Is Molly Yeh Jewish? Her Parents, Family Background, Ethnicity

July 30, 2023   | July 31, 2023  | 

    Molly Yeh, the star of Food Network’s new series Girl Meets Farm, has risen to prominence after the release of her memoir, Molly On The Range.  In her book, the author spills secrets about her family background and other secrets. Since then, Yeh’s got fans asking questions about her Jewish heritage. It’s not just her cooking that’s got everyone hooked – it’s her genuine love for her family and ethnicity too.

    Well, if you want to know more about her strong family background, keep reading this article.

    Key Takeaways

    • Molly is half Chinese and half Jewish.
    • Despite being Jewish, Yeh never had a bat mitzvah during her tween years.
    • She tries to preserve both her cultures as much as she can but she is more invested in her Jewish identity.
    • Yeh’s love for Semitic food is evident in her recipes that incorporate Jewish foods.
    • Growing up, she had one older and one younger sister.

    Is Molly Yeh Jewish?

    Yeh is part Jewish. She has inherited Chinese and Jewish heritage from her parents. She proudly embraces her diverse roots, having been a part of Camp Chi and Birthright Israel.

    Molly has a mixed heritage.
    Molly is half-Jewish and half-Chinese.

    Moreover, despite her mixed heritage, Molly has dedicated much of her focus and passion to her Jewish identity. Throughout the year, she celebrates all Jewish holidays and enthusiastically follows their traditions. Among these celebrations, she finds particular joy in Rosh Hashanah and Passover.

    She likes to take charge and create new traditions. She has also taken the initiative to learn how to prepare all of her favorite Jewish comfort foods.

    Yeh Has Never Had A Bat Mitzvah

    Despite her strong connection to her Jewish identity, Yeh missed out on a significant rite of passage as a young woman: the bat mitzvah.

    In Jewish tradition, the bat mitzvah ceremony marks a momentous occasion when a girl reaches the age of legal adulthood.

    However, her dedication to her heritage and faith remains unwavering. Molly’s desire to fully embrace her adulthood within the faith leads her to aspire to have an adult bat mitzvah someday.

    Molly Tries To Preserve Her Jewish Culture

    Her dedication to preserving her Jewish culture goes beyond personal fulfillment. She actively seeks to share the richness of her heritage with her community.

    Yeh tries to preserve her Jewish heritage.
    Yeh is more invested in her Jewish heritage.

    Further, her commitment to passing on her love for Jewish culture is particularly evident in her desire to instill these values in her daughters. She even craved matzah, a Jewish food throughout her pregnancy.

    She Loves Jewish Food

    Yeh’s passion for Jewish cuisine shines brightly in her kitchen as she regularly prepares a variety of delicious Jewish dishes. Many of her recipes are inspired by Jewish culture including chickpea matzoh ball soup, apples and honey pizza, and more.

    Molly’s Connection With Her Culture Has Made People Feel Seen

    Many people who watch her cooking show are inspired to love and preserve their cultural identity just like Molly does. One fan named Marissa Wojcik said:

    “Watching Molly on national television proudly proclaim and connect with her identity as a Jewish woman—and one from a mixed background, no less— sparked something in me. “

    Who Are Molly Yeh’s Parents?

    Molly was born to her father John Bruce Yeh and her mother Jody Yeh. Her father’s position as a clarinetist in the prestigious Chicago Symphony Orchestra has had a profound impact on her love for music.

    On the other hand, her mother’s culinary talents played a significant role in sparking Molly’s love for food and cooking.

    Molly’s Family Background

    Yeh’s family history is a fascinating tapestry of diverse origins and migration. On her paternal side, her grandmother’s family hails from Berlin, Germany. However, her grandmother was born in France and raised in Ecuador before eventually making her way to the United States. In contrast, her paternal grandfather migrated to the United States from Poland.

    Molly and her family.
    Molly has a loving family.

    Additionally, the maternal side of Molly’s family has roots in Russia, with her ancestors making a crucial decision to leave the region in the late 1800s, wisely avoiding the horrors of the Holocaust that unfolded in the following decades.

    She Grew Up With Two Siblings

    Yeh’s upbringing was enriched by the presence of her two sisters, Jenna and Mia. Jenna, her older sister pursued a culinary path and became a chef, likely contributing to Molly’s early exposure to the world of cooking and food exploration.

    Her childhood was spent in the Jewish metropolises of Chicago and New York. And within the walls of her childhood home, a beautiful fusion of cultures was evident.

    What Is Molly Yeh’s Ethnicity?

    Yeh, who is married to Nick Hagen since 2014, comes from a diverse ethnic background. With one side being half Asian, stemming from her father’s Chinese ancestry and the other half being white, originating from her mother’s Jewish heritage.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Molly Yeh
    Birth Place Glenview, Illinois, USA
    Birthday May 21, 1989
    Age 35 years
    Zodiac Gemini
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Father John Bruce Yeh
    Mother Jody Yeh
    Siblings Jenna, Mia
    School Glenbrook South High School
    College Juilliard School
    Profession Cookbook author, and blogger
    Height 5'7"
    Weight 56-60
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse Nick Hagen
    Children Bernadette Rosemary Yeh Hagen, Dorothy Yeh Hagen