Is Hunter Doohan Related To James Doohan?

January 12, 2023   | July 18, 2023  | 

    American actor Hunter Doohan recently gained major fame as Tyler Galpin in the Netflix series Wednesday. As soon as he gained media attention there has been question about weather he is related to James Doohan.

    To those who are unaware James was a Canadian actor, author and soldier. He is known for his work as Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in the television and film series Star Trek. Unfortunately, James is no more in this world, but he is still very famous and relevant in the media.

    So, what the truth? Are Hunter and James related? Let’s find out.

    Is Hunter Doohan Related To James Doohan?

    Well, to be precise, Hunter is not related to James at all. They are often linked because they share the same surname and are both in the acting field. But the fact is that they are not even distantly related let along blood relation.

    The confusion about them being related is primarily because they both share a same surname, ie. Doohan. Also, their common professional career as an actor also added to all the confusion about their relationship.

    Below we have listed reason that clearifies that the actors are not related.

    Hunter Doohan Is American Unlike James Doohan

    We can also confirm that Hunter and James not related from the fact that their ancestry are altogether from different countries. Hunter is American and his parents originally came from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. However, James on the other hand is from Canada.

    Talking about his birth, he was born on March 3, 1920 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to father William Doohan, & mother Sarah Doohan. Likewise, Hunter was born on January 19, 1994, in Fort Smith, Arkansas, U.S, years after his parents moved to U.S. He is the son of Peter Doohan and mother Angie Harper Carmichael.

    Hunter Had No Film Background Until 2015

    Until his debut in the acting world in 2015 in Coffee House Chronicles, Hunter had basically no connection in the Hollywood industry. Following his first role, he has been rapidly growing as a actor and has so far appeared in numerous movies and TV series like The Other Client List, Westworld, What/If, Wednesday, among others.

    Talking of James, he had been active in the movie industry since 1951, which was years before Hunter was even born. Over the years, he appeared in donzens of movies which include some hugely successful projects like Star Trek series, The Bold and the Beautiful, Duckman, & many others.

    James Doohan Had Died Years Before Hunter’s Debut In Movies

    Not many know but James Doohan had died years before Hunter even made his debut. He died on July 20, 2005, in Redmond, Washington, U.S. at the age of 85.

    His death was said to have caused because of pulmonary fibrosis, which may have been because of his exposure to noxious substance in the World War II since he was in the military at the time.


    Though both Hunter and James ethnicity is white but they share different ancestry as we said earlier. Since, Hunter’s father was originally from Australia, his mother was South American, he has mixed ancestral background.

    Talking of James, he was rumored to be partly Scottish but that is not true. The rumors reportedly began because of his Scottish accent in the Star Trek series.