Find Out Life Of Reign Edwards Boyfriend Along With Her Full Bio

November 17, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Reign Edwards is an astounding young actress. In a very short period of time, she’s gathered an immense fan following. But, despite the growing fame, the star has managed to keep details of her personal life to herself. To be more specific, details on her boyfriend and love life are under wraps to this very day – that’s exactly what we’re going to look into in this article.

    In addition, let’s learn other exciting facts about Reign too, shall we? As you dig deeper into the article below, you’ll find facts about her early life, family, career, and more!

    Reign Edwards Does Not Have A Boyfriend In 2023

    The actress from 35 and Ticking Reign is presumed single. However, there’s more to it than just that.

    Although there’s hardly any information on her dating life, her fans, on the other hand, have their own theories. Not so long ago, many believed Edwards was dating her co-star, Rome Flynn. The actors appeared together on the CBS soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful.

    Co-stars, Reign Edwards and Rome Flynn were rumored to be dating in 2015; in the photo with the cast of "The Bold and the Beautiful"
    Reign and Rome with the cast of “The Bold and the Beautiful”

    Furthermore, they portrayed amazing on-screen chemistry. Even more so, Reign and Rome kissed each other too. That’s not all – they also hung out with each other when they were not at work. This, in turn, added fuel to the rumors of a real-life relationship.

    However, Edwards and Flynn were never lovers. It was later made clear that the co-actors were always platonically linked; there was nothing romantic between the two.

    Is There A Spark Between Her And Her Snowfall Co-Star, Damson Idris?

    Even if Reign Edwards is speculated to be single at present, fans have noticed a soon-to-flourish love life between her and her co-star, Damson Idris. Nevertheless, that’s not the case in real life.

    Yes, the Snowfall actors do seem very close at present, but there’s nothing but friendship between them. A few of Reign’s posts on her Instagram suggested a spark. However, she was posting the pictures with Idris as a way to publicize the 2017 drama/series they appeared together on.


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    Besides, Idris recently got out of a year-long relationship. Actress, Lory Harvey and him had a lovely relationship until November 2023. They got together back in 2022. So, there’s no way he is going to move on so quickly.

    Edwards Was Born And Brought Up In Maryland

    Born and raised in Harford County, Maryland, Reign was welcomed into this world on 1st December 1996. Soon enough, she will be celebrating her 27th birthday.

    Young actress, Edwards is originally from Harford County, Maryland
    The up-and-coming star alongside her sister in a press event

    Talking about her parents, she’s the daughter of a businessman and a nurse. Her father, Jeff Robinson is an entrepreneur based in Maryland, while her mother, Destini Reign has a clinical practice. Time and again, she talks about her family during interviews. Hearing what she has to say, it sure seems Edwards is extremely attached to everyone back in her home.

    Moreover, the American national has an African-American ethnic background. She was studying at a well-facilitated high school before starting her journey at only 12 years old.

    The Young Actress Is Extremely Close To Her Siblings

    According to the sources, the actress from the show, The Wilds is the middle child.  In the course of their marriage, her parents birthed and raised three daughters including her. Angel Conwell is her eldest sister, and Destini Edwards is her younger sister.

    Unfortunately, not much information is known about her siblings, despite the fact that the 26-year-old is very close to them. During one of her interviews, Reign expressed the love she has for both of her siblings. She said,

    “Yeah, my little sister is glued to my hip! The older sister is on her own doing her own thing now, but we still stay in touch – obviously. But, yeah, family is very important to me, so I try to look out for my sisters and everything.”

    Reign Began Acting At A Young Age Of 12 Years

    As already mentioned, Reign Edwards was only 12 years old when she began working as an actress. In the year 2008, she traveled all the way to LA to star in the film, 35 and Ticking. She was cast in the role of young Zenobia, the lead of the movie.

    Reign Edwards's first on-screen role was in 35 and Ticking
    Reign Edwards in her role in the horror movie, “Pilgrim”

    Into that bargain, many offers came knocking at her door following her debut on the big screens. After appearing in smaller roles for the next few years, Edwards finally got her big break in 2015. She landed the role of Nicole Avant on the soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. It is a classic TV series that has been on air since 1987.

    So far, she’s been credited for her incredible jobs on McGyver, Into the Dark, Hell Fest, Pilgrim, Love You Anyway, and many other TV shows/films. Recently, she’s best known for shows like The Wilds and Snowfall.


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    On top of everything, we’ve also heard that Edwards is a talented singer/songwriter. Nevertheless, she’s yet to make her musical debut. We’re hoping it’s any day in the years to come!

    How Much Is Reign Edwards’s Net Worth?

    As of 2023, Reign has a net worth of $1.8 million. She’s already gathered a huge fortune in less than 15 years as an actress. As she moves ahead with her acting journey, there’s no doubt that she’ll be earning even more than she is today. Regardless, given how little it’s been since she first started acting, it is surprising that Reign Edwards is already a millionaire! We’re extremely proud of her.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Reign Edwards
    Popular Name Reign Edwards
    Birth Place Harford County, Maryland
    Birthday December 1, 1996
    Zodiac Sagittarius
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity African-American
    Father Jeff Robinson
    Mother Destini Reign
    Siblings Angel Conwell and Destini Edwards
    Profession Actress
    Net Worth $1.8
    Height 5 ft. 5 inches
    Weight 58 kg
    Eye Color Hazel
    Hair Color Brown
    Sexuality Straight
    Marital Status Unmarried
    Relationship Status Single