Is Cristela Alonzo Married? Who Is Cristela Alonzo Husband?

April 20, 2023   | April 20, 2023  | 

    Cristela Alonzo is a comedian and actress. Initially, Alonzo had to struggle to make a name for herself in the entertainment field. But, the entertainer is now well-settled professionally. Besides, what about her love life? Is Cristela Alonzo married? If yes, who is Cristela Alonzo’s husband?

    Apparently, singer and stand-up comedian Steve Halasz is rumored to be her husband. Let’s find out if they are really married or not.

    Is Cristela Alonzo Married? Who Is Cristela Alonzo Husband?

    Born and raised in Texas, Cristela Alonzo is now in her mid-40s and there has been considerable buzz if the actress is married to a husband or not. However, Alonzo doesn’t seem to be married to anyone at present.

    It looks like marriage and a husband are not Cristela’s priorities right now. But, Cristela was once rumored to be in a marital relationship with her reported husband Steve Halasz. Is it true?

    Let’s find out the real truth in the following heading!

    Has Cristela Alonzo Ever Married to Her Rumored-Husband Steve Halasz?

    The comedian and actress never married Steve Halasz. As a matter of fact, the two were former girlfriend and boyfriend. As per Cristela, the entertainer first met Halasz in the early 2000s and later began dating.

    Cristela isn't married.
    Cristela and her former partner Steve. 

    Back in December 2018, on her ex-boyfriend Steve’s birthday, Alonzo shared an adorable photo of themselves on her Instagram and also revealed they were in a relationship in the past. She wrote,

    “We dated years ago and now He’s my best friend.”

    She also revealed how helpful and kind her ex-partner is,

    “He’s been with me at my lowest and therefore will always be with me at my highest.”

    Although the former flames are now separated, they are still best friends of each other. You can also notice the true friendship they have shared with each other via their frequent social media posts.


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    Like her, Cristela’s ex-partner Steve is also a comedian. He first tried his hands at rock music, becoming part of several rock bands as a teenager.


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    But, Halasz later made his move into stand-up comedy and has acted on a handful of on-screen projects so far.

    Cristela Alonzo Plans to Marry in Near Future

    This is something Alonzo’s fans are wondering to know about. But, Cristela who is yet to be married hasn’t also shown any plan to be in a marital relationship with anyone. Rather, the actress is silent about it.

    Besides, talking about her current relationship status, Alonzo is reportedly single.