Hunter Doohan Looks Like Anton Yelchin & Millie Bobby Brown: Find Out

January 13, 2023   | July 23, 2023  | 

    We have often talked about celebrity look-alikes. But what if I talk about two celebrities from the same industry who look brutally similar? Well, the Wednesday actor Hunter Doohan is said to look like Anton Yelchin, who unfortunately is no more with us.

    Not only this but Doohan is even compared to a celebrity of the opposite gender which is Millie Bobby Brown. The comparison is undoubtedly fascinating. Well, in this article, we are going to compare their photo side by side to find out if they are similar.

    Let’s start.

    Does Hunter Doohan Look Like Anton Yelchin?

    To be precise, Hunter looks quite similar to the Star Trek actor Anton. The similarity is more prominent because they both have curly hair. Not only this but they also have quite a similar facial structure with a sharp jawline and pointed chin.

    Hunter Doohan (Right) Looks Like Anton Yelchin (Left)
    Hunter Doohan (Right) Looks Like Anton Yelchin (Left)

    The comparison of their looks began as soon as Hunter gained fame with Westworld in 2018. Soon after Doohan’s fame, his photos were compared to Anton’s look in the 2005 movie Star Trek. And believe it or not, they look so similar that you might find difficulty identifying who is who.

    Does Hunter Doohan Look Like Millie Bobby Brown?

    The comparison is as unusual as it sounds. And the fact is Hunter does not look like Millie apart from the fact that her look in Stranger Things to some extent resembles him. This was again because she features curly hair for her character Eleven in a few episodes of the series.

    The similarity even inspired a few memes. One of the Facebook pages named “All Things Gaming” wrote,

    I’m just finishing the series ‘Your Honor’ starring Bryan Cranston. I’ve just realised his son Adam (Hunter Doohan) is the DOUBLE of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) from ‘Stranger Things’

    Here is the photo.

    Hunter Doohan Looks Similar To Millie Bobby Brown's Look In Stranger Things
    Hunter Doohan Looks Similar To Millie Bobby Brown’s Look In Stranger Things

    Despite all the comparisons about their looks in the media. The actors have not made any comments on the matter.

    Is Hunter Doohan Related To Millie Bobby Brown?

    Well, the answer is they are not related at all. In fact, they are different nationals; while Hunter is an American born in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Millie is British who was born in Spain. They also have no family connection, which assures that they are not related in any way.

    Is Hunter Doohan In Stranger Things?

    There has been a lot of confusion regarding whether Hunter Doohan appears in the Netflix Series Stranger Things. But the fact is he has never been part of this TV show and he does not seem to have any such plans in the future as well.

    Talking of the show, Stranger Things stars actors including Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Caleb McLaughlin, Sadie Sink, & many others.