Is Elease Johnson Still Alive? Where is Bumby Johnson’s Wife?

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    Elease Johnson was the daughter of the famous Harlem gangster Bumpy Johnson aka Godfather of Harlem. He served his time in and out of prison for narcotic offenses, thievery, and burglary. So, do you ever wonder if Bumpy’s criminal record affected his children’s life? And, did Elease become part of Bumpy’s narcotic world too?

    Read the article below to find out everything about Elease Johnson.

    Key Takeaways

    • Elease Johnson is the daughter of Ellsworth Raymond Johnson aka Bumpy and Mayme Hatcher Johson.
    • She has a step-sister, Ruthie Johnson from her father’s other relationship.
    • Elease was a narcotic addict.
    • She has a daughter named Margaret.

    Who were Elease’s Parents?

    Ellsworth Raymond Johnson aka Bumpy and Mayme Hatcher Johnson are Elease’s parents. Both of them are well-known names in the criminal history of America.

    Bumpy was the most Famous Gangster in the Harlem neighborhood of New York

    After being convicted of theft and burglary, he spent the majority of his adult life in and out of jail. In addition, Bumpy received a 15-year jail sentence in 1952 for selling heroin.

    However, he only served for ten years before being freed in 1963. Numerous television programs and films have been produced based on his life and the crimes he committed.

    Elease Johnson's father Bumpy was a famous gangster in Harlem. Her mother, Mayme Hatcher Johnson supported her husband in everything he did
    Elease’s parents Bumpy Johnson and Mayme Hatcher Johnson

    Elease’s Mother, Bumpy’s wife, Mayme Hatcher was a Waitress

    Despite the criminal record of Bumpy, she was very supportive of her husband. To honor her husband’s death and tell the real truth about Bumpy to the world, Mayme wrote a biography “Harlem Godfather: The Rap On My Husband, Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson” at the age of 93.

    How did they Meet?

    It was back in April 1948, it was at a restaurant on 7th Avenue near 122d Street that Ellsworth Raymond Johnson, aka Bumpy, first met Mayme Hatcher.

    As per the sources, Mayme and Bumpy hit the town together after their meal to see a movie. They appeared to click right away. After dating for six months, the couple got married in a civil ceremony in October 1948.

    Both of Elease’s parents died of heart failure. Bumpy lost his life on July 7, 1968, whereas Mayme died on May 1, 2009.

    How was Elease’s Childhood?

    Elease grew up alongside her step-sister Ruthie Johnson who was Bumpy’s daughter with another woman. There is no information about both of their birthdates. Despite having all their needs fulfilled, Elease faced difficulties in her higher education due to her father’s criminal record.

    Was She a Drug Addict?

    After facing complications in continuing her education, Elease turned into a drug addict herself. Eventually, she started shoplifting to sustain her life. Since her father was a drug dealer himself, it might not have been difficult for Elease to get easy access to drugs.

    Elease’s had a Daughter Margaret

    Being a drug addict herself, she could not afford to take care of her daughter. Hence, Margaret’s grandparents, Bumpy and Mayme raised her with all love and care. They sent her to a private school and fulfilled all her wishes.

    Margaret was raised by Mayme and Bumpy because her mother Elease was addicted to narcotics.
    Margaret Johnson with her grandmother Mayme Hatcher Johnson.

    Elease’s daughter received the nickname “The Annie Oakley of Harlem” for her courageous shooting of a man who attempted to rob her in 2006. Margaret passed away at the young age of 66 from a heart attack.

    Is Malcolm X Elease’s Baby Daddy?

    There were rumors that Elise Johnson and Malcolm X were romantically involved. Malcolm X used to be friends with Bumpy in the early 1940s. Since Malcolm had a wife named Betty, there is no proof to back up this claim.

    However, as depicted in the television series Godfather of Harlem, Elise falls in love with Malcolm X  and the two even flirt briefly.

    How did Elease Die?

    It is speculated that Elease lost her life due to a drug overdose. She is survived by her grandson, Margaret’s son Anthony Hatcher Johnson.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Elease Johnson
    Birth Place Harlem, New York
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity African-American
    Father Bumpy Johnson
    Mother Mayme Hatcher Johnson
    Siblings Ruthie Johnson