left people playing guessing games. Sources around the Internet claim that Rhonda Rookmaaker was born on 1st July 1954 to an American family. Although it is unknown if the date is legitimate, we believe she must be in her late 60s at present.

    Former NFL coach, Jimmy Johnson is happily married for 21 years
    An old picture of Rookmaaker with her hubby

    Furthermore, if the assumed date of birth is, in fact, true, she and her husband share a huge age gap of 11 years. For your kind information, the former NFL coach is 80 years old; he was born on 16th July 1943 in Port Arthur, Texas.

    Additionally, it is to be noted that she was a hairdresser earlier. Rhonda previously worked at the University of Miami.

    The Twosome Met At The University Of Miami But Drifted Apart For Years

    Back in the 80s, her husband worked as a football coach at the Univerity of Miami. Luckily, as mentioned, Rookmaaker used to work as a hairdresser at the same university. Moreover, the love birds encountered each other for the very first time in 1984.

    Now, there was a spark in the beginning. Nonetheless, the couple could not act on it initially. Back in the day, Johnson was married to his first wife, Linda Kay Cooper. The former Mr. and Mrs. were in wedlock for 21 years at the time.

    Into that bargain, Rhonda and Jimmy stayed platonic friends. Eventually, they also drifted apart. Furthermore, for the next 6 years, they weren’t in contact with one another.

    Johnson’s Divorce With Linda Kay Brought Him Closer To Rhonda After 1990

    In January of 1990, the sports analyst announced the news of his abrupt divorce from Linda Kay. Based on the statements, Johnson wanted to stay single then; following the separation, he wanted to focus on his new job as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

    However, life had different plans for him. Soon after announcing the heartfelt news, Rhonda entered into his life once again. Somehow, the spark still existed and they did their very best to let it grow further.

    Thus, in no time, the present husband and wife were in a fully committed relationship. Followed by 8 years of dating, the pair got engaged in January 1998 – exactly 14 years after their first meeting at the university in Miami.

    As Of 2024, The Pair Have Been Married For 24 Years

    The former hairdresser and her fiance planned their grand wedding for a year after getting engaged. Finally, on 18th July 1999, they officially became husband and wife. It was a wonderful celebration of love, with many of their close family and friends invited to the gathering.

    Rookmaaker and Johnson tied the knot 15 years after they first met each other
    The happily married couple have the time of their lives on their recent getaway

    To this very day, Rhonda and Jimmy continue to shower each other with unconditional love. In 2024, they celebrated their 24th year as a wedded pair as well.

    Despite the long years (and the huge age gap) the pair still seem to fall madly in love with one another with each day passing by. In the current day and age, we can see them going out on romantic getaways. On top of everything, the couple also have a shared interest in fishing.

    Rhonda Rookmaaker Is A Step-Mother To Her Spouse’s Sons

    Johnson did not have children with his second wife. Interestingly enough, Rookmaaker has called Jimmy’s sons from the previous marriage her own since the very beginning. Both of his sons, Brett and Chad, seem quite close to their stepmother.

    To be more specific, the younger one, Chad J., is closer to his father and Rhonda these days. Based on a few posts on his dad’s Instagram, he often visits them, dines with them, and even engages in fishing. Reports claim he lives in Dallas, Texas at present with his wife, Mary, and son, Cooper.

    Celebrity spouse, Rhonda Rookmaaker calls her husband's son from previous marriage her own
    Proud sons of a proud father – older, Brett, and younger, Chad with their beloved dad

    Likewise, the analyst’s other son, Brett Johnson is in Redwood City, California. He is also married and has two teen daughters.

    Rhonda Rookmaaker Shares A Massive Fortune With Her Hubby

    Johnson has been working as a football coach since 1965. So far, he has gathered a huge fortune of $45 million.

    Moreover, he shares his net worth with the love of his life, Rhonda. Together, the pair reside in a beautiful home in Islamorada in the Florida Keys.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Rhonda Rookmaaker
    Popular Name Rhonda Rookmaaker
    Birth Place America
    Birthday July 1, 1954
    Age 69 years
    Zodiac Cancer
    Nationality American
    Profession Former Hairdresser
    Net Worth $40 million
    Eye Color Hazel
    Hair Color Blonde
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Jimmy Johnson (m.1999)
    Children Chad Johnson and Brent Johnson (Step-Children)