Is Rocco Ritchie Gay? His Relationships

February 26, 2023   | December 14, 2023  | 

    Is Rocco Ritchie gay? Well, this is one of the most asked questions about the son of Madonna and Guy Ritchie. And you might also be one of them. Before jumping to a conclusion, let’s learn how the questions about Rocco Ritchie’s sexuality arose.

    Rocco is an artist who has been carving out a career as a painter for some years and has even started his own gallery named Maison Rhed. As a matter of fact, Rocco goes with the alias Rhed. Rocco hasn’t hinted at his sexual orientation through his art. It’s rather his other activities that have led his fans to question his gender identity.

    So, is Rocco Ritchie gay indeed? Let’s find out the truth here.

    Is Rocco Ritchie Gay? When Did He Come Out of the Closet?

    As we mentioned before, there have raised some curiosities about Rocco Ritchie being gay. Well, the artist isn’t gay whatsoever. In fact, he had a couple of girlfriends in the past (more about this later).

    The rumors about him being gay first hit the media back in mid-2015, when Rocco was only 14 years old, he shared a photo of himself wearing a bra.

    The post has since been deleted. “I feel your pain,” Ritchie wrote in the caption. Before this, he had shared cryptic posts on his social media as well.

    Madonna's son Rocco Ritchie is a painter and he is not gay
    Madonna’s son Rocco Ritchie, who is a painter, is not gay

    In early 2015, Rocco shared a meme that read “I AM A WOMAN” on his Instagram. Meanwhile, his caption read: “I’m proud to be one and I’m a day late too.”

    After these posts, many people who had been following Rocco believed that Rocco was indirectly telling that he was gay. Moreover, some online sites even claimed that Rocco had come out of the closet after he posted a photo of him wearing a bra on his IG.

    Rocco Ritchie Dated Singer Chantelle Lee

    Amid the gay rumor, Rocco Ritchie found a girlfriend for him back in 2017. Even though the star kid didn’t make his relationship public, several reputed media outlets, including the Associated Press mentioned that Rocco was dating the then-aspiring singer from North London, Chantelle Lee.

    Back then, a close source told the Mirror,

    “Rocco and Chantelle have been hanging out a lot, they are part of a big friend group and they have gotten a lot closer in recent weeks. Rocco is smitten and has even introduced Chantelle to his dad. It’s early days though, and he’s managed to avoid an awkward meeting with his mum.”

    Rocco was 17 at the time he started dating Chantelle who in turn was just 16 back then. Ritchie had reportedly introduced his then-girlfriend to his filmmaker dad, however, he didn’t introduce her to his mom, at least, initially.

    Rocco Ritchie dated singer Chantelle Lee in the past
    Rocco Ritchie dated singer Chantelle Lee in the past 

    Meanwhile, the source also revealed to Mirror that Rocco had just broken up with his ex-girlfriend model Kim Turnbull before he fell for Chantelle.