Everything To Know About Mack Bayda from ‘A Man Called Otto’

August 20, 2023   | March 22, 2024  | 

    Mack Bayda is an openly transgender YouTuber, actor, and musician who has been gaining attention with his appearance in the movie, A Man Called Otto. The actor is also a household name in the YouTube community for LGBTQ+ people.

    There is much to know about Mack yet very little that he reveals. In this article, we will be learning about Mack’s transition journey, his boyfriend, his career, and thoughts on any trans person’s feelings over their real name.

    Key Takeaways

    • Mack’s parents support his transition to being a male.
    • He first came out as trans on a YouTube video.
    • After coming out to his friends in January 2017, Mack started taking testosterone in February.
    • Mack got his first major appearance in the movie, A Man Called Otto, alongside Tom Hanks, in 2022.
    • He is currently in a relationship with his mysterious boyfriend.

    Mack Bayda’s Early Life

    Bayda was born in the late 1900s in Roswell, Georgia, US. The 20-something-old actor’s parents raised him along with his now 23-year-old younger brother.

    Although Mack doesn’t talk about his parents much, he has mentioned several times how supportive they have been in his journey of being a transgender male.

    Mack Bayda at a lake with a fishing rod.
    Mack during one of his fishing trips.

    One of the rare times he posted anything about his parents was when he took to Instagram to talk about how his father wanted to go fishing with him for “father-son” bonding.

    Mack Bayda’s Family Accepts Him As He Is

    The YouTuber has been blessed with a family that has been a constant pillar of support for him throughout his journey as a transgender.

    In December 2019, the YouTuber went to Instagram to talk about his relationship with his family ever since he came out.

    He explained in a post that his family and friends have been doing their best to get used to his new identity, name, and pronoun.

    According to him, his family always shows interest in his transition and is eager to learn more about his experience. He took this opportunity to encourage the other trans people to be patient with their families to get used to the new.

    His Transgender Journey

    His coming-out story is an interesting one. Mack first came out to those people who knew nothing about him and that too on YouTube. The musician voiced out his concerns and his gender identity on YouTube in his first-ever video on August 20, 2015.

    In the video, he talked about his plans of going to his university counseling the next day. It wasn’t long before Mack finally joined his college’s LGBT group in September of that year.

    Mack Bayda smiles in front Switzerland mountains.
    Mack Bayda in Switzerland.

    It was also that very month his dad asked him if he was questioning his gender. His dad didn’t tell his mum until the two went to Virginia to the country’s top gender therapist. The diagnosis came as quickly – it was gender dysphoria.

    His Transition after Starting Testosterone

    After coming out to his close friends in January 2017, Mack started taking testosterone in February. He made sure to document every step of his transition after getting started on testosterone.

    His YouTube channel, “Mack Bayda,” has every single video of him going through the process of his changing body.

    He posted videos every month to showcase the effects of the added testosterone on his body as well as his emotional highs and lows.

    Those effects included his voice change, the gradual change in the shape of his body, and his increasing appetite.

    What is Mack Bayda’s Real Name?

    Mack does not wish to disclose his real name to the public, as he has explained in one of his YouTube videos. According to him, his real name is Mack, and his birth name is no longer a concern of his.

    He made sure to add that it was not appropriate to ask any trans person their birth name. He explained that many people could be uncomfortable with the question and that some fear that other people will associate them with their previous names.

    Mack Bayda Is Currently Dating a Mysterious Boyfriend

    The actor is in a happy relationship with his boyfriend for several years. However, he rarely talks about their relationship. Mack has mentioned his boyfriend just once in one of his YouTube videos.

    In the video titled “Mack Bayda – New Channel Trailer,” the actor casually talked about his beau and put a single picture of them together.

    Mack was talking about his 71 house plants and how he and his partner decided to name them. “One of the things my boyfriend and I started doing when we began collecting houseplants was naming them,” he explained.

    Mack Bayda and his boyfriend take a casual selfie.
    Mack and his mysterious boyfriend.

    The mysterious boyfriend briefly appeared in the same video, only showing his hands as he handed Mack their houseplants to show to the viewers.

    That was the only time we ever got a glimpse of Mack’s partner. It’s safe to say that while Mack doesn’t necessarily hide his relationship, he doesn’t go about showing off his lover to the public as well.

    Movies and TV Shows

    On top of being a YouTuber, Mack Bayda is also an actor who has appeared in several movies and TV shows, credited or uncredited.

    His IMDb credits include A Week Away (2021), The Alpha Test (2020), The Best You Got (2020), and Ouija Craft (2020).

    He also had a brief cameo in NF’s music video of “When I Grow Up.”

    Appearance in A Man Called Otto

    After playing out several minor acting gigs, Mack got his first major appearance in the movie, A Man Called Otto, alongside Tom Hanks.

    Mack Bayda smiles for a picture with Tom Hanks.
    Mack Bayda and actor Tom Hanks.

    The YouTuber/actor portrayed the transgender character, Malcolm. Mack calls the character a beautifully written one, whose identity as a transgender did not overwhelm his story as an individual.

    Malcolm’s story in the movie simply follows him navigating his life as an open trans whose gender is already established from the start, developing relationships with other characters without the emphasis on his label.

    What is Mack Bayda’s Net Worth?

    From his acting career and his YouTube channel, Mack has earned enough to have a net worth of at least $1 million.

    His major role in “A Man Named Otto” must have made him a fortune since the movie made $112.9 million as a box-office hit.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Mack Bayda
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity White
    Profession Actor
    Net Worth $1 Million
    Height 5ft 10/ 177 cm
    Eye Color Dark Brown
    Hair Color Black
    Sexuality Trans Gay Man
    Relationship Status Dating