Is Zach Bryan Still In The Navy? All The Facts About The Time He Served In Navy

January 9, 2023   | January 9, 2023  | 

    Zach Bryan is an American country music singer and a former US Navy officer, who rose to fame after he started sharing his music videos on the internet. He started writing songs while he was still in the Navy and soon enough his passion became his profession.

    Now that Zach has released a handful of albums, a question that often lingers is Zach Bryan is still in the navy. The question is rather justified considering the fact that creating music while simultaneously being on the field is unheard off.

    So what happened? Is he still working in the Navy? or has he left his company to become a full-time singer? Here today we shall find out.

    Is Zach Bryan still in the navy?

    No, as of now, he is not in the US Navy anymore. Since 2021, he has been working as a full-time country singer. Before that, he was working in the navy.

    Zach was honorably discharged from the navy in 2021. He revealed the big news through his Instagram account, in which he wrote,

    “If it was my decision, I would never get out of the world’s greatest Navy, but here I am and they kindly honorably discharged me to go play some music.”

    Bryan sure is a lucky fellow to have such supportive seniors who discharged him from active duty just so he can pursue his passion in the music industry.

    He enlisted in the Navy at the age of 17

    Talking about his time on active duty, initially, he joined the navy at the age of 17. He enrolled at such a young age majorly because of his parents who were also in the maritime service branch. There’s no denying that from an early age, his mother and father have instilled in him the true meaning of serving his country.

    Zach Bryan Father
    Zach with his father.

    Maybe this is why, right after he became eligible for duty, he joined the prestigious organization. While in the navy, he was a Petty Officer Second Class.

    While talking about his time in the navy, he said,

    “I joined the Navy as a 17-year-old kid. It’s all I lived, slept, and ate for eight years, it’s been all I knew since I was basically a snot-nosed child. It made a man out of me, truly. I ran with some big dogs, saw a few fights, outdrank the best of them, but more importantly, got to serve alongside some of the best men and women I was ever blessed enough to meet.”

    His family was also in the navy

    Zach is the son of Dewayne Bryan and Annette DeAnn (Mullen) Bryan, both of whom were in the Navy. According to reports, both of Zach’s parents served in the navy.

    His mom Annette, who unfortunately passed away at the age of 49, reportedly worked in the Navy. The later veteran was a communication specialist at the U.S. Navy. Moreover, she also worked as a certified nursing assistant at Chandler Nursing Center, which allowed her to care for many people.

    Likewise, his father Dewayne is also a Navy veteran. Although there is not much info on his rank, we can say with certainty that he served in the Navy for decades and is currently retired from active duty.

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    Dewayne is one of those veterans who are still serving the people of this beautiful country regardless of being on active duty or not. Back in September 2021, the Oklahoma native walked 60 miles to raise money for a teacher in Texas who was battling cancer

    Zach Bryan Met His Wife While in the U.S. Navy

    Bryan was previously married to his wife named Rose Madden who was also in the United States Navy like him. And the two met when both of them were in the force. 

    Zach and his former spouse Rose Madden tied the knot during the pandemic COVID-19 after being engaged for four months. However, their marriage soon broke into pieces and they divorced.

    As of now, the former navy-turned-singer is dating his new girlfriend Deb Peifer

    He used to write songs while serving

    Zach’s passion for music was innate. Even while he was in the Navy, he used to write songs and perform in front of his mates. Soon he asked his friends to record him from his iPhone as he performed. 

    It was in the year 2007 when he started sharing his videos on the internet. Eventually, one of his songs titled ‘Heading South’ became viral and that too in one of the most unexpected of platforms, Twitter.

    As of 2023, he has released a couple of albums including DeAnn, Elisabeth, and the majority of his songs are major hits.