Is Camille Cosby Still Married? Her Relationship and Kids

February 24, 2023   | February 24, 2023  | 

    Camille Cosby is the legally married wife of famous American comedian, actor, and author Bill Cosby. Camille and Bill got married in the early 1960s, and they have been together ever since.

    However, ever since Bill was convicted of sexual assault and was sentenced, his fans have been raising questions if Bill and Camille are still married. But, irrespective of the allegations and accusations against Bill, Camille appears to be still married to her long-time husband Bill.

    Let’s take a deeper look at their married life and see if Camille Cosby is still married to Bill Cosby in the following sections.

    Is Camille Cosby Still Married? Their Divorce Rumor

    Well, Camille Cosby, born Camille Olivia Hanks, and Bill Cosby got married on January 25, 1964. Having met in the early 1960s while attending the same university, Camille and Bill started dating shortly after they came across.

    The former was initially hesitant to date Bill due to his reputation as a ‘ladies’ man’, but they soon fell in love nevertheless. Following their marriage, the husband and wife moved to New York City where Bill started working on television and gradually rose to prominence.

    Camille Cosby and Bill Cosby got married in January 1964
    Camille Cosby and Bill Cosby got married in January 1964

    The lovebirds have been a strong team throughout their married life and their marital relationship was further strengthened by the arrival of their five children.

    Decades after Camille and Bill’s marriage, Bill was accused of sexual assault by several women. Moreover, coming to the year 2018, Bill was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman and was sentenced to seven years in prison.

    Many people are curious to know if Bill’s conviction troubled their marriage and if they got separated following the TV personality’s imprisonment. Besides, rumors of their divorce surfaced around mid-2021 after Camille was spotted without her wedding ring.

    Responding to their divorce rumor, Cosby’s representative Andrew Wyatt said the duo was still together. “I know many people who don’t wear rings and they haven’t worn them in 30 years. It’s hilarious because Mr. & Mrs. Cosby have been happily married for 57 years and counting,” Wyatt told TMZ.

    Despite rumors of divorce Camille Cosby is happily married to Bill Cosby
    Camille Cosby is still happily married to husband Bill Cosby despite their divorce rumor

    The allegations against Bill had certainly caused a strain in their marriage, however, Camille Cosby is still happily married to her husband Bill.

    Moreover, Camille has always stood by her husband’s side throughout the hardships. She has even defended her husband publicly following the allegations against him.

    Camille Cosby’s Children with Her Husband Bill – Two of Their Kids Have Sadly Passed Away

    Camille Cosby and Bill Cosby’s couple is one of the most successful married couples in Hollywood. Married in January 1964, Camille and her husband have completed 59 years as a married couple. As a husband and wife, the pair welcomed five children together.

    Camille gave birth to their first child, a daughter, Erika Cosby in 1965, a year after their wedding. Their second daughter, Erinn was born in 1966, and Camille and Bill welcomed their first and only child Ennis in 1969. Unfortunately, they lost their only son in 1997 (more about this later).

    Camille Cosby's three children that she shares with her husband Bill Cosby
    Camille Cosby’s three children that she shares with her husband Bill Cosby

    Camille and Bill welcomed their fourth child, daughter Ensa in 1973, and their fifth daughter Evin was born in 1976.

    Their first daughter, Erka is a painter.

    Camille’s Two Children Died Young

    Camille and Bill’s only son, Ennis Cosby was killed in January 1997 on Interstate 405 in LA. As reported, Ennis was changing a flat tire on the side of the road when a group of robbers shot him in the head to death.

    Meanwhile, police later declared that Ennis was murdered in an attempted robbery.

    More than two decades after the heart-wrenching incident, the Cosby family lost another member. On February 23, 2018, Camille’s daughter Ensa Cosby died of renal disease. Ensa was reportedly waiting for a kidney transplant at the time of her death.