Is Abbie Cornish Married To Husband? Her Boyfriend & Love Affairs

September 5, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    The popular actress Abbie Cornish got engaged to her boyfriend-turned-fiance in 2019. However, since her engagement, there hasn’t been any update on whether or not Cornish is married.

    If yes, let’s know about her husband and wedding.

    Key Takeaways

    • Abbie Cornish is not married to anyone as of 2023.
    • The actress got engaged to her MMA fighter boyfriend Adel Altamimi in 2019.
    • Despite after 4 years of being engaged, the duo has yet to decide to marry.
    • Prior to Adel, Cornish was in a four-year relationship with Ryan Phillippe.

    Is Abbie Cornish Married to Husband?

    The charming actress has yet to tie the knot with anyone. But, Abbie got engaged to her partner a couple of years ago. However, the actress didn’t decide to spend the rest of her life with her then-possible future husband.

    Abbie Cornish is not married yet and does not have a husband. Her relationship and love affair
    Abbie is not married and does not have a husband yet. Source: Instagram

    Cornish Was Engaged to Be Married to Her Partner in 2019

    Abbie surprised all of her fans when the actress posted a picture along with Adel Altamimi, an MMA fighter on the occasion of Valentine’s Day of the year 2019. She shared a close-up shot of her hand showing off her engagement ring and wrote;

    “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” ~ John Keats.  You’ve swept me off my feet my love. I have been waiting for you. The answer is yes!”

    She also added that she will never forget this moment and heartfully addressed Adel as her fiance. The duo soon started being spotted much more together. Cornish frequently posted pictures of her date night together with her partner through her Instagram.

    Abbie with her fiancé Adel.
    An Instagram story, Cornish posted with her fiancé Adel. Source: Instagram

    At the time, Abbie and Adel seemed to be having a pretty good love life.

    Who is Cornish’s Fiance, Adel Altamimi?

    Altamimi is a professional MMA fighter who made his debut fighting in Bellator 214 in Los Angeles. He is a native of Baghdad, Iraq and recently settled in L.A.

    The MMA champion worked for the U.S. Marines earlier when he was captured by Al-Qaeda.

    Has Abbie Separated From Her Fiancé, Adel?

    Abie seems to be no longer with her fiancé. The concrete evidence if the duo called off their engagement is yet to come out. But since Abbie hasn’t shared photos of themselves lately on her social media handles, they seem to be no longer together.

    Abbie and Adel do not seem to be together now.
    People are assuming that Cornish and Altamimi have separated but it is not confirmed yet. Source: Instagram

    Out of more than 200 posts on her social media, there is not a single picture with her fiancé. Not only the new pictures but Adel has also removed all the previous pictures she had uploaded after her engagement with her partner.

    Regardless of all these, the artist has not announced anything publicly.

    Abbie Cornish’s Past Affairs and Her Ex-Boyfriends

    Before her engagement, the talented actress was also involved in a other few relationships. Out of all the other flings and short-term relationships, the one with Ryan Phillippe was the most popular for a few reasons.

    Phillippe was still married to actress Resse Witherspoon when he met Abbie for a shoot. Ryan’s extra-marital relationship with Abbie is also the main reason for his divorce from Resse.

    After Phillippe’s divorce from Resse, many accused the actor of cheating on his wife with Cornish.

    Abbie Cornish with her ex-bf Ryan Phillippe. Her relationship.
    Actress Abbie started dating Ryan Phillippe in 2006. Source: Getty Images

    Later, responding to the accusation, Ryan said,

    “I don’t think an outside person can ever cause a divorce. I had difficulties in my relationship, and in my marriage, long before I ever met her.”

    Why Did Cornish and Phillippe Separate?

    The relationship between Abie and Ryan went very well initially. Cornish once also shared that she wanted to start a family with him, but their relationship did not last long. They broke up after 4 years of dating.

    Does Abbie Cornish Have a Boyfriend in 2023?

    There is not a single clue on what is Abbie’s relationship status in 2023. Many online tabloids report that Cornish doesn’t have a boyfriend right now.

    So, if sources are to be believed that Abbie is single now and more focused on her career goal.