Finn Wolfhard Look Alike: Celebrities He Is Often Confused With

January 20, 2023   | June 14, 2023  | 

    We have all at one point confused one actor with another, which also happens because there are celebrities who look very similar. Well, here we are going to talk about Finn Wolfhard look alike. And trust me, the Stranger Things actor looks dramatically similar to some mainstream actors in the film industry.

    In fact, the situation is such that people often tag his look-alike instead of him because of their facial & physical similarities. Want to check out the list, continue scrolling.

    Finn Wolfhard Look Alike Noah Schnapp

    Do you remember Finn and Noah in the first season of the popular Netflix series Stranger Things? Well, they played Mike and Will and most of us will agree, they appear pretty much like twins. In the series, they both featured similar hair cuts and with almost identical facial features, they become a subject of “who is who” for most of the audience.

    Finn And Noah Looked Very Much The Same In The Season One Of Stranger Things
    Finn And Noah Looked Very Much The Same In The Season One Of Stranger Things

    The confusion was somehow eased by the fact that Noah’s character Will was trapped in the Upside Down in most part of season 1 of the series.

    David Harewood Mistook Noah Schnapp For Finn Wolfhard

    Back in 2017, Noah shared a Tweet by British actor David Harewood where he had tagged Wolfhard’s Twitter handle instead of Noah’s. In the photo the Homeland star is seen with the cast of Stranger Things including Noah, however, he tagged Finn instead of him, as we said earlier.

    Noah took this opportunity to showcase how most people confuse them. Tagging Finn in the Twitter post, he wrote, “Ahh yess.. this does happen A LOT.”

    Well, this is interesting, isn’t it?

    Finn Wolfhard & Timothee Chalamet Look Alike

    The other celebrity Finn looks similar to is Timothee. The similarity has grown prominent in the last couple of years as Finn has grown up into an adult.

    Many of you might agree but both Finn and Timothee flaunt similar hairstyle which is curly naturally. Likewise, they both have long facial structures with protruding cheekbones & sharp jaw line. Here is a photo of them both compared side by side.

    Finn Wolfhard (Left) & Timothee Chalamet (Right)
    Finn Wolfhard (Left) & Timothee Chalamet (Right)

    Well, talking of Timothee, he is an American actor, who made his acting debut as Eric Foley in Law & Order in 2009. He has since appeared in numerous movies and TV series like Interstellar, The Adderall Diaries, Lady Bird, The French Dispatch, Bones and All, & many others

    Some Assume Wolfhard Look Like Lauren Mayberry

    Well, this might sound unusual but interesting as a lot of people think that Finn looks like Scottish singer Lauren Mayberry. In fact, the lead singer of the pop band Chvrches herself believes that they are similar in terms of their looks.

    The most interesting thing is that she didn’t hesitate to share a photo (a meme particularly) of herself next to Finn in her Instagram post admitting to the meme’s caption that writes, “I’m convinced that the Stranger Things kid and the lead singer of CHVRCHES are the same person.”

    Lauren Mayberry And Finn Wolfhard Look Alike In This Meme
    Lauren Mayberry And Finn Wolfhard Meme

    They indeed look like a twin. LOL.