Is Jackson Mahomes Gay? His Saying on His Sexuality

March 2, 2023   | July 9, 2023  | 

    Jackson Mahomes is never off the talk, is he? The social media star who initially came to the spotlight for being the brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II has now made his own identity as a TikTok and Instagram star. Jackson, who catapulted to fame while making TikTok videos on the sidelines of his brother’s game, has drawn a lot of controversies on him lately.

    Amongst all, “Is Jackson Mahomes gay?” is one of the most talked about topics. Many people who watch his videos on TikTok or follow him on Instagram have raised questions regarding his sexual orientation. Besides, many have called his actions and voice “girlish” after hearing him in his live videos. So, what’s the truth about his sexuality? Is he gay indeed?

    Let’s dig out the facts on the most talked-about topic of Jackson Mahomes.

    Is Jackson Mahomes Gay?

    Jackson Mahomes has more than one million followers on TikTok and around 260k followers on Instagram (as of March 2023). Many of his social media posts are full of comments related to his sexual orientation. Going through some of the comments on his Instagram posts, we saw many of his followers calling him gay who has been closeted for a long time.

    Jackson Mahomes has been rumored to be gay for a long time now
    Jackson Mahomes has been rumored to be gay for a long time

    Addressing the speculations of his followers Jackson Mahomes said “I am not gay. I am attracted to girls” in one of his videos. He also acknowledged the fact that all the hate comments he receives on his posts have contributed to one of his big insecurities: his voice. “All of my stuff typically has music behind it just because I hate my voice. It’s my biggest insecurity.”

    Given that Jackson’s voice is a bit girlish, his haters judge him to be gay just by the way he talks. He says he’s straight and he finds the hate comments he receives rather disrespectful toward the LGBTQ community.

    Many of His Followers Have Called Him Gay on His Posts

    Jackson Mahomes has 220 posts on his Instagram as of this writing and in almost all of his posts, he has received hate comments.

    After a series of  hate comments against Jackson, one of his supporters defended him saying,

    I seriously cannot believe all the hateful comments! Stop following him if you hate him so much!! How the F does anyone know what he does outside of attending Chiefs games! Good grief leave him alone!”

    Likewise, another user spoke in support of Jackson and asked for his followers to stop bullying him.

    Back in October 2021, Jackson shared a photo of him with Machine Gun Kelly in which the TikTok star can be seen dressed in all pink. In the comment section, people not only called Jackson but also MGK gay.

    Jackson Mahomes and Machine Gun Kelly
    Social media users called both Jackson Mahomes and Machine Gun Kelly gays

    One user with the handle, “6godproductions” wrote “The two biggest closeted gays in America. how was the tummy sticks?”

    No matter how long people have been calling him gay, Jackson Mahomes has already asserted that he is straight and is attracted to girls. So, for now, we believe Jackson is straight and even if he is closeted, we hope he comes out soon and silences all his haters.

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