Meet Donna Peele: Everything About Charlie Sheen’s First Wife

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    Donna Peele is the first wife of actor Charlie Sheen. Donna rose into the limelight after her involvement with the tremendously popular artist. Despite her popularity, people still do not know how her life was before getting with Charlie.

    Here, we will dig up all the curiosities surrounding Donna, from her marriage to her life after separating from her husband Sheen.

    Key Takeaways

    • Donna was born in January of 1970.
    • Donna and Charlie first met in 1995 and got married on September 3rd of the same year.
    • Peele’s ex-husband filed for divorce only after six months of marriage and the couple officially separated in 1996.
    • As of this year, Donna’s ex-spouse has married twice whereas she has not been publicly in any relationships after their separation.
    • Donna did not give birth to any children with Charlie.
    • Peele’s ex-husband, Charlie Sheen has a net worth of $10 million.

    Who Is Charlie Sheen’s First Wife Donna Peele?

    Similar to Charlie, his first spouse, Donna also belongs to the television industry. Donna is a former model and actress.

    Donna Peele smiles wide for a picture with Charlie Sheen.
    Donna Peele is the first wife of actor Charlie Sheen.

    She has worked as a model in several advertisements. Besides this, she has also appeared in two well-known shows, Charlie Sheen: Bad Boy on the Edge and E! True Hollywood Story.

    Donna Peele Is 54 Years Old As of 2024

    Peele, 54, was born in January 1970, to American parents in Orlando, Florida. Unlike her husband, she lived quite a private early life. As a result, there is not much information about her.

    Donna Met Charlie Sheen In July 1995

    Coming from the same professional background, Donna met her ex-husband in July of 1995 while filming for an ad. They were working together on a cigarette advertisement and shared an instant connection since the very first meeting.

    It wasn’t long before the two started dating and soon decided to take their relationship to the next level.

    When Did Donna and Charlie Marry?

    After only three months of dating, the duo decided to tie the knot. They married on September 3, 1995, in Malibu, California.

    Charlie Sheen and Donna Peele at their wedding.
    Donna married Sheen in 1995.

    The wedding ceremony was talked about for a long period as the pair had a really good social profile.

    They Divorced Only After 6 months of Marriage

    The Sheen couple were only seen together outside after the marriage. As soon as they got together, the separation wasn’t far behind.

    Only six months into marriage, Charlie filed for divorce against his wife. They officially separated by the start of the following year, in 1996.

    Why Did Sheen and Peele Separate?

    There was no concrete evidence in the media about the couple having serious issues at first. Later, the reason for their separation was revealed by the actor himself.

    Charlie reportedly said that the marriage was suffocating for him and that he had to get out of it to get some air. Following this, he also compared his ex-spouse to a broken car and said it was better to let it go before it broke down.

    Donna Peele’s Ex-Husband Has Been Married Twice After Divorcing Her

    Although the divorce was initiated by Charlie himself, it took him pretty long to get into another marriage. After six years of officially separating from Peele, her ex-husband married actress Denise Richards in 2002. This marriage too could not last long as they also separated after four years in 2006.

    After the divorce from the second wife, Denise, Sheen again got married for the second time to actress Brooke Mueller. They were together from 2008 to 2011, as they divorced with Brooke claiming to have been a victim of domestic violence.

    Donna Peele's ex-spouse, Sheen with his third wife, Brooke Mueller.
    Brooke apparently faced domestic violence throughout her relationship with Sheen.

    Following this, Charlie got engaged to former adult film star Brett Rosse in February 2014. The two had their wedding planned for the November of the same year but the engagement broke in October 2014. As of today, the actor is single.

    Do Peele and Sheen Share Any Children Together?

    The couple did not welcome any children while they were together. It seems that the couple were quite hurried to get into the marriage and soon discovered that it was not a wise decision for both 0f them.

    However, when they were together, Charlie was already a father to his daughter, Cassandra Estevez, born from his relationship with high school girlfriend Paula Profit.

    Charlie Has Several Children From His Other Marriages

    After Cassandra, Sheen welcomed four other children from his later two marriages. He has two daughters, Sami Sheen and Lola Rose Sheen from his second marriage with Denise.

    Donna Peele's ex husband with his second wife Denise and children
    Charlie is a father to five children.

    He also has twin sons, Max Sheen and Bob Sheen from marriage with his third wife, Brooke Mueller.

    Has sDonna Peele Remarried?

    In contrast to her ex-spouse, Donna was not publicly seen with any other romantic interest after Charlie. Even if she is committed to anyone today, she has chosen to keep it private.

    Where Is Charlie Sheen’s Ex-Spouse Donna Today?

    As of today, we do not have any information about where the ex-celebrity wife could be. Since she is an American native, it is likely that she might be living somewhere in the States itself.

    Peele has kind of disappeared from the limelight of the media following the separation with his ex-spouse.

    Donna Peele’s Net Worth

    Donna lived a pretty settled life while working in the television industry. She might have made thousands of dollars through her modeling and acting projects. But as of 2024, her net worth is unknown.

    On the other hand, her ex-husband has assets of over $10 million. Charlie is still working and is on the path of being rich day by day.

    Quick Facts
    Full Name Donna Peele
    Birth Place Orlando, Florida
    Birthday January 1, 1970
    Age 54 years
    Nationality American
    Ethnicity White
    Profession Former Model and Actress
    Height 5 feet 9 inches
    Eye Color Brown
    Hair Color Blonde
    Marital Status Divorced
    Spouse Charlie Sheen (1995-1996)