Is Carol Burnett still alive? What Is She Doing Now?

January 30, 2023   | January 30, 2023  | 

    Carol Burnett is an American comedian, known for hosting the show, The Carol Burnett Show. The show that was hosted on CBS was one of a kind due to it being hosted by a woman and that too at that time.

    It has been a long since we last heard from Carol so obviously there will be lots of questions regarding her whereabouts. Moreover, the main question of them all is Carol Burnett still alive.

    Here today we shall find out answers to all of your burning questions.

    Is Carol Burnett still alive?

    Yes, the ever-so-gorgeous and funny Carol Burnett is still alive and well. She is active on Instagram where she usually shares what is going on in her life these days. 

    The San Antonio, Texas-based singer has been active in the industry since the 50s and coming up to 2023, she is still pretty much active. Her latest project, as of writing this article, was in the Emmy award-nominated series, Better Call Saul. She played the role of Marion for four episodes.

    In the same year, she also appeared as herself in the documentary film, Betty White: A Celebration.

    How is her health condition?

    As of now, her health is incredibly well. There hasn’t been any news of Carol having any health issues. Nevertheless, back in the 80s, she alongside her daughter Jody Hamilton underwent dental surgery. 

    While Carol reportedly had an overbite resulting in a weaker chin, her daughter Jody had an overbite. At first, Carol took her daughter to the dentist to fix her underbite. Upon consultation, the oral surgeon told her he can fix her overbite as well.

    Apart from this, there hasn’t been any issue pertaining to her physical or mental well-being.

    What is Carol Burnett doing nowadays?

    We are pretty surprised to say that still at the age of 89, Carol is working in showbiz. As mentioned above, her recent project includes Better Call Saul, and Betty White: A Celebration.

    In 2018, she returned as a host of a show, A Little Help with Carol Burnett. In the show, Carol leads a panel of kids who gives unscripted advice to celebrities and average people about their everyday issues.

    She is active on Instagram

    It might surprise many of you that the actress who is currently in her late 80s, is an active user of the world’s biggest social media platform, Instagram.

    She has around 165k followers on her account. She usually shares what is going on in her life and often shares entertaining clips from her show, The Carol Brunett Show. 

    Back in 2022, she started a movement to have Broadway’s Majestic Theatre renamed to Harold Prince Theatre. She added a small clip on her Instagram in which she announced the movement.

    From this alone, we can say she is still pretty much active doing work for the community.

    Carol’s Marital Relationship: Who is her husband?

    She is currently married to Brian Miller, a principal drummer for the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. Carol is 23 years older than her spouse.

    The lovebirds exchanged vows on November 24th, 2001. The pair has multiple homes in San Antonio, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood. Back during the Coronavirus lockdown, the couple spent their time at their Santa Barbara. The pair doesn’t share any kids however they have a cat named Nikki

    Previously, she was married to Joe Hamilton, a TV producer who also produced her show. They married on May 4th, 1963, and welcomed three kids, all daughters.

    Their eldest daughter Carrie Hamilton was born on December 5th, 1963. Tragically, she passed away in 2002 at the age of 38. Their second daughter Jody Hamilton came into this world on January 18th, 1967. The youngest among the Hamilton siblings, Erin Hamilton was born on August 14th, 1968.