Jacob Elordi’s Parents John Elordi and Melissa Elordi: Full Bio

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    Jacob Elordi is a rising heartthrob in the acting industry, who is loved by both his fans and more by his parents. The actor who gained instant fame, following his roles in “The Kissing Booth” and “Euphoria,” often talks about his mother and father during interviews.

    Since Jacob speaks of his lovely folks in such a fond way, it is hard not to be curious about the individuals who raised him.

    Key Takeaways

    • Jacob Elordi was born to John and Melissa Elordi as the youngest of three siblings.
    • His father, John, emigrated from the Basque Country, an Autonomous community of Spain, with Jacob’s grandparents.
    • John is a housepainter who spend 13 years building the Brisbane house where Jacob grew up.
    • His mother, Melissa, previously volunteered to work at Jacob’s school lunchroom.

    Who are Jacob Elordi’s Parents?

    Jacob was born on June 26, 1997, to John and Melissa Elordi. The youngest of the siblings with three older sisters, Jacob grew up with everything he could ask for.

    “Growing up as the baby, I was spoiled, and I’m still spoiled,” the actor said in a video interview with GQ. “I have never not been spoiled.”

    John and Melissa Elordi’s Ethnicity

    His father John belongs to the Basque ethnic background. On the other hand, John’s wife Melissa belongs to an English-Australian background.

    Jacob’s Father was an Immigrant from the Basque Country

    Unlike his spoiled upbringing, Jacob’s father, John, did not have such luxury during his childhood. John was only eight years old when he moved from the Basque Country to the land down under with his parents.

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    During the time, John and his parents only had eight dollars with them when they started their lives in Australia. “I’m super proud of that heritage,” Jacob explained the story during his interview for the El Pais cover story in March 2022.

    Jacob Elordi and his father, John Elordi.

    John is a Housepainter and a Supportive Father

    Jacob’s father is a housepainter by profession. He dedicated 13 years to building the house in Brisbane where Jacob grew up.

    The actor calls his father the “totem of the kind of man that I would like to be.” Although John still doesn’t quite understand his actor son’s popularity, he supports him nevertheless.

    “He’ll still be like, ‘Are you going to shoot the one… where you’re kissing? In the booth?’ ‘No Dad, I’m making good movies, I swear.’ ‘Is that the one where you’re American?’ ‘I’m American in all of them, Dad.’”

    Jacob’s Mother Loves His On-Screen Characters

    Jacob’s mother, Melissa, on the other hand, is completely updated and in tune with her son’s career.

    According to Jacob, she is “the most present, loving, just beautiful, angelic human being on this planet.” So, it is not a surprise that Jacob’s mother also unquestionably loves the characters he plays.

    To give a bit more context, after she watched the episode of “Euphoria” where the actor’s character, Nate, is arrested for assault, Melissa called him, actually upset. According to the actor, she sees her own son in Nate which is why she felt sad.

    Jacob Elordi with his mother, Melissa, in Vancouver, Canada in June 2018.

    What does Melissa Do?

    Melissa is a full-time homemaker, who previously volunteered to work at Jacob’s school lunchroom. The actor used to hang out with his mum while he was eating lunch at school.

    Even after all these years, it seems that the 6-foot-5-inch hunk has stayed a mama’s boy. In March 2023, the actor and his mother were seen at Brisbane Airport together. The two walked through the airport hand in hand.

    Jacob at Brisbane airport with his mother, Melissa.

    Melissa donned a sharp attire of white pant-suit and Jacob hid his face with a bandana.

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    Jacob Elordi’s Parents Support His Profession

    Jacob was only 13 when he first wanted to become an actor after watching Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight.” In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, John talked about his son’s love for theatre and films.

    “He loved the theatre. He devoured films. He devoured books about films. Sometimes two or three books at a time. He watched YouTube video of actors auditions.”

    While his mum, Melissa, was a little busier with the eldest daughter, Isabella Elordi, since she was pursuing ballet, Jacob was getting more serious about acting.

    “He always knew what he wanted to be. And as his father, there was a time I said to him, ‘Mate, acting is a one-in-a-million kind of situation,’” John revealed his son’s passion. “And he said to me, ‘Well why can’t that one be me? Why can’t I be that one in a million?’”

    Since that was how Jacob convinced his parents to give him their full support.

    Jacob and his mother, Melissa Elordi.

    It’s safe to say that Jacob’s parents are his biggest fans now that his acting career has hit off. Both his mum and dad proudly own t-shirts with printed images of almost every character Jacob has played.