Fabiola Kramsky

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    Fabiola Kramsky is most recognizably known as the wife of the 43rd District Attorney of Los Angeles George Gascon. Besides being known through her other half, Fabiola herself is also a well-accomplished personality in the field of radio and television. So, who is Fabiola?

    Here, in this article, we will discover several facts of the television personality’s life including her professional and marriage life.

    Key Takeaways

    • Fabiola Kramsky currently works as the founder and CEO of Tuiris Media Network (TMN), a digital marketing firm.
    • She was born in May 1968 in Mexico but has currently settled down in the US.
    • Kramsky married the 43rd District Attorney of Los Angeles, George Gascon in 2009.
    • Fabiola also hosts and produces an award-winning Spanish-language podcast, La Vida Today.
    • She has won the Emmy Award three times.

    Fabiola Kramsky’s Bio: Where Was She Born?

    Kramsky was born in the May of 1968 in Mexico to her parents. She is currently 55 years old as of 2023. Despite being in constant touch with the media, the anchor has been able to keep her birthday a secret.

    Fabiola Kramsky was born in Mexico
    Kramsky is in her early 50s today. Source: Twitter

    She completed her lower-level studies in Mexico itself. Kramsky first enrolled at the Ignacio L. Vallarta School in Zapopan. After passing out her school, she got into Colegio Franco English A.C. and completed her intermediate-level education.

    Following this, Fabiola decided to move to the USA for her higher studies. After moving to the States, she enrolled at the University of San Francisco and graduated from there.

    What is Kramsky’s Nationality?

    Fabiola was born and raised in Mexico by her Mexican parents but today she has blended into the American culture. She moved to San Fransisco from her hometown to complete her higher education in the year 2010. On the other hand, she carries Mexican ethnicity.

    Fabiola officially gained her citizenship in the U.S. on March 26, 2014. It was after she met her spouse, George Gascon, that she got citizenship.

    What does Gascon’s Wife, Fabiola Kramsky Do? Her Profession

    The District Attorney’s wife is not only known for her famous husband but also is pretty established on her own. Fabiola at present is working as the founder and CEO of Tuiris Media Network (TMN) which is a registered digital media marketing firm. TMN helps people and their small businesses grow their engagement all around the world within a short time.

    Fabiola is CEO of TMN as profession and career.
    Fabiola is the CEO of TMN and producer of a Spanish Language Podcast. Source: Instagram

    Following this Kramsky was also established as the producer as well as the anchor of an award-winning Spanish-Language podcast, La Vida Today. There, she initiates and brings out conversations about the complex topics and events that affect everyone in their day-to-day life.

    The host has strong belief and passion about how conversations can heal and help and says;

    I believe there’s nothing more powerful (or essential!) in life than the human voice. I don’t mean the way we sound on the phone — by a voice I mean the message we impart, the stories we tell, and the subtle (and not so subtle) ways we shape the world around us as we pass through it.

    Kramsky Is A Three-time Emmy Award Winner

    Fabiola has always been passionate about expanding the use of media to the deprived people of society and paying back to the community. She is a three-time Emmy Award winner and alongside has also gained Mexico’s top journalistic honor, Premio Nacional de Preiodismo.

    Not only her business but Fabiola is also involved with several non-profit organizations. She is a strong believer of social justice especially in the field to assist at-risk adolescents and to raise awareness about family violence.

    Fabiola has won Emmy Award three times.
    Fabiola is three times Emmy Award Winner. Source: Facebook

    Fabiola, who started her initial career on a talk radio show for Mexican radio networks, today has made her way to several organizations. She has been a part of social organizations such as the YMCAAll StarsLa Casa de las Madres and so on.

    How did Fabiola meet her husband, George Gascon?

    Kramsky initially moved to the States to complete her higher-level education. While perusing her studies in San Fransisco, she worked for Gascon.

    Both met each other during the mid-2000s while George was serving as the assistant chief at the Los Angeles Police Department. After having a friendly connection for a year or so, the couple started dating in 2006.

    Fabiola seemed to be lucky for Gascon as he became the police chief in Mesa, Arizona immediately after being romantically involved with her.

    Kramsky and Gascon Married in 2009: Their Wedding Details

    After three years of being together, the pair decided to spend the rest of their lives together. They officially married in the year 2009 and Fabiola moved to San Fransisco in 2010 to join her husband. Today, the duo has completed more than 14 years of togetherness.

    Immediately after marrying Kramsky, George reached yet another milestone to success. He was promoted to become the police chief of the San Fransisco Department.

    Fabiola met her husband, George in 2006 and married in 2009.
    Fabiola Kramsky and her husband George during his swearing-in.

    Gascon who is today, 67 years old has seen heights of success with the support and luck of his lovely wife. He is serving as the 43rd District Attorney of Los Angeles.

    Do Fabiola and George Have Any Children Together?

    The husband and wife are already in their late-60s and early-50s respectively but do not have any children yet. Although being married for 14 years and romantically involved for nearly 20 years as of 2023, the pair has not yet given birth.

    The real reason for them not being parents until now is not pretty clear. Despite this, we can assume that it is due to the couple’s personal preference.

    The Successful Duo is Very Supportive of Each Other

    Fabiola and George, both have established themselves by their hard work and passion. Both of them are involved in making the community better. Including the people of society, the duo is also supportive of each other.

    Although Gascon is very busy serving the nation, he has kept his marriage as stable as possible. He occasionally posts pictures along with his other half and recently posted one on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

    The pair has set an example of being an ideal couple who has been able to keep up with their professional as well as personal life simultaneously.

    Fabiola Kramsky’s Net Worth: Where Does She Live Today?

    Fabiola who has worked hard all her life has also earned a net worth of $2 million. Similarly, Kramsky’s husband, Gascon, also has around $2.2 million worth.

    Fabiola is at the time settled with her husband in Los Angeles, California. The husband and wife are living a pretty busy yet happy and loving life together.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Fabiola Kramsky
    Popular Name Fabiola Kramsky
    Birth Place Mexico
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity Mexican
    School  Ignacio L. Vallarta School
    College University of San Fransisco
    Profession CEO of TMN
    Net Worth 2 million
    Marital Status Married
    Spouse George Gascon