Gigi De Lana’s Husband: Is She Married? Her Boyfriend & Relationships

November 10, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    All-rounding singer/actress, Gigi De Lana has won the hearts of not just Filipino fans, but fans worldwide. The star from Four Sisters Before the Wedding (2020) is as gorgeous as one can be. This almost makes all of us wonder who’s the man of her dreams; is she married or does she have a boyfriend?

    That is what we’re going to look into in this article. Dive down below to learn some exciting details about De Lana’s somewhat secretive love life.

    Gigi De Lana Isn’t Married Yet

    Good news for her male fans, the young singer does not have a husband just yet. But, this is also not at all surprising.

    28 y/o singer from the Philippines, Gigi De Lana is enjoying an unmarried life in 2023
    Very focused on her dreams – Gigi De Lana

    Gigi is known to keep her personal affairs to herself. This is also why many of her fans keep on wondering about her dating life. The actress, who is also a dancer, does seem more focused on her career than anything else. And perhaps, that’s why she is not married at the moment.

    Ever since the beginning of her glam journey, De Lana has been headstrong about the dreams she wants to achieve. Looking at how far she’s come since then, it looks like the star is beyond halfway there.

    Now, she wouldn’t want any distractions along the way, would she?

    Does She Plan To Tie A Knot Anytime Soon?

    There isn’t a concrete answer to the question mentioned above.

    As previously mentioned, Gigi De Lana is a career-oriented woman. She also seems to love her life as it is in the current day and age. So, to think she will get married anytime soon is a bit of a stretch.

    Nevertheless, we do hope that day isn’t far when we see the My Crush Is A Cactus Killer actress walk down the aisle. But first, she needs to find the love of her life; or has she found “the one” already? Keep reading to know!

    Lana Is Currently Rumored To Be Dating The Owner Of Tritone Studios

    Although it is only a rumor, her fans believe that the Sakalam singer is dating her rumored boyfriend Erwin Lasca. Lasca is the founder of Tritone Studios. According to the studio’s official Facebook page, it is a “home recording studio for beginners”.

    Talking more about their so-called relationship, people claim to have spotted Gigi and Erwin multiple times in public. The allegations also flared up as it is evident that he helped launch Lana’s first single. Additionally, she’s worked with his studio to release covers of well-known songs like Havana, Angel of Mine, You, and Call Me Maybe.

    Having said that, we assume that the two of them have been in each others’ lives for a long time. However, if they are actually together, that is very new. Maybe it was their shared love for music that brought the love birds together.

    The Alleged Couple Isn’t Social Media Official Yet

    Despite all the gossip flying around, the singer and her would-be boyfriend have not succumbed to the urge to make their relationship public. If you go on to look at their respective pages, you’ll find nothing of sorts that hints at them dating each other.

    In turn, it almost feels like Gigi and Erwin are not together at all. But, who knows? The truth has multiple possibilities. It is up to the pair to decide and let their eager fans know what’s up. And until they do, it is our duty to let them live their lives peacefully.

    Was Her Co-Actor, Gerald Anderson, Ever Her Boyfriend?

    No, De Lana and her colleague, Gerald Anderson were never together. Her fans would be disappointed to know, but the spark between them was only limited on-screen.

    Gigi De Lana never dated her co-star, Gerald Anderson
    Colleagues, Gigi and Gerald looking very close to each other

    In 2021, the two of them appeared on the TV series, Hello, Heart. While she played the role of Heart, Anderson, on the other hand, was Saul. The actors did such a wonderful job and had such great chemistry that their followers could not help but wonder if they were together.

    Additionally, on 14th December 2021, Gigi and Gerald appeared on ABS-CBN Entertainment for a “Compatibility Test”. This further added more fuel to the already-existing rumor.

    However, truth be told, they have never dated each other. As a matter of fact, Gerald has been in a loving relationship since 2019. His long-term girlfriend, Julia Barretto is a Filipino actress/model.

    They Have Never Been Together But De Lana Thinks Anderson Is A “Gentleman”

    Before meeting each other on the sets of Hello, Heart, both Gigi and Anderson were quite nervous. To be more specific, the co-stars were intimidated by each other long before they even met.

    However, eventually, they got used to each other. The singer also claims that Gerald is a”true gentleman”. Likewise, her first impression was no less than perfect. The American-Filipino star thought she was very “bubbly”.

    Gigi Had A Bad Breakup Back In 2021; Who Was Her Mystery Man?

    Back on 11th October 2021, the gorgeous artist went through a terrible breakup. She did not reveal who her partner was at the time. Nonetheless, Lana did share the grief she was going through.

    Moreover, during an interview, she revealed that it was “entirely her fault” for the separation. At the media conference for her recently launched song, Sakalam, Gigi poured her heart out.

    Furthermore, she confessed that her then-partner called it quits because he had “changed”. In turn, this shattered her heart; De Lana thought that it was because of her that he had to change and separate.

    To this very day, no one, except for her close circle, knows who her ex-boyfriend is. In spite of having to go through a rough breakup, the singer kept the identity of her mystery man hidden.