Jessimae Peluso Husband, Married Life, Boyfriend, Net Worth

October 8, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Jessimae Peluso has always been in the headlines because of her endeavor as a comedian. But lately, people have been quite curious about her future husband and wedding plans.

    Besides her love life, we will also cover on her career and net worth over the years. Let’s get started.


    • With her not discussing her marital life and keeping it private, she appears to have no intention of marrying before 2023.
    • Jessimae’s net worth has drastically increased over the years.
    • She began her comic career in the Boston area, where she performed improv with The Tribe and standup at Cambridge’s Cantab Lounge.
    • Jessimae would spend practically every day with her father during his Alzheimer’s battle. Unfortunately, he died in 2018.

    Jessimae Peluso’s Bucket List For 2023 Does Not Include a Wedding Or Husband

    As we said, Peluso is not married at present. In fact, the comedian does not seem to have plans to walk down the aisle anytime soon. Jessimae is a strong and vibrant individual who finds solace in what she does. The Comedian has not once talked about her plans to be in a matrimonial relationship.

    Was She Married In The Past?

    Well, she has never been in a marital relationship so far. While she has not revealed the reason behind her choice to remain unmarried, she seems to be quite content with her life at present.

    Peluso Lives a Single Life: Never Publicly Had A Boyfriend

    Well, Peluso is single at present but she hasn’t always been single, obviously. Jessimae once talked about her boyfriend visiting her dad in a podcast named Deadtalks. However, she never said a name or talked about it in depth.

    As of now, she is not bothered to live a life with just herself. She spends her days, making podcasts, and doing standups. Basically, she spends her days doing what she loves doing the most.

    If you’re new to knowing Jessimae, her father used to have Alzheimer so when he was alive, she would spend the whole day looking after him. The comedian might be unmarried, but she loves kids. She often talks about her sister’s kids and their chaos.

    Jessimae Peluso Is Worth Millions

    Keeping in mind her work of all these years, Peluso has been able to amass a net worth of $1.5 million. She has worked as a stand-up comedian, has also done a comedy show, and many more.

    Not to forget she was also a cast of MTV’s Girl Code. Besides this, Jessimae is also involved in charity work which helps people with Alzheimer’s, She also educates people about Alzheimer’s since her dad had it and she felt the need to help other people.

    Jessimae Peluso In A Boat
    Jessimae Peluso amassed her net worth all thanks to her humor.

    Jessimae’s Comedy Career From The Beginning

    She began her comedic career in the Boston region, where she performed improv with The Tribe and standup at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 2005, she relocated to New York City. Peluso made her television debut in 2013 when she joined the ensemble of MTV’s Girl Code. She appeared in the first two seasons of the program but left before the third season launch.

    Peluso, although leaving Girl Code, continued to share her wit via social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. She made a running joke on social media about having a “crush” on John Stamos. Stamos had recognized and admired Peluso’s sense of humor.

    Peluso maintained strong contact with former cast member Carly Aquilino even after leaving Girl Code. They’ve also been doing stand-up gigs and traveling to different comedy clubs together. She hosted the Netflix original series Tattoo Redo in 2021.

    Jessimae Peluso is a New York native of Italian Descent

    She was born in Syracuse, New York. She is of Italian descent. She graduated from Henninger High School in 2000 and attended the University of Albany, SUNY.

    In 2001, she began doing stand-up comedy at the ImprovBoston venue in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As a result, she traveled to Brooklyn to perform at prestigious venues such as the Broadway Comedy Club.

    She Is Actively Involved In Raising Awareness About Alzheimer

    As we said earlier, Peluso’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. During his days battling with Alzheimer’s, Jessimae would spend time with her dad almost every day. Sadly, he passed away in 2018. This pushed Jessimae to do something for the family and people suffering from Alzheimer’s.

    Jessimae Peluso's father suffered from Alzheimer's
    Jessimae Peluso’s dad suffered from Alzheimer’s which caused her to help people who have the same issues.

    She is now an advocate for Alzheimer’s disease and shares tips and advice on how to cope with his horrible disease on her Instagram. Jessimae has shared a series of stories named “#AlzTipz” in Instagram Highlights.